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  1. Backer #5464 is ready for a go! $695,911 raised and 31 days left! So today ca. 1 Mio and in 31 days: 31 Mio forget the external investor
  2. OMG Shut up and take my Money (you already have it by the way) Tim you know what i really loved about the old Lucas Games? That you found connections between the games... In Monkey Island the guy who tells you about loom. A poster of maniac mansion in Zak McKracken, a gasoline can on Mars.... Would you/could you take a charakter from Broken Age into the game? Lets say the lumberjack guy.. he has alot of potential as a Game-Level-Mind with his Treephobia (or the tree with his hate for humans) I imagine PN2 like a comicbook issue/novell. The first one was to introduce the world and the main characters. You could realy build that up like Marvels Univers!! Everywhere are agentgroups and supervillians. You need characters with different specialpowers. Some heroes can do this, but cant do that... so you could even build a coopmultiplayer function into the game for 2 players (splitscreen). Please let Raz come back in his late teens or early 20. So the charakter has grown with his fans from 2005 and you could make an more adult aproach (if this is the plan, i hope) And please DONT start with Raz has lost all his powers/memory and has to learn them anew.. it would feel cheap.. but yes i see the dillemma. Our Hero is already rather (all)mighty, how can you entertain the players with an OP main character .. i guess you start with a new main character in the same univers.. Im very exited Hope you can do it in less the 4 years because: 1 woman can "produce" 1 child in 9 month. So, lets say 2 women working together could have 1 child in 4,5 month done, huh ? (Project-Planing-Joke) You need more Employees
  3. Hello Doublefine, im a Backer from Germany and just ordered my Gamescom Tickets for Friday the 07.08. Will Doublefine be there? Willl Tim give one his great speeches for the german Backers? May we cheer and shout and get the chance, to get his signature on our (hopefully till then delivered) physical Broken Age boxes? Pleeeease ?
  4. Hello, i kinda parallel opened another thread about this topic. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16597/ Join if u like, i try to read both threads now
  5. Oh guys/gals maybe its because its my first bought game ever. But i dont look at the lenght, i dont look at the musik/puzzle concept. When i see Loom, i see the phantasy. I didnt only solve a puzzle to get further, i explored this mysterious island. Why cant i see the face of the persons i interact with. Whoa there is a giant loom. Look the strings shimmer in all the colours there are in this world (16). Did that person just transform into an egg and then be reborn as a talking duck? Did she just rip appart space and time itself and vanished into another plane of existence.. How cool is that.. and thouse where the first 20 Minutes if u didnt explore to much. There is so much fantasy and creativity in this game. How often, in a game, the protagonist walks to the grave of his/her mother and get advice there? What happens if i use the Open-Spell the grave of my mother, i mean... this duck was a former human, maybe i can.. "kinda" summon her back, so i can talk to her. Damn i tamed a whirlwind, fought a dragon and trancended into the plain of the dead without dying, and fought a god of chaos. This game is awesome in its creativity/story and art. I think it would be best produced with the people from Double Fine because i dont think the would temper with the given world. And Tim loves Art and creativity. Broken Age wouldnt have been made and looked the way it does now, if he wouldnt stand up for what he loves. (yeah maybe i overinterpret his actions and decisions, but i have a good feeling/trust in him) By the way, you can buy and PLAY Loom at Steam
  6. Like i wrote in my article, everyone connects something personal with thouse *hastags. Its a pile of interpretations, opinions, and even believes. Someone connects the #hashtag with coloured people. Tim says something about the #hastag - bamm racist joke.. Here a like to Angry Joes most Controveries 2014- he has something to say about GG, very sophisticated i think - around Minute 30 it starts
  7. Read the atricle, he himself has "more or less" offered it to Double Fine
  8. I have so much to say about this GG and co. mess, but it comes all at once in my mind when i think about it.. So i try to get it out piece by piece. First of all im on nobodys side here. Tim made a joke and like every joke some got it, other didnt got it and the rest got it half. Done.. I try to explain my opinion about GG and Co. with a story: Someone tells a joke in the internet, it is more or less public. A joke about the shoes that some people wear. Lets say its about shoes that have the colors red, green and blue all at once (unisex). One guy who wears these shoes and loves them so much he even wears them in bed, can ignor the joke.. or get insultet, or make a hashtag in twitter and rant against the guy who made the joke. He/She will find support and the thing (hastag) will be get bigger. Suddenly someone thinks all waerers of colourfull shoes have something else in common and the comedian has insultet not only the guys and gals who like colorfull shoes (it was still just a small joke about the shoes, not the wearer, remember?) but also their sex, age, lifestile preferences, etc... and they feel insultet not only because someone told a joke about their shoes, but also because of the other "reasons"... Oh boy, they are so angry now that they go to their friends and tell them what a horrobil person the commedian is. One of thouse friends works for a youtubechannel or tv station, something big.. he smells dirty laundry (or smelly shoes) and money by reporting about it.. There you go... more people get "insultet" or better "emotional involved".. because its not only a shoejoke anymore.. it is a racist joke, a female/male joke, a gay/straight joke.. oh boy... a politican could use this group of angry people. He could claim he wears red, green, blue shoes, he is bisexual, lives every lifestile there is, and understands thouse people that "work and live" for the Hashtag, perfectly and will make better world by... doing..... something... I think in this mess we are right now.. but nobody gets it or can explain it to some emotional bounded people. If you talk about it you have an opinion. If you have an opinion your are for and vs. them, they wont let you be neutral or try to show what has happened.. (yeah i have an opinion and i made it "public" im doomed... ) To stay within this picture i tryed to draw: Everyone diskusses over shoes, the insultet feelings, gay/straight, who slept with whom, etc. but no body sees it as it is, a (maybe) bad joke... that became a monster.. with a nosering to be guided by thouse who know how.... By the way: Did you notice i didnt talk about what Tim has done, but only over GG and the other #Stuff? So i do it now. Tim: You have my respect for your bravery. I wont talk about the joke, because im one of thouse people who got it only half, so i cant judge about it.. I only know that you could only loose, you knew it to as well, and you did it anyway. I hope it pays out and we get more good games out of it! Here is a link from "Ash what your playing" - Enjoy I like her humor
  9. Hello Double Fine, hello Backers, i just read this artikel on pcgamer.com http://www.pcgamer.com/loom-postmortem-the-history-of-an-underappreciated-gem-25-years-later/ Loom was the first PC Game i ever bought, I played it at least 15 times through in my entire life. And every time i wonder what will happen next…. but there isnt a loom 2 or anything that would complete the story. The IP should lay in the claws of a certain mouse right now, for whom Double Fine just rereleased Grim Fandango (playing it right now, loving it, great work!) If there would be a Loom 2 Kickstart Projekt and Mr. Brian Moriarty would lead the story and projekt, i would be totally giving it a LOT of money! How about you guys and gals out there, would you be with me? Tim, can it happen? Please say yes!!
  10. Moved to http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16597/ Makes more sense there
  11. Ok there are emotions bound to this. First i was promised a game, an old school point and click adventure. If i give more money im more valued as a backer and because of that ill get a top notch documentary. I, and many other feel "better" because we put "more heart (money)" in this project then others. Thats the emotional bounding we are talking about here. Tim, for some reasons which are not very well enlighted, asks us; valued-emotional-bound-backers to give up a something that made us special so he can use it as a mere tool. Yes that hurts a bit on the emotional side, but there is still logic in it. The game gets better promoted, there will be an imageboost for the whole company, and 2pp, etc. To let us still have that: "im special and i have invested emotions"-feeling he offers us to only release the documentation as videostreams. I think i showed both sides of the medailon. I have a few questions for Tim: Is this request for the benefit of sales or does DF need an imageboost , if so, why?. Maybe 2pp wants to get better promoted through this? Or is there a completly different reason? After all it is important enough to endanger your relationship with 85k backers..?! If you realy want our optionen (85K Backers, not 100 Backers which have time to read and write in this forum to give you an opinion), give us a tool where we can vote please! Then invite the whole "family". Otherwise u only get answers from ppl in this forum and not the whole lot, which deserve it to vote. By the way, im fine with it, id just like to know the true reasons..
  12. Will there be a xmas documentary update for 80k backers please ?
  13. 01.07.2014 - 7:45 pm - no new Episode Imagine sadest smiley in the world instead of this line
  14. Updates for me too, please !!!
  15. FAAF

    Day 10 - and.... DONE!

    Your welcome The Last Herald Mage Trilogy Magic's Pawn (1989) Magic's Promise (1990) Magic's Price (1990) The Last Herald Mage (1990 - omnibus) Her books allways start with a character with a lot of selfpitty.. don't let that stop you from reading, it gets (much) better .. It is allways a "Coming of age" story http://mercedeslackey.com/biblio_series.html
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