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  1. Sorry if it has been answered. Any word on when we will receive the disc based documentary?
  2. To those who got signed copies: What personalized message did you have Tim write for you?
  3. This game is so fucking amazing. Bought it in the humble bundle, so I have not provided a picture. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  4. So I'm going to start this PM with some serious business.
  5. Amazing intro. And probably my favorite song, currently.
  6. Really? Started a new character? What class are you using? My first time was on normal with a renegade vanguard. Very smooth sailing. I had a hell of a time at saving the students run through. I'm a paragon infiltrator now. I also had a little bit of trouble with the husks at the rachni place. I'm the krogan still dies if I leave the queen.
  7. I bought a lotof stuff from the store so i made up my 10%
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