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  1. So i was thinking if enough of us are going to PAX East maybe we should do some sort of meetup? ill be their friday since i waited too long and the 3 day passes are gone.
  2. works fine for me the movie is kind of dumb so i didn't watch the whole thing but from what i saw it played fine.
  3. i wanted you guys to use SCUMM. i love SCUMM and i think it would of been great nostalgia for those of us who played those old games.
  4. so im guessing we are doing this on the #dfadventure irc chatroom? DFgreg hasn't really said.
  5. the nuroliser does delete selected memories. thats how there able to being K back to his former life as a postman.
  6. this would be really cool. i remember reading about a company that is making a service to do just this but i can't remember the name. its a company thats doing a android game center but they want to be on all platforms.
  7. I don't think it still exists unfortunately, also it was in German, and probably the floppy disk I saved it to is long gone, maybe there is a printout somewhere in my parent's basement, but I doubt it to be honest. Also: Would you really want to read a walkthrough by two 11 year old boys? yes i do.
  8. we already have the unofficial DFadventure we should just have everyone come in here.
  9. i use a mixture of os's. my "main" system is mac os x lion but im also testing windows 8 beta and i use ubuntu linux from time to time.
  10. i was thinking if people are interested we could do a google hangout. i guess ill be the brave one here and offer DOTT for those who "lost" their copy. as someone has pointed out Tim did say we should just pirate the games because A. Lucasarts is never going to rerelease it and B. i doubt they really care that we are pirating a 20 year old game. if i happen to stop posting to the forum next week ill just plead insanity now. :-P. update: im unable to post the torrent here if you need a copy get in touch with me on the irc or pm me here.
  11. if others are interested and you play SWTOR(star wars the old republic) im thinking of making a double fine adventure guild. i play on servers keller's void and lord leldis.
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