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  1. Like basically everybody before me stated, I don't really care how long it takes as long as you polish it all you need. It's been years since I played a game I loved as much as Grim, so I'd be a very happy bloke if this is as good. By the way, I also wouldn't mind contributing more money if that means not much is cut from the final version of the game. Anyhow, good luck guys!
  2. Excellent episode! I'm liking these videos more and more with each update. Really regret not buying the documentary when I backed. I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but will it be put up for sale when the game's finally released?
  3. Great episode, as usual. About the soundtrack, something I'd really like to see is music starting very different for both worlds, but then make it merge slowly into more similar tunes as the game progresses, or as actions have certain consequences in the other world. That would be really awesome!
  4. Thanks so much Oliver! Yours are my favorite updates I'm just getting started in Computer Science so this was really very interesting to me. Keep up the great work!
  5. I love both the second and fourth color concept. You're doing an amazing job!
  6. N and E are definitely my favorite out of them all. And PLEASE make the little fella from M a reality!
  7. It looks like the UbiArt engine uses some form of skeletal animation, but the engine itself does a lot of the work automatically. I found a Youtube video of the engine being used by artists (doesn't explain much, but it's the only video I could find that shows off a bit of how it works): That's so cool, thanks for sharing!
  8. Any idea on how character movement was achieved in Rayman Origins? That game is absolutely stunning -one of the best looking games ever made without a doubt, IMO-, maybe something similar could be done here? I don't really know about the technical limitations and stuff, so I'm not sure if this is something viable. Also, great post Oliver. I love the amount of insight you give us with each update
  9. I was wondering… I didn't pledge enough to get the series, but now I regret it (darn!). Will we able to buy them at a later time, or is it too late now? You're doing a great job guys, keep it up!
  10. Okay now, that was amazing! I really LOVE the way this is shaping up to be. The art style is crazy! Just one concern: I don't like the idea of items being highlighted when the player can interact with them. It sort of makes things far too easy. Maybe you could enable/disable that depending on some difficulty settings? Other than that, you're doing an incredible job! (The tree dialog was really funny. Heh.)
  11. -A world constantly filled with light, but in which its inhabitants usually live in the darkness (pretty much opposite from us), meaning they had to create "anti-light lamps" (?) that generate darkness instead of light -Inside a cat's eyeball. -At an alien pizza party. -A world inhabited by people with harmonicas for noses, making random noises every time they breathe. -A world where adventure games are so popular that first person shooters have to be funded by fans themselves (if only!) Okay, ran out of ideas.
  12. OS X Lion user here. It works great on Safari. It does take a little longer than Vimeo/YouTube to begin playing/buffering at the beginning, but once it starts it works wonderfully.
  13. Great! I really like the art style. However, I think that maybe if it was a bit more realistic (not overly cartoonish) it would look even better. But it's awesome to see you're making progress, and overall I loved that one last video. Good work everyone!
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