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  1. AF 2018?

    Hi! The last Amnesia Fortnight was a year ago. Can we hope for a new edition this year? ... Pleaaaaaaaase !
  2. Yeaaaaaaah ! Amnesia Fortnight is the best fortnight !
  3. What were the results?

    I really hope they're working on Black Lake. The demo was amazing.
  4. The Horror of Accidently Stealing Radioactive Things

    What's the title of the movie they mentioned ?
  5. WOW ! Just WOW ! oO Right now this is the game i'm looking forward the most during this Amnesia Fortnight. You guys rock !
  6. I'm blown away by the quality of your work. It's awesome ! o0 I wasn't interested in Bad Golf at first, but now i want to play that !
  7. I really hope What Could Go Wrong is 4th and Tim will announce tomorrow that it's the surprise 5th game of this Amnesia Fortnight's edition...
  8. Live feed playthrough

    It looks awesome. I really wasn't waiting for this game in the beginning but now i can't wait to play it. Congrats !
  9. Day 9 episode missing

    Alright. Thanks!
  10. Day 9 episode missing

    Hi ! I've watched the Day 9 episode on the livestream but it doesn't appear on the download page. Am I the only one to have this problem? Is it normal?
  11. A daily show is probably not gonna happen (though it would be FANTASTIC !), but what about a weekly one ? Something like what the Penny Arcade guys did ( http://penny-arcade.com/patv/show/pa-the-series ). I would happily pay to see that happen. I love the DFA documentaries, and i'm addicted to the Amnesia Fortnight dailies. I just can't imagine being left with nothing to watch when those two projects will be completed ! Maybe you could do another Kickstarter to finance that ? Anyway, thanks for everything you've done so far, you're just AWESOME !
  12. I agree. As a non-programmer I was kinda opposed to programming segments on the livestream, but watching Brad work and solve problems has been really entertaining. Thanks !
  13. Black Lake Art

    Yep, that's pretty awesome. I can't wait to see this character modeled and animated. I hope we will have the chance to see it happen.
  14. Daily End-O-Day Black Lake Screenshot!

    NOW we're talking. Looks really good !