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  1. AF 2018?

    Hi! The last Amnesia Fortnight was a year ago. Can we hope for a new edition this year? ... Pleaaaaaaaase !
  2. Yeaaaaaaah ! Amnesia Fortnight is the best fortnight !
  3. What were the results?

    I really hope they're working on Black Lake. The demo was amazing.
  4. The Horror of Accidently Stealing Radioactive Things

    What's the title of the movie they mentioned ?
  5. WOW ! Just WOW ! oO Right now this is the game i'm looking forward the most during this Amnesia Fortnight. You guys rock !
  6. I'm blown away by the quality of your work. It's awesome ! o0 I wasn't interested in Bad Golf at first, but now i want to play that !
  7. I really hope What Could Go Wrong is 4th and Tim will announce tomorrow that it's the surprise 5th game of this Amnesia Fortnight's edition...
  8. Day 9 episode missing

    Hi ! I've watched the Day 9 episode on the livestream but it doesn't appear on the download page. Am I the only one to have this problem? Is it normal?
  9. Live feed playthrough

    It looks awesome. I really wasn't waiting for this game in the beginning but now i can't wait to play it. Congrats !
  10. Day 9 episode missing

    Alright. Thanks!
  11. A daily show is probably not gonna happen (though it would be FANTASTIC !), but what about a weekly one ? Something like what the Penny Arcade guys did ( ). I would happily pay to see that happen. I love the DFA documentaries, and i'm addicted to the Amnesia Fortnight dailies. I just can't imagine being left with nothing to watch when those two projects will be completed ! Maybe you could do another Kickstarter to finance that ? Anyway, thanks for everything you've done so far, you're just AWESOME !
  12. I agree. As a non-programmer I was kinda opposed to programming segments on the livestream, but watching Brad work and solve problems has been really entertaining. Thanks !
  13. Black Lake Art

    Yep, that's pretty awesome. I can't wait to see this character modeled and animated. I hope we will have the chance to see it happen.
  14. Daily End-O-Day Black Lake Screenshot!

    NOW we're talking. Looks really good !
  15. The Environment: Day 2

    It was great to see you work on the stream yesterday, i hope we will have other occasions to follow you on the following days. Thanks again for everything !
  16. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    I think i like the first one best. The cape is really cool.
  17. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    Awesome! I really like her look! Cool patterns on her clothes.
  18. Pre-Order Date & On-line Purchasing

    Do you intend to release a Mac version of the Cave ? It seems awesome, I'd really like to play it.
  19. The Environment

    That's awesome, Jane ! Thank you very much for letting us have a look at your creative process. Please keep sharing.
  20. The White Birch: Voting Discussion Thread

    Like a lot of people here i really liked your pitch. I think i understand what kind of atmosphere you want to create and i really love that. I voted for your game and now i'm even more convinced. It's so great that this prototype is gonna be made. I can't wait to play it.
  21. Autonomous: Voting Discussion Thread

    Cool fan art. By the way, the name of the game is Autonomous, not Autonomus.
  22. AF Prototype Support Thread

    This is just GREAT ! As a european i can't thank you enough for that. I thought i was gonna miss all the streams with my silly sleep.
  23. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    That's just AWESOME ! Thank you so much Tim ! You're simply the best ! I will have to spend the next two weeks following the progresses of the Black Lake team !