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  1. I have posted some stuff in this thread with art on two adventure game projects that never got finnished. I would love to take them up again with someone. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6282/P0/
  2. No one mentioned The X-Files Game? Came on like 8 discs or something, lol. But for a crazy X-Files fan like me it was amazing. Even if it got pretty bad scores in magazines etc.
  3. Playing Beat Sneak Bandit's by Simogo in my Ipod Touch atm. Neat little game.
  4. Basically we all Scandinavians have English as "second" language It is weird. I read and write like 80% of the day in english and only speak Swedish more during the day. I sometimes forget Swedish words while talking and have an easier time grasping for the english word Im after. Pathetic.
  5. Swedish meatballs here. but I HATE playing translated games. It should only be in English.
  6. Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within Now THAT was an amazing FMV adventure.
  7. I have been trying to do some small project on the side. Mostly in the Appstore, but it is so easy to get lost in there among all the other billion apps. It is easy to get in but easy to be forgotten. I would love to work on a bigger project with both music and graphics. Would be awesome. But it seems far far away.
  8. Oh, also remember working on a short adventure game called "Depth" where you where recalling events from your past by lucid dreaming. The main puzzle mechanic was using the Iphones accelerometor to tilt the view in the room you where and that way reveal secrets that you had to tap on.
  9. Hello! My name is Andreas, Im 22 and I live in Sweden. I love to make music and graphics on my free time for games etc. Here are two games I have been part of making graphics and music for: GraviMaze - IOS (2012) http://gravimaze.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3ZgDjIbcfM ---- GeoSnake - IOS (2010) http://www.didev-studios.com/?p=207 --- And here is my little site to see some art and listen to some music I have made: http://andreas.inghe.se/ My favorite traditional adventure game is DOTT and The Longest Journey!
  10. I own an Ipod Touch and a Xperia Mini, so both OS would be fine for me. But the Mini has a really small screen... so...
  11. About two years ago I was working on the graphics and music for an IOS adventure "platformer" puzzle game called "Escape of the Mimimos". It was to have a similar gameplay style as the little game by Nifflas called Knytt Stories but with more puzzles and characters to talk to. Sadly we where only two dudes and it just became too big for us to put it together. Here is a crappy quality teaser trailer we put up for it ages 2 years ago heh: We had an engine done and everything. Including the first chapter. Then my programmer buddy just vanished. He lives in England, Im in Sweden. Not heard a word from him in 2 years. So if there is any cool programmer out there that likes what he/she sees, give me a pm! Heh. ;D Anyway, love what you guys have posted so far! <3
  12. Anyone played "In Memoriam" (or "Missing since January" as it is called in the US)? A fantastic adventure game that really draws you into the story by having YOU as the main character. You get sendt from the police a mysterious CD that contains imformation created by a serial killer. You also have to use the internet to gather clues that the killer has spread out. You are helping the police in the search for two reporters that mysteriously disapperared while investigating his murders. I really recomend it! Not sure how it works on newer comps thought. http://www.gamespot.com/missing-since-january/ ----
  13. Monkey Island 2 ofcourse. Then M1, then M3, then TMI.
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