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  1. You'll find downloads in your Humble Library under Amnesia Fortnight 2014. We'll be trying to get videos up on the stream and in the library around the same time. I believe that one difference this year is that videos will be going up on Youtube to view instead of being hidden behind a Vimeo paywall. Hopefully you and DoubleFine can earn Ad money on the project if it is on YouTube. If you're feeling good you could still put up a ad-free sd/HD version up on Vimeo for paying backers, then we would have a choice. Either way looking forward to another good set of Video's.
  2. Actually, not so! The bloodlines thing is a big deal in this game, but they have been considering a variety of ways that Heroes might be able to help contribute to the epic timeline of the struggle, beyond just hooking up and having kids. So your premise here is just incorrect. It may well be, I haven't been made privy to the main design document. All I'm saying is that the more, lets call it "Immersive" version of the Family/Bloodline part of the game may require more cash to expand it's detail. Hell it we break 4 million I would love to have extra details, graphics and enhanced choice and reactivity to this part of the game. At the moment, with the lowest level of funding I'm seeing a very "Dwarf Fortress" view of stuff that is very top-down in view and scale. It would give only the simplest of views. I would save the detail till we had more cash but I am not the only backer on this project, just one that is airing my views on where I want the budget focused. (And I may be a hypocrite as I'm a FemShep player who wanted to be a Talimancer more than anything)
  3. One day you'll grow up and realise that going around screaming "I'm special, give me special privileges!" is nothing but veiled racism, you're threating yourself as weaker/inferior; that it cause even more prejudice since no one likes being censored or imposed by "special groups". I was simply stating my arguments, but the inferiority complex inside you is screaming that I'm picking on you, so it must be "homophobia", right? Once it reach this point there is no purpose in debating it further. I'll be waiting to see if Brad's "Inclusive" means anything more than GAY PEOPLE, and if he'll sacrifice gameplay just to score points with vocal minorities... becaquse I assure you he won't get my money for that. Apparently now politely asking for your existence to be acknowledged is a demand for "special privileges" and... er, somehow racist. We're learning a lot today! I think that a little head cannon would sort this issue out. This game is going to have a limited budget and core game mechanics are going to get the cash and attention. I have no issue with same sex couples or relationships but they don't spring to mind in a panned out view of a fantasy dynastic simulator. Because the bloodline of both houses would have to be know for it to be a dynasty and the fact it is based in pre-genetic manipulation times then any failing of Bloodline A mating with bloodline B would result in the end of the dynasty. Yes many members of royalty were gay but this lead to the end of their part of the bloodline and other blood relatives or an usurper taking over. This would/could end the dynasty. If it were anything other than direct bloodlines then I think it may of been possible to include but it appears currently that it is not. If they want to change the base premise of the game then that is fine and cool but they should really let people know now, during the funding period if only to stop feature creep on their design document.
  4. Great episode. I didn't really mind Ron leaving as we never saw much of him anyway but Brendon leaving feels like a loss. Any losing of the REDS core team from the pub episode is a shame as I really think some of the team members help to sell the "Doublefine Experience" kinda like the fittings in a nice restaurant. Hopefully we won't lose to many more and we will see more of the newer team members and their background. Is it odd that I'm really looking forward to "Amnesia fortnight 2013" Already
  5. The Tim's car SIDEQUEST was funny but how did it end up in the middle of a regular episode? I'm glad the team is bigger and responsibility isn't being hung round just a few peoples necks. Loving the focus of the art team in moving towards a more emotive/immersive style and hope that SlackerBacker will appear on steam soon (even though steam will eat 30% I think the extra pre-order revenue would be quite large when compared to people that go directly to your site) if cash/budget is still in shortfall. Any news on which AF game made the cut through to production? (Please say Black Lake/White Birch) P.S. Any chance of Ron doing a writing review with Tim now that the cave has shipped or is his hourly rate to expensive?
  6. I'm just wanting to see how "the sausage is made" of the game month by month. Where as 2PP want a nice narrative documentary they can win critical awards with and sell after this is over. With development coming up to the year mark I would of expected 11/12 monthly check in's and video's. We have 7 and are missing the most crucial stage of the project. We just have different goals it seems, I was happy up to the time that they stopped following the project to do Amnesia fortnight (Beyond the 2 weeks it was on) and Minecraft. If they had just had some kind of update (doesn't matter if it was badly edited or text only updates from the development team) in any form over the last couple of months that is DIRECTLY ABOUT THE DFA not interviewing Tim's cat or something for a side quest (Which I do enjoy but I want to hear directly about DFA and what happened that month), I would of been completely happy. As it is we have hit marketing mode and info has been sat on. That wasn't what I was expecting, which my explain my disappointment. I understand that this is my own fault for expecting to much but it doesn't stop me from feeling I'm not getting to follow the development process that closely.
  7. The only backlash would be if a publisher got involved as the indie badge was a big selling point. Everybody knows that the big issue with early Kickstarters is dealing with the huge cost of shipping (Mainly international) and issues with items "lost in post" or "split deliveries" that have to be paid for twice or more. This just wasn't known to be a big issue back then and that lost money has to come from somewhere. I would reach into my pocket to help with that shortfall and I don't think people will get offended about me spending my cash unless they have quite deeply routed problems in their life.
  8. I'd donate but from a Project Management point of view, unless the added funds are in a single block and can be added soon they will not be able to help the project really. If a coder or artist is added to the team they need to get up to speed and join the team now. QA and testing budget can be added to till almost the end I guess. But a funding drive will be needed in January/Febuary in order to get another coder/middleware team member in and a paint monkey for bagel to direct for his old work load so Lee/Levi can check in with Bagel's concept art direction more effectively and not have to redo so much stuff. I recommend (and would throw money @) a Double Finance Adventure and buy the team a round of drinks
  9. adding a "Double Fine Care Package" to the store would be nice. Maybe $50-$100 for an art postcard/Photo of the team signed by the team and a mention in the Game credits under the Title "Double Fine Support group. If Double Fine could set up an Amazon.com wish list for the team as a whole so fans can send "encouragement packages" into the trenches without any stalker like behaviour having to be dealt with. Hopefully a "TOP UP" solution will be made clear after the January DFA episode and we will be able to help the team make the game we know we want them to be able to make
  10. We know what RON is doing, working on "The Cave". If he was seen working on DFA then the publisher of "The Cave" would be quite right in pitching a bloody fit as "Going Gold" on an A+ Title is not something to be half done. All projects slip, I'm hoping that a Public Backer BETA is now aiming for a September/October 2013 goal and that a full release will launch cross platform just before next years Amnesia Fortnight. We may see the next crowd funded game come to Kickstarter for funding before next Christmas to
  11. Guys, is it just me or doesn't it make sense in the narrative structure of a documentary for the middle of a project to struggle (even if things were going better in reality)? 2PP are putting a "Rocky" Film style to the DFA doc, as it would just be boring to see: 1. Here is money 2. We work slow but hard 3. We Finish DRAMA is a key part as this is entertainment not an Academic bit of journalism. I really hope REDS team members are given an Amazon wishlist account that we can send stuff in as care packages as the Code Monkeys and Artists are looking like they need a pick me up and quite obviously we can't send them stuff directly as that would be a little off. Is a Second Funding Drive really out of the question??? If you ask me, a signed postcard from the REDS team on art from the game could be sold for $50 or something. There must be profit in that. Change the postcard every month till release and some backers would buy them all. Maybe they could sell a "Rescue Credit" where people who pledge an extra $50 could be listed in a secret area of the game. I'm sure small but meaningful amounts of money can be made from items like this that have little impact on development or physical production. Really hope that we hear how the funding puzzle is solved and what we can do to help make the cuts/edits leave as little on the cutting room floor as possible. NB. I am just someone off the internet and should not be listened to in any way, shape or form
  12. Will "The White birch" (And the other games) achievements be put into steam achievements? This may get a few of the more obsessive people to dig out secrets and then vote for that game come the BIG choice day. Hopefully DF are able to draw stats on playtime and success levels to help get more than 1 of these games made.
  13. Any time frame update??? or are we on VALVE TIME Also any idea if green light will be handling the final game choice???
  14. Really hoping for a really good moving animation style. I'm kinda hoping for a feeling of being one with the environment like in "Flower" where just being was cool but not sure that kind of thing can be done in the time limit. Is it possible that each "Prototype" will come with a menu on the start screen that we can access with the art and the full game concept to help get across what was left out due to time/budget but would be core to the gameplay? It could really help get votes in for the final leg and Black Lake has the most art assets lying around as you have been tinkering with the concept for about a year? I Like the animal/spirit companion idea's that kinda function as equipment/POV for puzzles but are also mapped to emotions/action by the things/events that caused the nightmare/bad dreams. A Ven diagram with sight/scent/hearing or something that functioned as UI overlays (Depending on what fairytale/Dream lesson/Animal spirit) you were channelling at that moment would add an extra levels and re-playability to a level and also be a good excuse to be able to adjust the appearance of the main character model without changing the clothing much. Just glad to see this come together and looking forward to more art and sketches Drew
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