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  1. Hi Ron! Thanks for your question. The characters are vector based, drawn and animated in Flash. First I do a concept in Photoshop, then bring that into Flash and draw right over it. Every part of the character that is animatable is drawn on a separate layer. I chose Flash over Illustrator because Flash is faster and looser, and it cuts out the extra step of drawing in another program and importing to Flash for animation. Once the animation is done we export an .swf file for each anim and take those into a program called Texture Packer. Texture packer packs all the swf files in a spritesheet that gets loaded into the game. Each character has several spritesheets. The fx are also drawn in flash btw. The environments are created from tiles, drawn in Photoshop. The tiles are composited in a program called Tiled which exports each level/room separately. The fight areas are just big background images, painted in Photoshop. I hope that answers your question. Have fun playing the game!
  2. Here's the last of the main characters, the Castle Guard. He has a usb port on his helmet so you can connect to him. I thought he looked kind of creepy and menacing like that too...
  3. Everyone like the Forest Monster as he was, so here's a final render of him from flash...
  4. Thanks for all your feedback guys! Here's some updates for you. First is the hero character. Brandon asked me to to make her hair white/blue and to replace the sheath with a messenger bag since she carries a laptop. So here she is, these are renders from flash so this is how she'll look in the game...
  5. Next up is the forest monster. Like the other characters you encounter in the game, he has a port you can plug into(his mouth)...
  6. Hi everyone - my name is Mark Hamer and I'm an artist at Double Fine. I'm starting to design the characters for Hack 'n Slash and thought I would post some concepts here as I go. Hope you like them! First up is my concept for the hero/heroine of the game. We decided to go with a female hero and her primary weapon will be the usb cable she carries(we've already ditched the sword)...
  7. @Ace - thanks! Ha ha, no comment on the sequel spoilerz I'm pretty excited to be doing comics again too, I'm having lots of fun with this project @Kibertoad - that would be great! We want to have the game on as many platforms/devices as possible, including pc, but for now we're focusing on the iOS version
  8. Thanks guys, it's great to hear back on my post! @AlfredJ - Glad you like the look! I love DOTT and was definitely thinking of it while working out the look of MMoJ. Especially for the base/office. DOTT has so much character and appeal in its visuals, it really pulls me into the world. That's a great idea about a webcomic! We're actually planning some comics for the website - quick little 4 panel strips that show a bit more of each hero's personality. And hopefully will be funny Coming soon! The Manager has no name btw, he is simply "The Middle Manager" - we played around with names for a bit and ultimately liked keeping it open ended and focused on his job. @VicOfAges - Good question! Most of the limits were just memory and file size concerns. Art and animation are very important to this game(and to Double Fine!), and we tried to keep things as rich as possible while keeping the game a manageable size. We did prune our anims and scale down assets where possible, but never at the expense of the game. Budget-wise there were no problems. We're very lucky to be working with Dracogen as a partner on this game - they're big DF fans and are just as committed to putting out a great game as we are. Thanks again for your comments! Hope you enjoy the game
  9. Hi I'm Mark and I've been working as an artist and animator at df for a while. I've worked on almost all the df games, and I'm currently art directing an unannounced game. In my spare time I do paintings of stuff like birds in suits and dogs and people in superhero costumes. Thanks for your support!
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