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  1. I feel like it'll grow on us more, still. We don't know the plot of the game, really, so it's speculation that we're tying the name up in. I think that once we know more about the game's story and characters, the name will plug neatly in.
  2. There was the sidequest in February, and I think whenever we post a new thing here, we touch base to remind you we are still working on it. But sometimes we can't talk in detail about what is delaying us. It could be unrelated to Reds, or it's the main focus of an upcoming episode, or other reasons.
  3. There is an episode coming TODAY! omg. And I know it's later than everyone would like, but we are human (after all) and along with that comes delays, whether it's in Reds or traffic or babies. Things sometimes don't happen on time. But they do happen. Traffic clears, no matter how many collisions or earthquakes there are. Babies get born, no matter how late or complicated. And we may not have released an episode, but we are filming and making a game, and you will see it. We are not a machine, we cannot manufacture things and put them out without fail, on time, every time. And since we are filming things as they happen, you get the most recent stuff we have when we release an episode. We don't queue things up for you so there's always an episode or an art/programming post going up for you on time but from ages past. We do it, we record it, we give it to you. When our artists and programmers have time, they write an update and answer questions for you. But they don't always have that time, and, sadly, I wouldn't expect them as frequently since the game is really taking off and they are diving into that with their time and energy, and can't easily take the large chunks of time away to write an update for you. We hope you will be understanding of human things like that and have patience and faith in us.
  4. Yay FAQ readers! And yeah don't send us game ideas. I have to immediately delete them. I can't even read them.
  5. This thread makes me feel weepy. I miss the livestream and the instant interactions with you guys.
  6. No! Bad lamps! Those are room-illuminating lamps, not showing you where you're going lamps! You want a lamp like one of these! You don't like my lanterns? d'awwwwwww! Who's a pretty lantern? Yes you are! *pets lanterns* *tickles lanterns*
  7. No! Bad lamps! Those are room-illuminating lamps, not showing you where you're going lamps! You want a lamp like one of these! You don't like my lanterns?
  8. Since you requested more of my contributions, here's my concepts for lanterns, foxes, and brambles.
  9. We used the book to look up the symbolic meanings behind some of the key elements in our game, to see how close our story runs with their meanings. Here's the list I compiled for our internal reference forum. Fox - Symbolizes guile, trickery, and malicious intent. Crow - Symbol of death, evil, and bad luck. But in some cultures it is a guide, or prophetic. Thorns - Affliction or protection Forest - symbol of the unconsciousness and its threats. Place of trials, danger, and initiation. Black - In some cultures, the color of negative forces and unhappy events. Death, despair, ignorance, sorrow, evil. In other cultures, symbol of germination. Lake - Feminine enchantment and power. Smooth surfaced lakes imply a two-way mirror, with spirits watching from beneath. Lantern - Spirit, truth, intelligence. Symbol of life, leading from one existence to the next. Protection from demons. Feathers - symbol of ascension, communication with the spirit world (if worn). Feathered cloaks means the ability to travel between the two realms. Plants (vegetation) - symbol of cyclical nature of birth and death Smoke (dream mist?) - symbol of ascension of prayers and purified souls. Mist - Transition, supernatural intervention Purple - royalty Deer - Benevolence, purity, dawn, homonym for abundance, swiftness. Female deer symbolizes female rite of passage. Music - linked to the origin of life. Natural, rhythmic sounds are an attempt to communicate to nature and animals, while sophisticated/complicated music is connected with the planets and cosmic order. Child - purity, potential, innocence, natural state, free of anxiety. Symbol of mystic knowledge, openness of faith. Only children and those like unto children could enter the kingdom of heaven.
  10. There are actually 14 of us, but one of us split between two projects and another is part time, so we counted them as halves and made them one in tallying up. Maybe not so unlucky. 9u9
  11. I am working on Black Lake. Drawing stuff. Believe me, I am doing what I like. Zero percent complaining. Drawing=best times, to me.
  12. Yes, but the choice to hold off was and is mine. No one said I could not but myself. If anything, I am the one discriminating against admins.
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