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  1. Hello forum friends, let me introduce a Kickstarter project from a close friend: Last Warrior VR "A real medieval fantasy adventure VR for smartphones, sword combats, exploration, puzzles, platforms and lots of action. Demo Available." About Last Warrior is a virtual reality adventure based on a fantastic medieval world, what makes it special is its gameplay and atmosphere involves the player in the world around them. To achieve this we start from a good story, supported by a gameplay that proposes new challenges and situations as we explore their world. The main premise is to create a mobile game with the gameplay of a desktop game, and take advantage of the current power to create enveloping graphics. I am practically developing only this game, the funding will be used to create a soundtrack, add voices in English, improve the graphics and animations, and if there is enough to lengthen the content and add languages. To play this game, you need a smartphone with gyroscope, cardboard (virtual reality glasses) and a controller. Its first versions is for Android and iOS, from now you can try the demo in alpha state. If it reaches the necessary budget it will appear in HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR with custom controls. Last Warrior VR alpha demo Android Last Warrior VR alpha demo iOS The demo represents half of the first chapter of a minimum of two. Thanks a lot for your support.
  2. Hi ClapBedon, For sure, I sent you a PM
  3. Touch Support

    Great! Thank you guys!!
  4. Interesting!! Thanks for posting!
  5. I can´t vote, sorry, but I can´t get out of my mind Mog Chothra T-Shirt...
  6. Just the top six tiled, so the pictures can be bigger.

    SOLVED Downloading Broken Age!!! xDD

    Hi guys, I don´t have received my Broken Age key, I registered at KickStarter with my old email account but later I changed it, today I only can use the new one. I just sent email to Humble Bundle support.
  9. Great idea, I love the “Double Fine’s 90,000 Friends” video!!