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  1. On the former, Lois and Clark actually showed him using his heat vision in a mirror to shave his face. I don't recall ever seeing Jedi shaving, but considering they're not invulnerable, shaving shouldn't be a problem for them.
  2. I found out my last name is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name Mac Muireadhaigh,meaning Mariner. Muireadhaigh is commonly anglicized as Murdock. So I'm Mac Murdock. I'm basically the Irish Daredevil.
  3. Heh, I wanted to be Gadget when I was little. She was definitely an awesome character.
  4. It would also be like Family of Blood, which showed the struggles of the time period with Martha being both a woman and of African descent, so she couldn't interact with people the way she could in the 21st century. I really liked that episode and wish that Doctor Who would do more like it. It reminds me of a comment he said to Martha when she was worried about being in a time period where she didn't have the rights she did in her own time. The Doctor told her that what works for him is to "walk about like you own the place". If The Doctor regenerated into a woman, he would certainly learn very quickly that doesn't work so well for people like Martha.
  5. I'd say it fits the position of chaotic neutral better than the one pictured. Sorry Dr. Bob. That's why I like bananas. Not like those peaches that are full of stones.
  6. And now your avatar is just a furry tooter.
  7. No Dr. Thunder? They missed a perfect one for this image right there.
  8. View Master: Batman the Animated Series came out late last year, and completely slid past my radar. I'm a big fan of the DC Animated Universe, and this is fits right in it. It has the voices from the original cast (Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as the Joker, and Tara Strong as Batgirl). It's set after the end of Justice League Unlimited, and has some neat set ups for Batman Beyond, for the eagle eyed (much like how Justice League featured the US government supplying the Justice League prototype Zeta robots to train with, prior to the formation of Cadmus). Best of all, it works with any Google Cardboard compatible VR headset. You don't need to worry about getting the View Master viewer and can build your own or buy one that fits your needs.
  9. The interesting thing about Japanese to me is that there are several subsets of the language. There's kanji, which is adopted from Chinese characters and is often used for loan words from other languages, then katakana, which is an easier transcription model that is a simplified form of kanji, then hiragana, which is native to Japan and includes words that are not included in kanji. I'm also studying Japanese, partly because I'm intrigued by the fact that it is very complex, but in some ways it is quite simple. I'm starting with katakana, as it's basically an easier form of kanji, and the characters are much easier to read and write, as they are usually just three or four simple strokes. I agree though that it is neat that it is a phonetic language, since you can know things easily and say them by reading them as long as you know the base components. Like sushi, which is easy in katakana ( ス シ ), and is broken up just like it sounds. Su (ス) and shi (シ).
  10. They could just get someone like RuPaul for the role.
  11. I think they should just jump right to a gender fluid Doctor that shifts gender presentation every couple episodes or so. That'd be awesome, and it would really put a bee in their bonnet.
  12. On that note, I got a PM on another site about my work-in-progress novel. They said that their novel they are releasing this summer is very similar to mine in the first chapter, and noted that they weren't calling fowl because their novel started on Earth. I hope not, considering mine came out first. Heh. They also said they didn't want me to get upset about it later, which is why they PMed me. I honestly don't care about that. I'm sure you can find a bunch of similar things in a bunch of different works. It's kind of hard to not be similar to something, considering the fact that humans have hundreds of years of written prose under our collective belts.
  13. Theoretically, California could secede if a constitutional ammendment was made to allow it to do so. Since it would be in the Republican party's best interests for it to go, I doubt there would be any Republican senators who would object. Although, it's really unlikely at this point, as it would require a 3/4 vote in Congress, and the Republicans don't even hold 2/3 of the seats. That's probably why they are aiming to be placed on the ballot in 2018 with an independence referendum to be held in 2019 - betting that the Republicans will earn more seats in 2018 - as the Republican Senators did when they continuously obstructed Obama's pick of Supreme Court justice.
  14. Speaking of that... you know the Yes California campaign, or #calexit, that is trying to get California to secede from the Union? It turns out it's a ploy started by two conservatives that is a new version of a previous campaign (Sovereign California) that began before Trump was elected. The new campaign is being leveraged towards liberals angered at Trump, but it is intended to cause America to lose its largest liberal voting state which would make it even harder for Democratic presidential candidates to win the electoral college. Oh, and one of the founders lives in Russia and is trying to get a Californian embassy set up in Moscow with the help of a Russian group that has the support of the Kremlin.