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  1. I have a love for getting new instruments. I'm not proficient in any, but I can play the ones I have: Bongos, guitar, banjo, ukelele, and rainstick. I just ordered a didgeridoo, and will learn it once I get it. I can also play the drums and the clarinet to an extent, as those were the instruments I learned to play in school.
  2. As patrickmaher said, purchasing the documentary gives you all of the game prototypes. The Steam store description states: "It's the Amnesia Fortnight documentary series by 2 Player Productions, filmed alongside the mayhem of the game jam, with an episode for every day. This series documents the fun / stress of making so many games and each season includes the game prototypes!"
  3. Day Thirty Lots of goodness today! A new build has been released with everything made over the last thirty days! New release: As @Cheeseness has done with Pongball, this release is affectionately known as "2017-05-11_4482b09", which is how we be tagging development builds (that's the date followed by the short git revision, which means that if we ever need to reproduce a bug or understand why something has changed, we can jump back to the version of the code that the build was created from really easily.) Linux Mac Windows On the main repo: Jenni added a 70s retro song to the cop memory (104b58b) Jenni adapted the game to remove items from hub upon memory completion and added screens with information about it being a work-in-progress and a github link (9c19cb1)
  4. Day Twenty-Nine On the main repo: Jenni added translations to options, added the second room of the Doug memory, set the game to receive a screw from the space memory, and began the cop memory (73a0da8) Jenni added a cop car toy to get to the cop memory from the hub (e7f1a6c)
  5. Day Twenty-Eight On the forums: Jenni shared screenshots of her changes to the hub and the beginning of a memory using the 70s cop assets created by Cheeseness. Thanks to @Cheeseness and @Jenni for their efforts!
  6. I also set this version to bundle dependencies on all platforms, so hopefully it will work for everyone now.
  7. @kyle3wynn let me know that the download on opens to a project window instead of the application. I was able to figure out how to bundle it properly (I needed to manually set txt and esc files to bundle). So, I've uploaded a new build. Even if you've played this before, you might want to try it out again, since it includes all of the changes we've made since Amnesia Fortnight ended.
  8. Right now the objects that are found at the end of each memory goes into the inventory - which will quickly clog things once we get more memories. We need a better way to handle this, and I was thinking about reintroducing the Hall of Adventure idea that @WavingPeople had and @Mythalore was working on - with a different, but significant purpose. When memories are completed, we remove the object that led to that memory from the hub - but instead we add the object that was found in the memory to the hall of adventure. That way, we can have an easy setup for the puzzle that reveals what the adventurer has been searching for, once we decide what that idea will be. Oh, and in case you were wondering - I added the screw to the inventory after the space memory ends, as kednar stated in the original space pitch idea, so the item that gets you to the space memory is now a model of the space ship. Oh, and I did a little bit of animating of the 70s cop memory that @Cheeseness put up on the assets repo (the player is just a placeholder for now).
  9. Day Twenty-Seven On the main repo: Jenni fixed the coding syntax related to objects and added more words to the translation database(83391cf) Jenni added more translations to the translation database (a888f8e)
  10. Day Twenty-Six On the main repo: Jenni fixed the use of the inventory and added more dialog to the doug scene (3ad5bea) Jenni updated the translation database (f650aec)
  11. Now that the space scene is mostly implemented (yay!) I'm going to focus on getting the stuff from Doug's Moai Adventure into the Doug scene. To do that, it required quite a bit of additions, which I've been adding over the last few days. The verb coin was the biggest one - it has two verbs on the main repo, but today I've been working on adding talk as well. Stuff that still needs to be implemented: Opening scene (Doug falls out of a portal above a Moai head) Portal above the Moai head Animation of Doug moving the boulder Room Two (under the boulder) Doug moves a carpet to reveal a safe, but it's locked (which unlocks Marvin the groundskeeper in Room One) In Room One Merlin pops out of the portal and gives Doug his belt, which controls the portal. Marvin dialog and dialog puzzle to get the key to the safe. Safe opens down stairs, Doug gets the ladder. In the first room, the final scene where Doug uses the ladder on the Moai head to get to the portal to get free.
  12. My Steam ID is
  13. Awesome!
  14. Day Twenty-Five On the main repo: Jenni fixed the doug scene, return to hub button, and confirm popup slowdown (ef0fc3) Jenni removed the gd scripts related to the hub, as they are no longer needed. (e85beb)