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  1. Thanks so much for this, and your menu buttons. I created a pull request to create a new menu with your new assets, my painted foreground, and the concept drawing by @WavingPeople I also thought I'd clarify my intentions for the fun little build I'm making to cap off Amnesia Fortnight. This is completely a side project, and this project will remain 100% collaborative, so I'm sorry if I came off like I was making decisions for final direction of the project over the last few days. After talking with @flesk he gave me a great suggestion to create my little AF demo with the silly ending on my own branch at github, instead of the Double Fine Game Club branch, that way it's more obvious that this isn't the official direction of the project, just something fun and silly that I'm trying to put together to cap off our two weeks of work. I appreciate everything that people have submitted. I'm really in awe in what we've created over a two week period. Y'all are amazing, and I'm really looking forward to continue to work with everyone after Amnesia Fortnight ends.
  2. I was talking to @flesk about this, and, since this fun little demo was always meant to be a temporary little silly story to cap off the two weeks that we worked on this during Amnesia Fortnight, this will be going on my personal github account instead of the Double Fine Game Club account. The main project will remain one hundred percent collaborative, but I'll be making a fun little side project to cap off the work that we did on Amnesia Fortnight.
  3. On the subject of mistakes, I noticed that I broke interaction when I tried to clean up the node errors a few days ago - I reverted those changes, and it now interaction works properly. The node issues only stop the debugger, and not the run function or the built executables, so it shouldn't be a problem to end users. I'll try to eliminate them properly once Amnesia Fortnight is over. I've got the Doug scene half-way finished, as I now have the look and use dialog hooked up (and I changed Escoria's dialog system to display the text in a much more friendly version with our higher resolution setup (the text tooltips now show up above the black inventory bar (like the early 90s LucasArts games), and the dialog is displayed in the custom "Jenni" font (which uses my handwriting I use when printing), in white with a small shadow around it to make it easier to read on light backgrounds (like the doug scene or the test scene). So, since I know the space scene has a lot of dialog written for it, hopefully it can be implemented with no problem now. I'm going to head to bed soon, but if it hasn't been sorted by the time I get up, I'll take a look at the hub code in kednar's fork and see if I can sort it out.
  4. Aye Welcome @germila and @etisdew (I talked to the latter briefly on IRC, but just realized I never gave a proper welcome until now)! We're approaching the end of the two week Amnesia Fortnight session. Today's day 12 (with about 30 minutes to go, by California time), so we've got about two days left. We're working on getting an Amnesia Fortnight build done, but the work won't stop there. Both @flesk and myself will still be around to offer code to anyone who has ideas afterward. It will be fun to see where the project goes once we have a more flexible schedule.
  5. Awesome. Thanks @Mythalore And no worry about anything, size wise - Godot handles scaling remarkably well. We've been keeping the characters in a separate directory that anyone can use them in any scene (so if you'd like to use doug, or the detective, or the astronaut, or any other character that's in there - you're absolutely free to do so ). Right now, the hub is handled in the first person, as there is no main character present in the hub. But, I agree, @kednar would be the perfect person to work on a default character for the game, if we decided to go down that direction.
  6. If you manage to finish it by tomorrow, I'll try to connect it. If you do, make sure you put in an object to act as a return to hub button (connect the parent node to ui/ and figure out a way to fit the final object found in space into the final climb into the attic to get the MacGuffin for the final scene. If you do manage it, i'd love to include it, as the art is gorgeous! No worries if you don't manage to do it though, as we'll have plenty of builds after Amnesia Fortnight is over.
  7. For player animations in Escoria, you edit the AnimationPlayer node in player.tscn - simply click animation in the editor, and use the animation tool window to create extra frames - right click on the blue dot and duplicate it, then drag the blue dot to step 1, and then repeat for step 2, etc. (I set the animation for doug to run for a length of 5 instead of 1, and added 3 dots at step 2, 3, and 4). To ease things, you could just copy the player.tscn from the doug scene, as it already has 4 frames for each walking movement (up, down, right) and then adjust that for your needs (when I copy a scene, I simply right click it to change dependencies to the assets that are going to be used for that room). If you need help with this, or anything else (I've got a pretty firm grasp on the Godot editor now), let me know.
  8. As for the confusion over the design decisions I'm making during these last few hours, I created a post that addresses everything, and lays out the drawn back scope that the game is taking to get an Amnesia Fortnight build out in less than three days. Basically, worry not if your ideas or concepts aren't in that build - we'll be continuing developing Amnesia Adventure after Amnesia Fortnight is over. The scale is drawn back simply to allow us to use the assets we already have and to avoid feature creep in order to make a completely playable build by the end of Amnesia Fortnight. After that period is done, we can extend the scope out as much as is needed, and include anything and everything that people want to put in it. Awesome! If you and flesk are done by the end of AF, I'd love to work it into the Amnesia Fortnight build - but if not - your scene will definitely be included in the builds after Amnesia Fortnight 2017 is over. I did use your concept art in one of the frames of the newscaster though, so your art will be in the Amnesia Fortnight build, no matter what.
  9. EDIT: This is happening on my own branch. My silly little ending idea won't be part of the official project. We'll still be working out everything collaboratively after Amnesia Fortnight ends, because this project is all about fun and coming together to make something we can all be proud of making. We're now in the last hours of Amnesia Fortnight! That's right: with less than three days left until we hit our fourteenth day of developing, we can now count the time to the end in hours instead of days! I've seen some posts of people with questions about the game's development at this stage, so I thought I'd create this handy dandy post to sum things all up. First of all, both myself and @flesk have commented that we'll be continuing to develop Amnesia Adventure past Amnesia Fortnight, so if you are interested in making assets for the game after Amnesia Fortnight 2017 is over, fret not, as you'll still get the chance. However, since I hope we can have a completely playable game by the end to show off the hard work that we all put in, the scope has been pulled back a bit, but only for the next three days so we can get the Amnesia Fortnight build out to everyone, after that we can look at long term goals and expand the scope out as necessary. That means that we have to work from the assets that we already have. If you're working on something else, great! If you're done by the end of Amnesia Fortnight and want to have it in, and it fits in with what's already there, I'll look into seeing if I can add it (no promises, but you will definitely be able to have it in the builds after Amnesia Fortnight is over! ). So, currently we have a menu (with work by @WavingPeople, @Mythalore, and myself). It currently has concept art as the background, as for the Amnesia Fortnight build I hope to be able to show the broad spectrum of work that everyone has put into this. Mythalore is working on a wall of adventure trophy room that we can look into incorporating into the menu for future Amnesia Fortnight builds, as what he and WavingPeople have created so far is excellent. But for now, I want to lock things a bit so we can get a build out in three days without worrying about making things to ambitious to be able to finish. If you do finish by the end of Amnesia Fortnight though, I'm completely open to trying to fit the Wall of Adventure into the current hub though! I just finished the opening scene using text and still art. As for the current hub, we're currently using the concept art of the bedroom of the adventurer that was created by @TimeGentleman. I'm working on smoothing out the rough edges of the art, but it's currently working perfectly as a hub between memories. There are two memories in place right now - a Doug the Ogre memory by me, based on my Doug's Moai Adventure game, and a memory using the grandfather clock art by @lightsoda from the pitch video. I'm scaling the original ideas for these rooms way down, so that we can be finished in the next few days, without worrying about feature creep (as with everything else, these can be scaled back up after Amnesia Fortnight is over). Doug's original puzzle design included two rooms and a groundskeeper to interact with. To get this out in time, it will have a single room. The goal is still the same - to get the ladder to get out of the meadow, but there will be less puzzles for the time being. Doug simply needs to pick up the board, use it on the rock, and pick up the ladder from under the rock. This will lead the adventurer to remember about the ladder, and come back to reality. The grandfather clock puzzle design will focus on getting a key. The adventurer has to open the clock, and will take the key inside. The adventurer will then try the key in the door, but it won't work. Then the adventurer remembers the key, and returns to reality. Then, for the final scene, the adventurer picks up a key from the grandfather clock in the nursing home, uses the ladder to get into the attic, and finds the MacGuffin, which for this Amnesia Fortnight build, the adventurer's "Rosebud" will be what is found there: the discs from the previous two open Amnesia Fortnights. What needs to be done for the Amnesia Fortnight build is: the puzzles and dialog for the Doug and Clock memories, the final scene where the adventurer finds the MacGuffin in the attic (again with text and still pictures), and music for the clock scene, the hub, and possibly the opening and closing scenes. Everyone is free to pitch in on the final push, to work on stuff that will be added after Amnesia Fortnight is over, or to do both. I really love what everyone's done so far, and can't wait to get a playable build out, and to continue to work with you all after AF is over.
  10. Definitely! That's absolutely the most important thing! Although having something to show for our hard work is great too. I just finished up the intro: Today's Top Story: The world's most famous adventurer, who just turned 100, is at the Waning Wanderer Nursing Home, diving through hazy memories, trying to solve one last puzzle, which is believed to be a culmination of previous adventures. As the centurian tries to jog memories through items saved from these journeys, we all can't help but wonder: just what is this aged adventurer's "Rosebud"?
  11. The Wall of Adventure isn't currently the sole hub area - the hub is the nursing home, and memories are interacted through objects in the nursing home (TimeGentleman's concept is the base, and other elements will be added upon that). The Wall of Adventure, once created, will be an element of the nursing home, a wall of memorabilia that can be interacted with (and making a nice place to place memorabilia for memories - as well as a good place to have lots of room for further adventures), but it won't be the sole way to interact with the game - as there will be many objects that can be clicked outside of that wall. We're on Day 11, and I'm doing a big push to have the game be in a completely playable state by day 14, the end of Amnesia Fortnight (with text openings and endings and at least two fully playable hubs) - which is where the Forum Downtime Funtime Adventure ended up after roughly the same time period, so it's definitely doable. Development will continue past that, as I'll still be working on the game, and flesk mentioned he's interested in continuing too, but I'm really hoping to have the game to the level I stated in the Amnesia Adventure pitch thread once this Amnesia Fortnight is over. We can certainly revisit the hub and the menu at that point. But at this point, it's important to finish the work that's already been implemented as we push towards the end of our initial two week adventure. EDIT: Actually - I thought of something that we could use for the sadly empty options menu - we could have the rotating menu be triggered by a button in the option menu - with the default being WavingPeople's concept. I'll see if I can work that out in the next few days.
  12. I like it too - but honestly, I think it's fun to let the menu have a rotating background - so that you're treated to a different looking menu each time you open up the game. That way we can display the diversity of the artwork that has been created for the game, since the development of this game is all about embracing different art styles and concepts. WavingPeople's sketch can easily be added to the menu rotation as well, once the random display function is sorted out.
  13. I took another try at the idea of incorporating the awesome concept art into the menu, while still maintaining the menu design by @WavingPeople and @Mythalore: I actually rather like the way it came out. This way we can incorporate the trophy room design once Mythalore is finished with it, as well as some of the other concept art pieces (since the background is separate from all of the other elements).
  14. Aye - I tried my concept art idea - and it didn't work out too well since the concept art is hidden behind the logo. But, yeah - I was originally intending with going with the trophy room once Mythalore got it finished up - the hub is really just a placeholder for now. Oh, and I adapted your credits system from Tiny Chopper Raceway to work with this - so all of the buttons work on the menu now.
  15. Ooh, you gave me an idea. I've been working out how to load random resources in Godot in The Lost Dev Team now that I switched development of that from Unity (to make it easier for me to develop both games simultaneously). I'll see if I can get the scene to load a random concept art image behind the menu.