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  1. Even more than the deal with Sony that Nintendo had broken, I often wonder where the gaming industry would be today if Atari didn't turn down Nintendo's offer to market the Famicom in the United States. Atari might have stuck around, and the NES era probably would have been a lot different (for one, the restrictive policies allowing only a certain amount of games per publisher per year that led to the creation of Tengen wouldn't have existed). It makes me wonder if Sega might have cracked the market more with the SMS, if the restrictions put on retailers to sell only NES games wasn't there (although Atari had some shady practices in its heyday too - so who knows if they still would have tried something like that), or if the NES still would have been the juggernaut it was.
  2. American football is just a way for England to confuse the other European countries. After all, the United States is still a British colony.
  3. I like the Super Bowl for fancy flavored Doritos
  4. Some voice actors are actually pretty amazing at doing that - like Billy West or Frank Welker (in Futurama, they're Zapp Brannigan and Nibbler (both speaking and animal noises), respectively).
  5. The site is moving away from Expression Engine (the forums were the first part of that) - since the accounts are currently linked to EE, it's not possible to login or comment at the moment. The staff at Double Fine has been super busy lately with their various projects, but hopefully they'll be able to update the software behind the scenes once things settle down a bit.
  6. I just watched The Day of the Doctor again, and I think I finally managed to wrap my head around The Curator. It's likely he's an older Doctor, and he's being cryptic because he needs to be. He purposefully regenerated into a version of himself that already existed, possibly with the help of the Sisterhood of Karn - as Night of the Doctor showed that they could control regenerations to have any form a Timelord wished to have. The reason why he did this is so that he could go back to the time of his 13th incarnation to let himself know that Gallifrey still exists - as it is necessary for Clara to contact the High Council of Gallifrey through the crack in time in order to get his new regeneration cycle (this method of knowing what to do because one incarnation learned what to do when they met the other was also seen earlier in Time Crash). He contacted himself when the new version that used the likeness of his fourth incarnation was much older, so that The Doctor wasn't quite sure that he was in fact talking to himself. That also leads into the reason that he talked in riddles. When a time traveler meets up with themselves, only the oldest version remembers the events, as seen when the Tenth Doctor and the War Doctor stated they'd forget everything when they got back to their own timeline. In order for the Eleventh Doctor to not forget what he told himself, he would have to be uncertain that he was in fact talking to himself. It's a clever way to get around the laws of the universe, much like how he didn't tell Rory, Amy, and River what he really did when he faked his own death in The Impossible Astronaut.
  7. Now I won't be able to see Webby without getting this song in my head:
  8. I just finished Telltale's Batman. The story was pretty awesome. I hope DC makes comics and animated movies based on Telltale's game like they did with Rocksteady's Arkham City, as I really like Telltale's take on the Batman mythos and wouldn't mind seeing other authors dipping their toes in that pond.
  9. Woo Woo! Just got my broken Age Big Box. Awesome sauce!