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  1. Nice to see a few familiar avatars here. :)

    @GuruGuru214 is correct - every game from Telltale Texas Hold'em to The Walking Dead is now DRM-free on Telltale's website. 

    If you're having trouble logging in (whether on the website or on the game launcher), Telltale alum John Seggerson posted over at Mojo that Telltale is using Symantic Legacy Certificates. These aren't allowed in the latest Chrome beta. Using stable branches of browsers should work, but of course, that only will work until the beta changes don't become part of the stable branch.

    I posted a big bunch of answers to other FAQ's regarding problems with Telltale's games here if you're having other problems.

  2. On 5/14/2018 at 11:38 PM, Alcoremortis said:

    And Agents of SHIELD got renewed for a sixth season! 


    I may be the only person really excited about this.

    Nope, you're not the only one. I am too since I really enjoyed the last couple of seasons of the show since they went with the pod format where each half season told a different story. That's why I'm not too worried about the shorter season either since it will be just like one of the pods of the last few years.

    I'm just kind of worried about where they'll go with Phil Coulson. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I hope that they'll just let him be. The end of the last season made it so that the younger SHIELD team are now running things, so I hope that will be the status quo from here on out.

    Oh, and I don't know if anyone here is part of the Marvel Insider program where they give you points for visiting pages in the Marvel website, downloading and finishing games, partaking in surveys, etc. But, if you are, I just redeemed some of my points for Genndy Tartakovsky's Cage! If you connected your Comixology account to your Marvel account, any comic that you redeem from Marvel using your Marvel Insider points will be added to your Comixology account as well. :)

  3. I've got so many ideas in my head, and because of my ADD I rarely complete things since I'm constantly moving on to something else. So, I'm hopefully going to work with my ADD for a change so that I can work at a steady clip enough to hopefully get multiple things done.

    I decided to do one thing a day, starting yesterday. That way if I work at one thing a day, even when I go back and forth between ideas, I should be able to complete at least most of them by the end of the year.

    My first is a new chapter of the science fiction novel that I've been working on since 2016: Fluidity in Space. This is the seventh chapter, and I'm planning on thirty chapters (they're each short - between 1,000 and 2,000 words each).

  4. 9 hours ago, jon1138 said:

    Yes, I mean the main page. I need to change my mail address but without my password, it'll be complicated.

    As flesk said, the only thing you can do on the site pages with an existing account, outside of the forum, is like blog posts.

    This is because the main site pages still use the ExpressionEngine suite, which was the old server software that ran the forum and the website until 2016.

    The forum now runs on the Invision suite, but the website pages have not yet been converted yet.

    Because of that, there's not much interactivity on the outside of the forums at the moment. The comments have been disabled, mainly because having two comment systems would be too unwieldy to maintain properly.

    Once the website pages are adapted to run on the Invision suite, I'd imagine the ability to post new comments in response to blog posts and comics will return.

    If you still would like to login to the main site to like blog posts, you can click on "forgot your password?" at this link. Doing so should enable you to change your password. 

  5. To be fair to Ron, LucasArts worked directly with Telltale in the planning stages so that they got the characters designed in the Curse of Monkey Island style when they made Tales of Monkey Island. Ron was a part of that early planning, and it's quite likely he didn't like the fact that the license holder was dictating how the game should look to two out of three of the original game's creators themselves (Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman).

    Since the games division of Lucasfilm is still involved in licensing their games, he'd have to deal with two or possibly three parties, depending on how many rights Sony obtained for the LucasArts adventure games. So, he'd need to get a contract via Lucasfilm, Disney, and possibly Sony. Plus, he knows that Lucasfilm would probably dictate the direction of art assets, based on past experience. Who knows what influence Disney and/or Sony would want to have.

  6. I finally saw Black Panther, using the MoviePass card (which is awesome and definitely worth the $10 a month it currently costs), and I thought it was an excellent movie. My favorite character was also Shuri, and it would indeed be awesome if she became the Black Panther. In the comics, T'Challa became King of the Dead, as he reigned over Necropolis, where previous Black Panthers were buried. As ruler of Necropolis, he gained all of the strength and insight of every single Black Panther that had ever died before him. Plus, Shuri became Queen and the Black Panther of Wakanda, while T'Challa was the King and the Black Panther of Necropolis. An adaptation of that storyline would really be awesome to see in a movie.

    While Venom was brought up, and since I've brought up Black Panther again, a girl named Ngozi becomes the Black Panther in the Venomverse after the Black Panther is killed. She was a competitive runner who became paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, but when the Venom symbiote combines with her, she regains the use of her legs, gets Venom's powers, and becomes the Black Panther.

    If Marvel could work out a deal with Sony to use Venom, I'd love to see Ngozi's Black Panther on the big screen.


  7. I want another one too, especially since the fan projects were a lot of fun to participate in last year.

    However, it would probably be a bit premature since Amnesia Fortnights of the past have happened between two and three years after the last.

    I'd wager after Psychonauts 2 is done, they'd likely have another Amnesia Fortnight to clear their minds after their current big game is done.

    If they do, I hope they keep Amnesia Fortnight public and have fan projects involved again too. :D

    Edit (May 1):

    That said, if you want to do a little bit of Amnesia Fortnighting, the fan Amnesia Fortnight projects are still open for participation. :)

    Bad Golf Community Edition


    The Lost Dev Team

    Amnesia Adventure

    Oh, and although it wasn't part of the Amnesia Adventure, you can always contribute to the Forum Downtime Funtime Adventure:riggs:

  8. On 4/6/2018 at 1:03 AM, Noname215 said:

    Discord was a mistake.

    I dunno, every time I pop into discord it usually takes hours or sometimes a day for someone to reply.  There just doesn't seem to be a lot of activity in the Double Fine fan front, period.

    It seems just that whenever Double Fine is in between projects, the activity drops, but when they release something the activity rises: even for their off-topic forums.

    I'd imagine once Psychonauts 2 comes out the activity on the forum will be a much higher volume than the Discord. But, of course that remains to be seen, since it's really too early in the life of the Discord to really make projections about activity spikes and drops.

  9. 1 hour ago, Vainamoinen said:

    They're all gone, each and every one.

    Mark Darin is still there. He did some amazing design work during Telltale's early years. He's leading the final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. I doubt that episode 1 and 2 will be much different than what came before, since going by past comments by Telltale's designers, the design document for those episodes are probably locked in now. It would be great if Telltale gave him more leeway for the remaining season though. I'd love to see what Mark Darin could come up with in the universe of The Walking Dead if he had creative freedom to make the game his way.

    I doubt they'd give him complete freedom, considering the IP, but hopefully they can give him enough to noticeably leave his mark on the game.

  10. It's a shame that the sudden fame got to Kevin Bruner's head. Conversely, I'm glad that Dan Connors was mentioned as being a decent guy. He always seemed genuinely nice whenever he popped into the forum back before Telltale got huge.

    Now that Kevin's out, and the environment there is less hectic and the staff is less creatively stifled, I'm really excited to see their game play changes. I haven't really played a Telltale game in a while, even though I used to be a massive fan. I have Minecraft Season Two, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Batman Season Two just sitting on my Steam account and I really haven't had much motivation to play them. I'm glad they're now given some creative freedom, so hopefully they can pull out of the slump they've gotten themselves into with the repetitive gameplay.

    There was a post by AlfredJ in the comments at the International House of Mojo that summed up my thoughts on Telltale too:


    Back in the day, even with their limited budget, it felt that almost every new game would twist the formula to fit the vibe of the world they were presenting - Strong Bad had the goofy collectibles and arcade games, Puzzle Agent went for an entirely different puzzle style, Monkey Island went deep into the season wide story arcs and added inventory combinations, etc. Sometimes big changes, sometimes small, but every game felt unique and had its own creative voice while still fitting in their Telltale style.

    Hopefully something good comes out of this. I'd love to enjoy a Telltale game again.


  11. Just found out that John Romero posted a Commander Keen 7 tech demo video. This would have been the first episode of the third Commander Keen trilogy, The Universe is Toast.

    I loved Commander Keen as a kid. I really, really wish that they'd license the property out to Tom Hall to make a new game. I haven't played the Game Boy Color game, but from most reviews it doesn't seem like it was very good, and Tom Hall wasn't involved. But, even with that, it's been seventeen years since a new Commander Keen game. It's high time to bring Billy Blaze back!


  12. I'm reading through Marvel Unlimited's Iron Man comics.  I like comics, but ick - I really hate the stupid rebranding crap.  Every comic company does it - DC, Marvel, even IDW. I'm not talking about the reboots or the death of characters, or the cloning of characters, or the characters who take on the roles of other characters. That is super confusing, but it's just compounded by the weird stopping of series, then restarting, then stopping, and giving a new numbering system for everything, even if the stories continue.

    That really takes the cake. They go from Invincible Iron Man, then they brand that volume 1 and start the numbering from 1 all over again, then they go to volume 2, then do it again, then to volume 3, and do it again. Then volume 4 gets really super messy, since three of those comics are War Machine comics, but they're considered part of volume 4 of Invincible Iron Man... then when they start the numbering all over again in the next volume, after 33 they jump to 500 (it's not 503, because of those three War Machine comics).  But they don't make it clean from here - they release an issue 500 and a 500.1.

    And they wonder why it's hard to bring in new readers to comics. o_O

  13. 20 hours ago, fargetv said:

    I fear I may be on the way out of a relationship for the second time in a year. Adult life is hard sometimes.

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully, next time you'll find someone who you're compatible with, and hopefully that happens soon.

    I definitely agree that adult life is hard. I'd love to go back in time and freeze my age at around 17. That way I'd have the freedom to drive an automobile, but I wouldn't have to worry about adult responsibilities. I'd take high school classes over adult responsibilities any day of the week.

    And to think I used to think that my high school teachers threw too much work on me, while after I finished I'd just play video games, drive around with my friends, and text my friends on AOL Instant Messenger all the time. If only I knew what was coming, I'd definitely had taken high school a lot more seriously.

    Going off on a bit of a tangent while I'm talking about high school, I'd have loved to have been diagnosed with ADD as a kid rather than an adult. Then I'd be able to do my homework without pulling an all nighter or doing my work in other classes on the day it was due. Especially since with the diagnosis, I'd realize why I could never stay focused enough to do the work on time. I always just thought I was a slacker.

    I even had a psychiatrist, but she was really no help. She did diagnose me with high functioning autism, but she didn't offer any advice or help me in any way. She just introduced me to another student, and he had issues similar to myself.  I think it was basically just putting us together to kill two birds with one stone, as she basically just left us to deal with stuff on our own without offering any advice. It was pretty much the blind leading the blind.

    I was assigned a psychiatrist due to an incident involving kids kicking me in my injured knee and preventing me from using the bathroom. They kicked me and led me to the left of the entrance and I couldn't take it anymore and I relieved myself there, which happened to be right in front of the window to the teacher's lounge, which was tinted on the outside, so I didn't know what was there. Of course, the kids that kicked me were at the entrance away from the window, so none of the teachers saw them and of course no one would verify my story. I got in big trouble and the teachers thought I had a screw loose. In the meantime, the students who kicked me got no punishment because no one could verify that they were there. The psychiatrist and the principal, the latter of whom I had to talk to the day the incident occurred after I was called down to his office via the intercom, probably thought I was making it up.

    Plus, I kept not getting the letters that my psychiatrist wrote to give me my scheduled appointment date. All of the notes for teachers and students went in plastic folders that were attached to the door, so I don't know if other students took them or if my psychiatrist just gave up on me. My psychiatrist never called me down to her office on the intercom or came up to talk to me during homeroom. So I'm inclined to believe the latter was more likely, since you'd think the psychiatrist would put some extra effort in to make sure that I still saw her. I even told her that I never got her appointment schedule notes during the one time I did get a note with my appointment. That was the very last time I ever saw her. That was my freshman year in high school, and I never saw her for my second semester during my freshman year. And I never had a psychiatrist in my Sophomore, Junior or Senior years. Plus, I was never reprimanded for not going to see the psychiatrist, so I guess that shows how much the staff cared about me at that high school.

    So, yeah. I guess I'll amend things. I wish I could freeze my age at 17, but I'd definitely go to a different school.

  14. I went through my Wii download history and downloaded the games that I didn't have on the system memory. I completely forgot about the gifts from Telltale that they gave out back when they first started putting their games on Wii (the last three episodes of Tales from Monkey Island and the last episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People).

    It's pretty bogus that they won't let you re-download the games after 2019. It's going to require Homebrew Launcher and a wad installer to do that after Nintendo shuts down their service. I have both installed, but I'd rather not go that route. I'm not that great at backing stuff up (or keeping the backup media from not being damaged), so there's a good chance I'll have to do that in the future though.

    I love Nintendo's games, but their decisions in regards to anything having to do with online are terrible.

  15. Shoot, I added images to my posts on public domain day, but I didn't post anything to release into an open license.

    I'll go a different direction this year, and release a short story I created during NaNoWriMo 2012. I was intending to extend it at one point, but it works as it is as a short story. If anyone does want to expand it, or work from it, feel free since it's now released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. :)


    It was another sunny day without a cloud in the sky. Julie Harper found it to be the perfect chance to head downtown to do some early Christmas shopping. There were shoppers all along the sidewalk, but nary a car in the street. No one could have foreseen the truck that would come barreling through the crosswalk.

    Pam was asleep on the seat next to her daughter's bed. It had been a tough week. When Julie first came in, the doctors weren't even sure that she would survive the night. She'd made it through, but no one was sure how long she would be comatose. It was tough looking down at her daughter's bruised face, unsure if she would ever see her beautiful smile again.

    "I'll take over from here, Pam. You look like you could go for some breakfast."

    Pam looked back at her husband, whose handsome features were overshadowed after days of very little sleep and countless hours of crying.

    "Is it morning already?" Pam got up and stretched. She made a weak smile as her husband came over to sit in her seat by her daughter's bed.

    "I should go over to my parents. I know they'd want to know how she's doing. It's probably harder for them then it is for us. Julie is their first grand daughter. She's their entire world."

    She could barely get the last words out as she choked up with tears. Her husband squeezed her hand gently.

    "It's okay honey. I'm sure Julie will be alright. I can go get your parents if you'd rather."

    Pam wiped her tears and looked into her husband's eyes. "No, it's OK. I could use the fresh air anyway."

    Julie looked around. She was in an orange room with swirling white and blue lights all around her. She felt strange, almost like she was floating. With an unsteadiness, she brought her hand up to her face. It appeared orange just like the rest of what she saw.

    "OK, this is weird. It's probably a result of the accident. I wonder why no one else is around."

    She began walking forward and ended up in the back seat of a car. She could see the hazy white figures of three people in the car with her, but she could not tell who they were. She tried to focus her eyes, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get her eyes to focus. As she started to talk, her vision seemed to split into two images, with one side a shade of white and the other a shade of blue. Thinking she was having double vision, she tried to focus again.

    Suddenly, the blue image changed. The driver slumped down into their seat and the car veered into the oncoming lane. Without warning, a tractor trailer slammed into the car and all three figures were mangled by the crash. The white image drove by the tractor trailer and pulled off onto the side of the road.

    The blue and white images began to blur, and then merge before finally Julie's view became normal again. She found herself in the back seat of the car again. Even though the images were still fuzzy, this time she could tell who the three images were. They were her mother and her grandparents! She became increasingly nervous knowing the fate that the car would soon have. Suddenly she found herself floating up to the front seat. She seemed to be inside the fuzzy image of her mother.

    With her adrenaline levels soaring, Julie was able to take control of the steering wheel just as her mother slumped in her seat. The car missed the tractor trailer, and Julie brought the car to the side of the road and to a complete stop.

    With that, Julie's view changed to black once more.

  16. 13 hours ago, Noname215 said:

    Probably the best movies made from classic pulp characters thus far are Mask of Zorro, Conan The Barbarian, Tarzan, and Flash Gordon.

    I thought that the Warren Beatty Dick Tracy film was quite good as well. And if it counts (it doesn't have classic pulp characters, but it's inspired by them), The Rocketeer is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  17. I'd love to see the enhanced Slipstream from The End come into the MCU.  He could transport himself and others across entire galaxies. That'd certainly come in handy during the Infinity War.

    But the number one character I want to see come into the MCU is She-Hulk.  A Jennifer Walters Netflix (or ABC/Hulu/whatever Disney calls the Family Channel once the Marvel shows air on it) series is long overdue.

  18. On 11/21/2017 at 5:08 PM, Noname215 said:

    Have you guys ever tried comedy

    I'm working on a sketch comedy variety show pilot right now.  I started working on it in 2003 with the name "Spoof", but since that was later the name of Dana Carvey's proposed sketch comedy show, I really would feel uncomfortable using that name for my show.  Especially since Dana Carvey is one of my main comedy inspirations.

    I started it again now because of the crappy political climate that's going on at the moment. Comedians express their frustration through their comedy, and that's definitely what I'm doing. I think I'll create it in batches, so that each skit is a video, and together they form the show.  That way I can get it out for feedback while I'm creating it.

    I think you've done stand up comedy before, am I remembering that right? I'll post the skits up when I finish them. I'd appreciate your feedback on it (and anyone else too).

  19. I hope they get Tara Strong to play Harley Quinn.  Warner Bros Animation's choice to replace Arleen Sorkin with Melissa Rauch instead of Tara Strong in Harley Quinn & Batman wasn't a good decision.  Tara's not an exact duplication of the original voice, but it's really close. Melissa Rauch isn't even near to being close, and her interpretation of Harley's accent was way too thick and got annoying really quickly.

  20. 4 hours ago, epic said:

    Game Of The Year Nominees:

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Persona 5

    Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

    Super Mario Odyssey

    The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

    I'm playing through Super Mario Odyssey now.  It's awesome.  It's got a little bit of every Mario game before it, and the new stuff is awesome. Taking control of enemies is so much fun, and the speed flower is neat. I hope this game gets a sequel.

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