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  1. 15 hours ago, Noname215 said:

    Opinion: science fiction is best when it focuses on human issues rather than focus too much on technological exposition. Hard science fiction by way of Asimov is stale compared to the humanity of Ray Bradbury or Philip K. Dick.

    I agree.  Actually I feel this way about every genre.  For instance, I could tell you more about what happened to the characters in a Monk episode than the mystery, or more about the characters in Agents of Shield than what villain they had to fight.

  2. The founders are no longer part of the active management.  Troy Molander left way back in 2007, Kevin Bruner stepped down in March of this year, and Dan Connors temporarily stepped up from the board of directors to take the role of CEO again, then Dan Connors stepped down in September.

    Out of the original crew that was there from the very beginning, from Telltale Texas Hold'em onward, only Jonathan Sgro, Randy Tudor, and Kim Lyons are still there.

  3. I haven't seen Thor: Ragnarok, but I'm looking forward to watching it. I never liked Thor as a character in the comics, but I like the films so far. I'm one of the few that actually liked Thor: The Dark World better than the original Thor.

    As I alluded to above, I also liked Iron Fist, although I watched it at a point when I could watch Defenders immediately afterward, which helped make me like Iron Fist a lot more since the A plot of Defenders is basically Iron Fist Season One Part II. It managed to explain the immortal Iron Fist a lot better, revealed more of what happened to the mystical city of K'un-L'un after Danny left, and revealed why the Hand was able to bring people back to life.

    Jessica Jones was my favorite character in The Defenders. How can you not like her sarcastic comments aimed at Matt Murdock, and especially Danny Rand? Plus, the elevator scene was awesome. It shows she's even more powerful than she lets on, and really makes me excited for Jessica Jones Season Two.

    But, thinking about it, the B plot of The Defenders was basically Daredevil Season Two Part II. Out of the four of them, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage really needed the least explanations out of all of the shows, so it makes sense that the plot would focus mostly on Danny and Matt. Luke Cage's origins were well laid out in the first season of his show. Basically all that was left on a cliffhanger in that season was how Luke would get out of prison, which isn't really even a big deal, wasn't at all unexpected when it happened in Luke Cage's show, and was resolved in less than five minutes in The Defenders. We don't know a lot about Jessica before Kilgrave, and know nothing about how she got her powers, but that's more suited to be shown in Jessica Jones Season Two because it likely has nothing, or at least very little, to do with The Hand.

    I also finally watched the first episode of Inhumans finally, since as I said above I was avoiding it due to all the bad press it got. The special effects of Lockjaw and Medusa are amazing, and the storyline isn't even almost as bad as people said it was. If I actually did watch that when it was in IMAX theatres, I wouldn't have been disappointed at all.

  4. On 11/1/2017 at 6:20 PM, Johro said:

    People, in general, just suck.

    They always said, you never should meet your heroes.

    Well unless your hero is Weird Al.  Mister straight edge, vegetarian, nice guy.  But otherwise, no.

    On 11/1/2017 at 7:55 PM, Noname215 said:

    Or my man Bruce.

    John Lithgow is an awesome guy too.

    If any of the guys listed above end up in a scandal where they turn out to be abusive, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  5. I've been kind of turned off by bad reviews that Inhumans has been getting... though Iron Fist was also bashed just as much, and while it definitely wasn't the best Marvel Netflix show, it wasn't as bad as people were claiming it was (plus it was helped a lot by The Defenders, which fleshed out a lot more about the Iron Fist mythology and the character of Danny Rand).

    I'll likely give it a shot once the season is over and I can binge watch all the episodes.

  6. On 10/20/2017 at 3:32 PM, Anemone said:

    I'm hoping the humor freshens up a little bit. I'm not very far into it yet. I think I played for maybe an hour or two last night, but so far the humor is feeling a little bit recycled / phoned in. I'll be diving in more this weekend and hope to find some good stuff.

    It gets a lot better around the time you start getting Freedom Pals members to join you, especially once you team up to break out an informant.  That whole scene, and all of the villains that you fight in that area are comedy gold.

  7. 34 minutes ago, Alcoremortis said:

    I feel really bad for one of the people in the community thread I was hanging out in. They had *just* got their account activated after the two and a half month waiting period, got a full day to enjoy gaf before the site gets nuked.

    Jeez.  That really stinks. And here I was thinking that I wasn't on there for very long when I just got validated in August.

  8. I'm playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    I like it more than Stick of Truth, which I loved.  I like the new combat system, crafting of items, collecting super suits, the different super classes, ability slots, and the ability to use the powers of your teammates to solve puzzles in the game world to unlock new areas or get new loot.

    I also like how you can choose to be male, female, or other - and how you can choose to be male, female, other, transgender, gay, bi-sexual, asexual, and pretty much anything else, and how the game incorporates those choices into the gameplay and dialog.  I actually laughed out loud when the rednecks came to beat my team up when I chose a non-gender conformist character. ;) 

  9. On the moderation side, it's super awesome to have linear comments again.  Moderating threaded posts was a nightmare, since if you flagged the first post in a thread, every single post under that thread would be removed from view too.

    Between the forum changeover in 2013 and some point into 2016 I was feeling like I didn't want to be a moderator over there anymore, but the web team and community team they have now is super awesome, and they take moderator and user input into consideration. It really feels like 2012 again over there again in terms of staff to moderator and staff to user involvement.  It's awesome stuff.  I'm glad I stuck through it. :D

  10. On 10/10/2017 at 4:29 PM, Cheeseness said:

    Nice :D

    I also collaborated with @flesk @kednar and Milan on a game for AdventureJam earlier this year called The Farrier, which is MIT licenced. We're working on a post-jam update to make it even better \o/

    I'd also had plans to revisit a bunch of other F/OSS projects in September, but got waylaid :(

    Coincidently I just received your postcard for The Farrier today. :)

    While I'm here, I figured I'd share an oldie of mine: LASER: Little Arcade System Emulator Releases. It's an emulator for Midway's 8080 games.  It started off as a Space invaders emulator called Sinvader, created by Mike Green.  I got permission to expand it to learn programming, and ended up supporting many other games using the Midway 8080 chipset.


    LASER was first released in 2000 for DOS, but a coder named Steven Harris updated it to run on SDL instead of Allegro, and development shifted to Windows.  I updated it in 2013 to support newer computers and to update the game detection to use the current MAME rom sets.

    The source code is released under the GNU Public Licence Version 2.

  11. Triple D'oh!  I meant to post in this thread when @Cheeseness nudged me towards it back in March, but I became sidetracked.

    I meant to release Doug's Moai Adventure under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license back when I started implementing it in Amnesia Adventure. But, again I got sidetracked.  As I mentioned above, Doug, Merlin, and Marvin were already released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.  However, the Doug's Moai Adventure game was not.


    That's all fixed now, as I updated the license info for Doug's Moai Adventure.  So now, it's licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. So that should make it play nice with Amnesia Adventure, and anything else anyone wants to use it in. :D 

  12. Awesome, @Kewl Lemon!  Thanks for contributing. :D 

    It's hard to read the text though, any chance you can post what the panels say?

    Edit: I googled the scenes in question and I was able to determine what the text says.  I edited the strip to make it easier to read. :) 

    Oh, and don't worry about the legalese. I got permission to use the Costume Quest characters for this strip and just wanted to make it clear that they are exempt from the share-alike license used in this comic.

  13. On 9/28/2017 at 9:28 PM, Noname215 said:

    Danny Elfman is inserting the John Williams Superman theme into Justice League.

    I'm glad about that.  It's really the perfect Superman theme, with it's booming, in your face melody, which fits Superman.  Just as Elfman's own theme for Batman is perfect for that character as it's dark and foreboding, and gradually gets more intense, like Batman himself. 

    Hopefully the film takes a cue from the Christopher Reeves films too, and give more of a classic Superman, that would better fit this theme music.  Honestly, the DC movie Universe could really stand to have a hero like that, with a Superman who's not afraid to be a symbol for good. 

  14. Sorry. My post was quite vague as to who bought TMNT.  I meant that the price Saban paid for Power Rangers was believed to be about the price Viacom (the parent of Nickelodeon) paid for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    I don't think a Kickstarter would be something that Disney would be interested in, either.  Plus, since Sony was said to have sought the rights to all of the LucasArts adventures, I really doubt Sony would be too thrilled to dip back into those waters again after the Shenmue III backlash.

    Honestly, I think Double Fine might theoretically tackle a Monkey Island game if Sony did the grunt work dealing with Disney and they partially funded the game as well.  I really can't see Terrible Toybox going that route though.  Ron doesn't seem like he's too thrilled with the prospect of publishers these days.  If there ever was a hypethetical Double Fine Monkey Island though, I'd imagine Tim would try to get Ron on board, at least with the initial story and design - as Ron did with Telltale for Tales of Monkey Island (and, since we're going full out hypothetical here, Dave Grossman could be a possibility too, even though he's now at Earplay, judging from the fact that he was the co-designer of Duke Grabowski).

  15. Disney won't just give away the rights, and Ron Gilbert won't be able to purchase the Monkey Island IP for a price that Disney would accept.  When Disney sold Power Rangers back to Saban, it was believed to be at around the price paid for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $60 million.  And that was only sold because "it didn't fit with the Disney brand". Considering Monkey Island is influenced by Pirates of the Caribbean, that sentiment wouldn't be true for that IP.  Plus, the Monkey Island special editions are in the top 10 of the Disney published games in digital sales.  So, Disney isn't just sitting on the IP like it was with Power Rangers.  So, $60 million would probably be the low end figure - it's likely they'd want to sell it for even more than that.

    The most we could hope for is that Sony works out a deal with Disney for Terrible Toybox, Double Fine, or another company to make a new Monkey Island game, since the rights to the franchise are likely to stay with Disney.