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  1. Lazy DC made an awesome piece of Doug the Ogre fanart over at the Telltale forums. :D


    And I decided to make a new comic. :D I made these two images last year during my open studio art group. I made them in watercolor pencil, but I decided to re-color them using Paint.NET. I left the watercolor look for the exploding rocks - I feel it gives it an out of this world vibe due to the contrast with the solid colors of the rest of the comic. :)


    Don't forget,  if you want to contribute, our own friendly former forum moderator, Darth Marsden, created a template of the layout used for most of the comic strip:


    I also made a true type font out of my handwriting to make it easier for me to make strips.  I shared it at my DeviantArt page, so you can use that too if you want. :D

  2. 1 hour ago, Noname215 said:

    Was there ever even a second season in development in the first place?

    Christopher Lloyd did say he was going to be in another Telltale game.  But, I'm thinking that was supposed to be Poker Night 2, since they stated they were thinking about using Doc Brown until they got licenses that didn't mesh with the PG rating of that franchise.

    1 hour ago, MusicallyInspired said:

    You'd need a way to get at the speech files themselves. And PCs won't read console discs like that AFAIK.

    I know there are utilities that can extract the speech files from within Telltale's ttarch format. I think there are utilities to import speech as well, but I'm not positive.  

    I'm pretty sure there are utilities to extract Xbox 360 files from a disc.  That'd probably be the best bet out of the three, since the other systems use Blu-Ray discs, and Blu-Ray readers for PC aren't too popular (and I'm not aware of any program that reads the drive on PC for these consoles anyway).

  3. On 8/15/2017 at 4:17 PM, MusicallyInspired said:

    Reading up more on this, they toted the rerelease as a remaster. The copies they offer for download on PC aren't the remaster. With TOMI it was just a matter of swapping voice files, this is probably a whole different ball game being a brand new version of the game.

    Screw Telltale.

    I've got the BTTF 30th Anniversary Edition - it's a shame that Telltale won't release the Tom Wilson audio on PC and Mac too. It really is a lot better with Tom Wilson as Biff. I wonder if it would be possible to use the Telltale translation tools that are available to replace each line of Kid Beyond's Biff with Tom Wilson's lines.  I'd imagine if it were possible, it could be released as a patch (or perhaps as a batch file that automatically runs the required tools, like the Monkey Island Talkie editions that LogicDeluxe created).

  4. The Doctor has had thirteen incarnations, the fact that the fourteenth will be female is a complete and total non-issue.  Timelord physiology has long been shown to allow that in the series mythology.

    The same fuss was raised with Doctor Who fans with the change to the Master into Missy, and I personally thought Michelle Gomez was brilliant in the role.

    On 7/22/2017 at 3:52 PM, Alcoremortis said:

    From my experience, anyone who claims to want a male Wonder Woman isn't debating in good faith. It's an argument designed to "catch" a progressive person being discriminatory so the original poster can hold up the response as proof that progressives are hypocritical, oppressive people.

    Not to mention nonsensical, since there are already two male Wonder Women: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Man_(DC_Comics)

    One was alternate-universe, and the other one was in-universe. In the instance in regular comic continuity, Diana lost the title to Hercules, who became Wonder Man. Then Diana got the Wonder Woman title back when it turned out he was secretly working with Circe. The comic went on, and not one ripe fig was raised about the fact that a man had temporarily taken the "Wonder Woman" title from Diana.  

  5. On 6/16/2017 at 0:13 AM, Noname215 said:

    Who here besides me and @Anemone knows how to play an instrument


    I have a love for getting new instruments.  I'm not proficient in any, but I can play the ones I have:

    Bongos, guitar, banjo, ukelele, and rainstick.

    I just ordered a didgeridoo, and will learn it once I get it. :D

    I can also play the drums and the clarinet to an extent, as those were the instruments I learned to play in school.

  6. 8 hours ago, Guest Geners said:

    What you linked is just the documentary.

    As patrickmaher said, purchasing the documentary gives you all of the game prototypes. :)

    The Steam store description states: "It's the Amnesia Fortnight documentary series by 2 Player Productions, filmed alongside the mayhem of the game jam, with an episode for every day. This series documents the fun / stress of making so many games and each season includes the game prototypes!"


    On 5/8/2017 at 11:45 PM, flesk said:

    That sounds like a good idea. There's a platformer example with a KinematicBody2D player character here, and it feels very smooth to play:


    There's a whole lot of custom code put into it to achieve that though. 

    That example also made me realize that I could just have used an AnimationPlayer to easily move platforms. :$

    Thanks for the link to that example.  I've incorporated it into the code (with appropriate credit given for use of the example), and the players no longer get stuck on edges. :)

    I've uploaded a build with everything that has been submitted up to today for Windows, Mac, and Linux at https://jennibee.itch.io/the-lost-dev-team:D

  8. Day Thirty-One

    Lots of goodness today.  The bug where the player would get stuck on edges has been fixed, so a build containing everything created over the past 30 days has been released!

    New release:

    As @Cheeseness has done with Pongball, this release is affectionately known as "2017-05-14_2e71130", which is how we be tagging development builds (that's the date followed by the short git revision, which means that if we ever need to reproduce a bug or understand why something has changed, we can jump back to the version of the code that the build was created from really easily.)

    On the main repo:

    • Jenni changed the characters to KinematicBody2D, fixing the bug where players get stuck on edges of platforms. (d59c855)

    • Jenni cleaned out the code from platformer.gd that is now in tutorial.gd (75ebcdd)


    • Jenni updated the license and the credits with the latest contributions.

  9. Day Thirty

    Lots of goodness today! A new build has been released with everything made over the last thirty days!:) 

    New release:

    As @Cheeseness has done with Pongball, this release is affectionately known as "2017-05-11_4482b09", which is how we be tagging development builds (that's the date followed by the short git revision, which means that if we ever need to reproduce a bug or understand why something has changed, we can jump back to the version of the code that the build was created from really easily.)

    On the main repo:

    • Jenni added a 70s retro song to the cop memory (104b58b)
    • Jenni adapted the game to remove items from hub upon memory completion and added screens with information about it being a work-in-progress and a github link (9c19cb1)

  10. @kyle3wynn let me know that the download on itch.io opens to a project window instead of the application.  I was able to figure out how to bundle it properly (I needed to manually set txt and esc files to bundle).  So, I've uploaded a new build.

    Even if you've played this before, you might want to try it out again, since it includes all of the changes we've made since Amnesia Fortnight ended. :)

  11. Right now the objects that are found at the end of each memory goes into the inventory - which will quickly clog things once we get more memories.  We need a better way to handle this, and I was thinking about reintroducing the Hall of Adventure idea that @WavingPeople had and @Mythalore was working on - with a different, but significant purpose.

    When memories are completed, we remove the object that led to that memory from the hub - but instead we add the object that was found in the memory to the hall of adventure. That way, we can have an easy setup for the puzzle that reveals what the adventurer has been searching for, once we decide what that idea will be. :D


    Oh, and in case you were wondering - I added the screw to the inventory after the space memory ends, as kednar stated in the original space pitch idea, so the item that gets you to the space memory is now a model of the space ship.

    Oh, and I did a little bit of animating of the 70s cop memory that @Cheeseness put up on the assets repo (the player is just a placeholder for now). :)