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  1. Now that the space scene is mostly implemented (yay!) I'm going to focus on getting the stuff from Doug's Moai Adventure into the Doug scene.

    To do that, it required quite a bit of additions, which I've been adding over the last few days.

    The verb coin was the biggest one - it has two verbs on the main repo, but today I've been working on adding talk as well. :)


    Stuff that still needs to be implemented:

    Opening scene (Doug falls out of a portal above a Moai head)

    Portal above the Moai head

    Animation of Doug moving the boulder

    Room Two (under the boulder)

    Doug moves a carpet to reveal a safe, but it's locked (which unlocks Marvin the groundskeeper in Room One)

    In Room One Merlin pops out of the portal and gives Doug his belt, which controls the portal.

    Marvin dialog and dialog puzzle to get the key to the safe.

    Safe opens down stairs, Doug gets the ladder.

    In the first room, the final scene where Doug uses the ladder on the Moai head to get to the portal to get free.

  2. I've been looking into things, and it appears getting stuck on edges is a common issue when the player is a RigidBody2D.  I'm working on converting the player to a KinematicBody2D.  This only effects the player functions, as all of the other functions can remain the same, thankfully.

  3. Day Twenty-Two

    It was a busy day today, as the space memory and hub received a lot of additions and improvements.

    On the main repo:

    • kednar cleaned up files in the space memory (eea912)

    • kednar implemented the cutscenes in the space memory, but noted issues with the hub (3dadf)

    • flesk fixed the issues with the hub (6bf967)

    • flesk added a missing hub scene and script (81a139)

    Thanks to @kednar and @flesk for their efforts!

  4. 11 hours ago, epic said:

    Never had Popeye's.  I typically do Raising Cane's, KFC, and Chick-Fil-A.

    Popeye's is excellent.  I used to only be able to get it when I went up to New England or down to New York City - as for some reason no place in upstate New York had it.  It's got a nice spicy flavor, but not too hot.  It's not really cajun, it's kind of like what Tex-Mex is to Mexican, but it's still really good.

    KFC's extra crispy chicken is pretty good too - but it doesn't really have a lot of spice to it.  I prefer my chicken with a little bit of a zip.

    The closest Raising Cane's to me is in Ohio - much further away, but I do go to Ohio sometimes, so I'll put it on my to-try list when I get out there.

    Chick-Fil-A is kind of like Popeye's was to me, as the closest location to me is in central Pennsylvania.  I'd like to try it some time though.

    On the subject of Pennsylvania, there's a chicken chain in Western PA and New Jersey called Cluck U that's really, really good.  It's good enough that I actually went out of my way to try to track one down last time I was in Atlantic City.

  5. Now that you have the reveal cut-scene done, I'm going to make a little "ta-da" style music track to go with the reveal of the flush drive, since it's currently silent there and it really needs an exciting piece to go with the fun animation. :D 

  6. Heh - the minor bug that you found was the same silly mistake that you had earlier with the clock scene.  When I fixed the Doug scene, I forgot to reset the terrain, so it was placed under the game scene, which placed Doug in the inventory area. :P

    I did another bugfix pull request that fixes a lot of issues, especially the return to hub button which now is an Escoria button too.  kednar updated the hub button on the space_kednar branch, so I pulled that first and included it in my pull request, so it fixes the space scene too.

  7. There were a couple of space scene issues - ending the game was one, as was the inability to go back to the hub.  It all appeared to be related to not freeing the scene when changing to the next scene.  That seemed to fix things.

    The space signal issue was definitely the main issue with the hub, but the button system meant that there were things in Escoria that you couldn't do that we might want to do - like fading out into the next scene when clicking on a hub object.

    Oh, and I also made it possible to click the mouse to skip the intro.

    I'm going to work on getting the rest of the Doug's Moai Adventure game into the Doug scene, as there's a lot of stuff in there that would be helpful for anyone who might want to try making a memory for Amnesia Adventure (puzzles stretched across multiple rooms, non-player characters, dialog puzzles).  I originally designed it to test all of the functions of the adventure engine framework in Moai, so it would be helpful for us too to test all of the functions of the Escoria framework in Godot.

  8. I just made a pull request that hopefully fixes the issues in the space scenes, the hub (it completely redesigns the hub to use the Escoria item system - so it should be much more efficient and hopefully break less from here on out), and the doug scenes.

    It also adds an intro like the space scene onto the doug scene, to tie them together thematically. :)

  9. On 5/3/2017 at 2:46 PM, Bookdust said:

    Guis, I found our drinking game, take a shot every time epic begins a sentence with "oh please"

    Drink responsibly folks.

    Edit: actually a cursory glance at the search results for the phrase" oh please" reveals that I've probably used it more than him, but let's also consider my post count.

    I made this back in 2010:


    But surprisingly I haven't talked about animation on here a whole lot, especially lately.  I must fix this.

  10. Holy cow, it's beautiful!

    I've been tinkering around with the source code you and flesk made for the space scene, and implemented a verb coin for the doug scene.  I see that you have a look and a take icon in the assets folder - I'm currently not home, but once I get there, I'll get that working in your scene too, and submit a pull request to your repo.  It doesn't currently work with combining inventory, but it looks like the way your scene is set up, that shouldn't be an issue. :)