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  1. Your platform motivated me to finish up the basics for the tutorial level, @flesk :)

    Switching of characters is in, as is the two elevators, and the two remaining (two part) tutorials.

    Getting stuck on edges is still a major issue (especially now that the moving platforms are in, as it's really easy to get stuck when going from floor to elevator).  Also, at the moment, the game just quits when you reach the end of the level.  I'll talk with Anenome to see what he thinks about arcade level endings for each level, and if he's up for making a short level ending song, as his menu songs were great. :)

  2. 6 hours ago, Noname215 said:

    US State Department's saying Americans should avoid Europe for a while.

    I got my DNA genealogy test results back a few days ago, and my ancestors are from Europe, Near East, Central Asia, and Northwestern Africa.  The US State Department list reads like a list warning against travel to the countries where my ancestors came from.  Well, I guess considering the anti-immigration sentiment in the US right now, that makes sense.

  3. For this tutorial level, a moving platform would suffice.  To keep the character out of the elevator, I was thinking just a simple CollisionShape2D to block the character. My original concept had a door with a screen that had a lock icon.  We could implement that in the same way as the platform the artist paints, by setting the visibility of the texture off, and setting the CollisionShape2D to true, to allow the character to pass through it to the elevator).  Then we could have the door disappear and the elevator begin to work simultaneously (I figured that the large lock icon would be a clear indicator of something needing to be hacked for the tutorial level).

  4. Aye - I picked the simplest platforming framework out there (that was also compatible with the MIT license) - since I switched everything out from Unity half way through Amnesia Fortnight - so that I understood everything in the code, and also so that it could easily be extended to be suited to the game's needs.

    Even with my addition of the menus, credits, and basic tutorial stuff, there's still only a handful of files to sort through, so it's pretty easy to grasp right away.  I also did away with all of the superfluous stuff that's not needed for this game in the last commit, so it's even more compact than before. :D

  5. Character switching is not supported by the framework at the moment, but Godot's ability to swap nodes should hopefully make that pretty trivial.  The second half of the level (the elevators), isn't functional, as at the moment the elevators are simply a textureframe and a collisionshape2D.

    I just updated the code to show the platform when the player is the artist and hits the control button.  It turns out you actually have to set get_node("CollisionShape2D").set_trigger(false) to activate the collisionshape2D and get_node("CollisionShape2D").set_trigger(true) to allow the character to pass through it.  That seems a bit backwards to me, but, c'est la vie, as it works now. :D

    I think we should probably just only open up abilities once they are shown in the popups for the tutorial level (so the characters will only be able to be switched once their part of the level becomes active).  We can definitely go whole hog in subsequent levels once the groundwork is laid out to the player though. :)

  6. That would be awesome. :) This one didn't make it as far during AF, as it requires a lot more custom code than Amnesia Adventure did (since the only code that's from an existing framework is the platforming stuff).

    The platforms used to be painted textures, but now they're just CollisionShape2D nodes that are placed over the platforms of the background.

    Right now, the code for the control function is a bit wonky, so it's not in the repo.  I'll work on getting that up and working tonight, so that at least the main functionality is in.

    The musician and the coder at the moment are just textures, but the plan is to swap the nodes with the artist once they reach the next sign post for the next point of the tutorial.

    The platforming code is a bit wonky too - as at the moment, if you stop right at the edge of a collision point, the actor will completely stop and no longer will respond.

    So, there's a whole bunch of stuff that's needed yet, and the wiki and the issue tracker are shamefully out of date - I'll work on getting issues put up as well as getting a roadmap for development up on the wiki.

  7. I noticed that Escoria upstream is just a stripped down version of the "Escoria in Daïza" demo.  That's why there's a lot of missing dependencies (such as popup_confirm, the music loop in bg_music.tscn, etc). I'm working on using that as a base, stripping out all of the demo assets, replacing our assets and changes.  It will probably be at least a few days, but I'll create a big pull request after everything's in.  Hopefully that solves a lot of the stuff on the issue tracker in one go. *fingers crossed*

  8. I've been playing around a bit with the sourcecode that @flesk and @kednar have been working on for the space scene.

    I like the click to bring up actions that it employs, so I've been toying with a verb coin interface:

    I made a quick verb coin for the Doug the Ogre scene (using a medieval coin as a base):


    Then I implemented it into the scene:



    I'm still working out how to get the action menu to properly work with the inventory, but it works well on everything else. :)