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  1. I didn't realize that you could pass items to other characters just by dropping them on their icons (as I learned by viewing the gameplay posted earlier). That would have saved some time! I was making coordinated trips to the time toilets (many, many times)!

    Wow. I've played through the game too many times to count, and I never knew you could do that either. I always kept going back to the time toilets like you did. Knowing this will definitely make my playthrough this weekend less tedious. :)

  2. Never really played any of the Tex Murphy games, but I'll into them before I decide on backing or not. The Sherlock Holmes one looks interesting, but I detest that interactive FMV stuff. I had enough of that back on the Sega CD.

    The Tex Murphy games are FMV too (although since the kickstarter for the new Tex Murphy game isn't up yet, no one knows what the style of the new game will be).

    I can understand why you dislike FMV games if the only ones you played were on the Sega CD, since the system is notoriously famous for it's bad FMV games.

    There are actually some really good FMV adventure games out there. Besides the Tex Murphy series, Gabriel Knight 2 was a FMV game, and it was a worthy addition to the series.

  3. Wow. It's really hard to pick just one. But I guess I'd have to say Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. They nailed the look and feel of the characters, as well as the music and sound. Plus, which is really important for adventure games, the puzzles were really fun too. The final puzzles in each of the four games that made up the whole season were especially memorable. They felt like proper Wallace & Gromit finales and they were fun adventure game "boss fights" to boot. :)