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  1. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I'm technically a contractor -- at least that's what I've been on a few commercial games; Only this time I'm willing to volunteer my time to save the studio money. Of course, I'm still a fan and would be lying if I didn't admit I'm offering for selfish reasons to help with one of my all-time favorite games, but if it's an issue of convincing producers to allow an outside source to volunteer, maybe having a portfolio of work would help convince the powers that be if DF were interested in having that discussion.
  2. I understand, I'm just not sure why working for art credits would be a problem if it were to save both Disney and DF money and resources. and (hopefully) have a better product out of it. You may be right, though; It may be one of the limitations of their terms with Disney. Sorry, I'm not familiar with this Matt scenario you mentioned. What are you referring to?
  3. I tried getting into the game's .data file to export a few backgrounds and do a paint-over but no dice. If someone can provide some high-res versions of backgrounds they would like to see fixed, I'll be happy to use them as community examples of my capabilities and areas that I think could be improved. I don't think Double Fine will let an outsider help since no one has responded to this thread or my emails offering to help. Guess we'll have to see if they reach out or fix the backgrounds internally. Fingers crossed.
  4. This is a great suggestion, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't read this before mentioning something similar in my previous response. Since there seems to be demand, I'll see if I can extract some of the backgrounds from the game this afternoon and do a couple art tests this week. What backgrounds would you like to see updated? You're right, we can at least get a community thing going here.
  5. Hah! Nice find. Yes, I HOPE that's a layering bug as it defies all logic considering the puzzle. I'm not sure if it was tight deadlines, lack of budget or what, but it seems like this remaster has far more problems than the ones before it. What's strange to me is that cutscenes seem to suffer far fewer problems than static backgrounds. I would really like to help with this as I know I can contribute a great deal of work with no cost to them, but they aren't wanting to bite despite writing them over the past several months. It's frustrating. I'm tempted to do a few examples of how the backgrounds could be improved if I can figure out how to extract the original backgrounds from the game package files, which I'm sure is possible. However, I'm not sure how compressed the game files are from the originals and don't want to spend too much time if Double Fine isn't interested in letting me help.
  6. This light looks especially bad. I know folks worked hard on this game and there's a lot of really good art here; However, a lot of the backgrounds are unfinished or far too soft compared to the character sprites. It's probably too late and too expensive to improve the art now, but I would honestly be willing to go over each background that needs more detail for free if Double Fine would let me.
  7. Animating the clouds would not be very difficult if the layers of the clouds are masked properly. Braid is full of cloud loops that use a similar technique.
  8. Probably a known issue: I noticed during a feature with Tim I watched yesterday the z-index on the trailer door is a bit off, causing Ben to clip through at times.
  9. I'm not sure what happened with this remaster. It's kind of a mess. The characters look way more crisp than the backgrounds. I've also noticed a bunch of bugs that we found in the nit-picking thread that weren't addressed for launch. Maybe I'm more critical of this remaster because it's one of my favorite games. Then again, it feels like such a drop in quality compared to the remasters before it. I will say that the audio is great and I'm happy to see so much concept art was recovered.
  10. Just a suggestion, I would send out an email to Bundle supporters, upload a quick video to YouTube explaining the situation or both. This thread only has a little over 700 views at time of writing, a good 30% of which are probably re-visits. While delays aren't a big deal by any means, there are still at least 8,000 that are unaware.
  11. While I agree with the sentiment, I don't think it's wise for companies like Double Fine to involve themselves in identity politics. One's sexuality, race, gender, religion, etc. shouldn't matter. So what is the point in bringing it up when there's a high probability you will end up inadvertently offending one group while possibly alienating another? More specifically, why on earth would a small company like Double Fine, who has already stirred controversy though its crowdfunding endeavors, want to put itself in a position where they're walking on eggshells if they don't have to?
  12. @Anemone I said nothing of free speech. Double Fine is a private company; I am not saying they do not have the right to silence or block their customers. That's fine. I'm saying I won't support them if they are silencing people simply because said individuals may have feedback that does not align with the political views expressed by the company. That's ultimately their choice if they want to do that, but that does not mean I will continue giving them money.
  13. There is nasty stuff, sure, but "we wouldn't want to read them anyway" simply isn't true. I'm anti-censorship, even if I disagree with the comments in question. Feelings do not simply make another person's opinion invalid. If it turns out Double Fine is deleting comments, I will not continue to support them. I own every Tim Schafer and Double Fine game, and have been rather vocal about how much I enjoy them so it would be a shame to write off the company over differences in opinion. But I stand by my values. And with that, I respect your views as long as that doesn't include silencing me simply because I disagree with your opinions.
  14. Seems like I'm seeing a lot of comments on YouTube disappear or are not showing at all despite receiving notifications of replies. What is going on?
  15. Yeah, that's a fun bit of trivia.