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  1. Yeah, that's a fun bit of trivia.
  2. Wait, what? Has that been confirmed? If so, that's awesome.
  3. Yes, I'm sure standard instruments like guitar will be live. I was referring to anything outside guitar and bass. I'm grouping other string instruments like steel guitar in with this. I imagine Peter will use some amp modeling, though. Drums are a pain in the ass to mic, and I can't recall if there are any drums on the score to begin with, but I wouldn't blame them for using a VST if that were the case. I would be very surprised if cues that feature orchestral instruments on tracks like when Miranda is sneaking around aren't VST's.
  4. Oh yes, I can only imagine how heartbreaking that had to have been for the Sierra alumni. I especially feel sorry for those I call friends and deeply respect, like Josh Mandel, Scott Murphy and Al Lowe. I think Josh caught the worst of it. Al was working as a contractor which was probably best given the situation. Management became a revolving door around '96 from what I understand. It's a shame that company was destroyed by criminals.
  5. I can't speak for Matt but I believe they did. Fortunately, LucasArts had the foresight to save practically everything and did an incredible job archiving their work. Other companies at the time, like Sierra, unfortunately did not keep much of anything.
  6. Sorry I've been away for a few days, guys. It's been a crazy week. Excuse me while I catch up. Thank you for dropping by and for the wonderful insight, Matt! Technology has certainly improved since '95. I can't wait to hear the original score on modern VST's. Even what little was teased in the trailer sounds incredible. I'm stoked to hear the rest in its high-def (non-compressed?) glory!
  7. Never let anyone make you feel stupid for doing something you enjoy, especially when you're acquiring a skill that may lead you to discovering other opportunities in the future. Growing up in the 90's, there were many people in my family who didn't understand why I often preferred shutting myself in my room and hack away for hours on end. I wasn't a total shut-in. I liked exploring, building forts and playing games with the other kids in the neighborhood, sure. More often than not, though, I would be found in my room where I would draw and spend hours trying to deconstruct games and applications in attempt to figure out how they worked. Some family members took notice and voiced their concerns to my mother. They felt I should be outside like everyone else. To be fair, computers weren't as understood as they are now, especially in a rural community where I grew up. Fortunately my parents encouraged me to keep at it since I enjoyed it so much and it kept me out of trouble. Had I listened to those who tried to tell me computers weren't good for me, I probably wouldn't have discovered my love for development and design. I'm tickled it brings you joy that others appreciate and enjoy your efforts. I know that feeling; it's uplifting and encouraging. It feels good, it makes it all worth it. Keep it up!
  8. Thanks guys! I've created a thread here so it's off topic and isn't tucked away. Hope you guys enjoy!
  9. Over the past couple of days several fans and I have been talking on the Trailer Reveal thread about what we thought may have been additional content added in the trailer. As it turns out, some of these segments were featured in the demo, which features some additional content and dialogue not found in the main game. So I thought would be a good idea to post the demo here so others can play around with it and see if they notice anything different as well. You can download the demo here. You will likely need DOSBox or ScummVM to get it running on modern machines. I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since I played this demo on an IE (Interactive Entertainment) disc. Anyone else remember that disc-based magazine? I've posted a video below that I believe is from the same disc I had. The video features some footage from an early version of the game with different UI. Enjoy!
  10. Good deal, Polecat! Come to think of it, doesn't the demo have some portions of unique content and dialogue? I should replay it soon, it's been years. Would anyone else like a copy of the demo? If the mods are cool with it, I'll upload it to my server and share. Polecat, you did an amazing job on your cut of the movie, by the way. I wouldn't worry about including that sequence unless you decide to create one for the Remaster. I often listen to Let's Plays and Longplays while I'm working. Your cut has always been my go-to for Full Throttle. Thank you for taking the time to create it and for sharing it with your fellow fans!
  11. I believe the sequence you mention where Ben is dodging bullets while climbing a ladder is from the gas tower. This sequence can be triggered if you try to proceed to climb the ladder after triggering the alarm. If memory serves, a similar cut as the trailer is featured at the end of the demo.
  12. Yeah, I have to agree. I can certainly understand why he feels like he got burnt by LucasArts -- and he certainly has my sympathies for that -- but I don't buy that having a portion of the music featured in the game ate into 80% of album sales. I don't see how he can justify that. I mean, this is 1995 we're talking about, when people went to stores and paid for music. Until reading this thread I wasn't even aware the album was in wide distribution.
  13. Yeah, I noticed substantially better audio, but that's about it. I'm certainly interested if there's something new there that I missed.
  14. I wasn't referring to the tracks by The Gone Jackals. Sorry for the confusion, I probably should have used the term 'score' instead. I'm more interested in having Peter McConnell's work, the non-grunge parts of the game. I mean, I would like a complete soundtrack by both parties, but If they can't come to an agreement with Keith, I would rather just have Peter McConnells' work.
  15. Likewise. With this being one of my all-time favorite games, I would love to offer my help any way I can. I even wrote Double Fine after the Remaster was announced volunteering my evenings and weekends doing artwork for the game in exchange for credits. I sent my portfolio and offered to do an art test if necessary. They unfortunately didn't bite, but the offer still stands on the off chance someone from Double Fine is reading this. Opportunities like this don't come around often, and I'm afraid this will be the last I'll get to be a part of Full Throttle.