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  1. This is what I'm talking about. Being a loyal fan shouldn't keep someone from admitting when they're disappointed. That kind of feedback is a good thing in my opinion and one of the only ways the company can gain perspective if they're willing to listen.
  2. By rant I'm referring to my frustrations with this year's AF. All but one response is focusing on the observation I made about the over-politeness of the community, which really isn't all that important to this thread.
  3. Thank you for your honest thoughts on my observations. I agree with you that 2PP is doing a great job in terms of the quality of episodes. That's never been an issue for me. They do really good work. I'm still of the opinion that certain areas are in need of attention, namely communication. Granted I haven't done a whole lot of digging, but if 11,000+ others are involved, we shouldn't really have to dig on different platforms to see what's going on. Do most people really know to check the forums? Has DF declared some place fans should check frequently to keep updated on what's going on, or is it assumed to check Twitter? I mean it when I say I genuinely don't know what is going on this year. This AF just feels so ... disconnected.
  4. Depends. When I receive honest feedback, I don't necessarily hear something negative. I hear someone who cares enough to warn me of a potential problem I may not otherwise see. I'm not saying people shouldn't be polite; I'm saying it's always more helpful to be direct when they have an issue. Mixed signals help no one.
  5. Thanks for the link. I don't think it's nearly as valuable to open with positive feedback as it is to be clear. You can certainly make an effort to be positive in certain areas, but never let politeness overshadow issues that may be part of a much bigger pattern, especially in a business where time and money are a serious factor. Why is it you guys are focusing on the ideological side of my rant from earlier rather than the concerns?
  6. It was an observation about the forums and culture here more than anything, sorry for not clarifying. For instance, I've noticed a lot of feedback on the Full Throttle Remastered forum have a lot of "This is great but this could use some work. Good job, though!" posts. It's like folks are afraid to say when they're upset, so they instead pussyfoot around the reason they're posting without actually saying their thoughts. All I'm saying is that I hope people are OK with saying what the feel. Be respectful, but be honest. There is nothing wrong with having a negative opinion if you have reason to back it. The videos are free to the public, but as on writing, 11,898 people contributed $71,506.61 to make it happen. Part of the appeal of AF is the wonderful videos that give insight into how games are made. Some people never get around to playing the prototypes. Personally, I support it because I enjoy the videos and used to enjoy following AF. I'm not nearly as much of a gamer as I am a fan of seeing the art of the build. To me, AF was a neat way to be a part of it without being employed at the company. This year, that part of it is missing. The fact that they are public on YouTube does not discredit my purchase or opinion that they need to be more transparent with the people who contributed.
  7. Guys, I think many of you are being overly sensitive. This is something I've noticed during my short time on these forums. Seriously, you don't have to preface every opinion with something positive in hopes of not offending someone. I have no intentions of hurting anyone's feelings, but if I inadvertently do by simply stating an opinion respectfully, it's ultimately not my concern if someone gets offended; They'll get over it and hopefully grow thicker skin. I'll be honest, I'm disappointed in this year's AF. I have no idea where we're at with the schedule. There should be more transparency; Not everyone checks these forums or Twitter. It's not a big deal if there are delays; it happens. If not having Asif to help deliver on your video obligations was going to cause delays, don't let him pitch a game. Whatever the case, make a more of an effort letting people know what's going on. While 2PP is in charge of the videos, I don't think it is their responsibility to update everyone. DF is ultimately responsible for AF since they sold it to the public, they should keep people informed. They have failed to do so. This, after not hearing from DF at all during the year and a half delay for my preorder for the last AF blu-ray really does not sit well with me. They send out emails about diversity and job postings but can't be bothered to let their paying customers know what's going on, and that sucks. Anyway, back to my point. This is simply constructive criticism. Companies cannot better themselves without it. You guys don't have to apologize for telling someone to get their shit together.
  8. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I'm technically a contractor -- at least that's what I've been on a few commercial games; Only this time I'm willing to volunteer my time to save the studio money. Of course, I'm still a fan and would be lying if I didn't admit I'm offering for selfish reasons to help with one of my all-time favorite games, but if it's an issue of convincing producers to allow an outside source to volunteer, maybe having a portfolio of work would help convince the powers that be if DF were interested in having that discussion.
  9. I understand, I'm just not sure why working for art credits would be a problem if it were to save both Disney and DF money and resources. and (hopefully) have a better product out of it. You may be right, though; It may be one of the limitations of their terms with Disney. Sorry, I'm not familiar with this Matt scenario you mentioned. What are you referring to?
  10. I tried getting into the game's .data file to export a few backgrounds and do a paint-over but no dice. If someone can provide some high-res versions of backgrounds they would like to see fixed, I'll be happy to use them as community examples of my capabilities and areas that I think could be improved. I don't think Double Fine will let an outsider help since no one has responded to this thread or my emails offering to help. Guess we'll have to see if they reach out or fix the backgrounds internally. Fingers crossed.
  11. This is a great suggestion, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't read this before mentioning something similar in my previous response. Since there seems to be demand, I'll see if I can extract some of the backgrounds from the game this afternoon and do a couple art tests this week. What backgrounds would you like to see updated? You're right, we can at least get a community thing going here.
  12. Hah! Nice find. Yes, I HOPE that's a layering bug as it defies all logic considering the puzzle. I'm not sure if it was tight deadlines, lack of budget or what, but it seems like this remaster has far more problems than the ones before it. What's strange to me is that cutscenes seem to suffer far fewer problems than static backgrounds. I would really like to help with this as I know I can contribute a great deal of work with no cost to them, but they aren't wanting to bite despite writing them over the past several months. It's frustrating. I'm tempted to do a few examples of how the backgrounds could be improved if I can figure out how to extract the original backgrounds from the game package files, which I'm sure is possible. However, I'm not sure how compressed the game files are from the originals and don't want to spend too much time if Double Fine isn't interested in letting me help.
  13. This light looks especially bad. I know folks worked hard on this game and there's a lot of really good art here; However, a lot of the backgrounds are unfinished or far too soft compared to the character sprites. It's probably too late and too expensive to improve the art now, but I would honestly be willing to go over each background that needs more detail for free if Double Fine would let me.
  14. Animating the clouds would not be very difficult if the layers of the clouds are masked properly. Braid is full of cloud loops that use a similar technique.
  15. Probably a known issue: I noticed during a feature with Tim I watched yesterday the z-index on the trailer door is a bit off, causing Ben to clip through at times.
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