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  1. Same here, this got me stuck for a while (one of the only times I got stuck at all). The suggestion to make the holes appear after you talk to Gus won't work, because then it makes the solution super obvious. But they absolutely need to fix the accidental falls here before you talk to Gus.
  2. Alright, just finished both parts. *** SPOILERS *** When you complete Vella first, she kills the Mog and ends up passed out on the beach. The game then cuts over to Shay. When you complete Shay second, he is on a spacewalk and rises up to look at the big glowing eye, then lands on the ship, his helmet falls off, and he passes out. We then fade to Vella waking up on the beach and the concluding cut scene plays from there.
  3. Even toward the end of the "classic adventure game" era, the games were starting to evolve closer to one-button control schemes like this. See the later King's Quest games, for example (IIRC). So it came as no surprise to me whatsoever that this was a one-click game, and I have no problem with it. I'm excited that this game is already perfect for tablets, and I don't think the controls were bad on PC. The whole mess of verbs at the bottom of the screen was definitely fun and cool in the 90s, but what did they actually add to the game? In reality, very few verbs were ever used. It was almost all Look, Pick Up, Use, and Talk, all of which are completely contextual and don't need to be separated. The few times you needed Pull were just gimmicks. Don't get me wrong, I'd be just fine with going back to that old system, and it definitely has nostalgia value, but I really don't see what's gained by it.
  4. I feel bad for not liking Act 1

    Changing this would largely defeat all the puzzles. You're not intended to immediately know which objects will be used later and which won't.
  5. I did this, and it didn't give much of a conclusion. I haven't finished Shay's story yet, and what you describe hasn't happened for me yet. Sounds like you get some extra "ending" content once you've completed both.