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  1. Count the wife and I in - we both want!!
  2. Great update, made me laugh out loud many times (can't wait to see Broken Age Dialogue) while I was taking notes. 'Atta boy Tim!
  3. "I feel like we want to show what making games is really like....and this is what making games is really like." - Tim Schafer It's been great to see all of the inner workings of the gamedev world, I think this is an amazing reminder that making games is difficult, and in the long run I think it'll be a nice little drama point in the overall documentary. As a fan of course it bums me out that I won't get the game for another year, but as a realist - this is really their best option. Best of luck, and boy ... I really don't envy Greg having to come across some of the vitriol that I've been seeing in the overarching gaming community about this - would love to buy the guy a round.
  4. NICE! Thanks for this - definitely a much nicer way to stay updated for me
  5. Wonderful read, I second the earlier post about you writing a book - the game development learning space could definitely use it!
  6. As a programmer I'd LOVE to see a programming stream .... if it's possible please do!!
  7. Looks fantastic, I'd love to see the little notes behind the coding, game design is incredibly fascinating. I'm curious to see how the zoning will work out just from that paragraph !!
  8. Love it - it's exactly what I'd expect to hear while working on my space station. Good stuff
  9. Hi Devs, Is your design philosophy regarding "fun" the same as the creators of Dwarf Fortress? IE: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/v0.31:Losing
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