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  1. Happy holidays and thanks for the awesome news!!! I brought the PS4 after I heard about Grim Fandango's port.
  2. I'm so excited that I shed a tear after hearing Vella and watching the trailer. Totally pumped!
  3. Hi Tim, I have to say, coming from you is what matters the most to me. Being upfront, honest and taking the responsibility makes all the problems go away and makes me wanting the game done even more! Double Fine is showing the world what it takes to get a game out in the wild. The stream of updates, open access and the documentary should be patented to other companies I know you, Double Fine and us, the backers, want this game to be majestic and I totally understand you and want you to know that I support you 101%. You will take care of this and show the world that adventure games are not dead, just dormant for some great minds to bring it back with a vengeance! Good luck Tim and the team, may the force be with you, always! From Brazil with love
  4. Hey Greg, thanks much for the updates. They are coming faster than ever and this is really good! On a side note, are you guys planning any new Broken Age merchandising before the release and make available items that were part of the Kickstarter pledges, for example the hardcover book? Cheers!
  5. Hmmmm, I think something like a blend of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Aliens, Western and with time travel. Something like Cowboys & Aliens meet Doc Brown meet Grim Fandango.
  6. Just returning some of the love you gave me Tim and Ron The team comes to a close second
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