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  1. Oh, sorry, didn't quite understand what you meant. I can confirm that this is a problem with IE 10 as well. Compatibility Mode fixes it, but clearly there's a problem with Vimeo. Perhaps you should report the problem here: http://vimeo.com/forums/help
  2. Where are you trying to watch the video from? You have to watch it from the forum or the backer page, because the videos are locked to viewing from the Double Fine website. Vimeo Plus is not needed to watch them, it's just that the domain locking is a feature of that service that Double Fine is using. I had no problem playing the videos from this thread just now from Chrome.
  3. Based on my limited knowledge of basic OpenGL (which I assume MOAI uses since it's cross-platform), when you add objects to a scene to draw, you tell OpenGL how to apply transformations and stuff before you add the next object, and it retains the information provided until changed so multiple objects can be added with the same or similar properties if desired. It's more complex than that, of course, but that's the general idea. I'm guessing what happened is that the rotate transform was applied to Shay, but wasn't reset before adding in the other objects. Hence the "leak". Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Cool, now it plays much better than ~5 FPS.
  5. I wasn't mashing my inputs when I played the game the second time, suspecting that might have been the problem, but I could have ended up attacking at the same time as the enemy anyway. I tried the secondary attack of the dragon, realized that was to stun the enemy, and attacked right after the rat righted itself.
  6. I've managed to get stuck twice in the Costume Quest prototype in the battle screen. I defeat the enemy, get the candy, then... Wren is just standing there. I can get her to move around (thankfully the gate in the battle field is not solid), but clicking the mouse to interact with something does nothing (making the game impossible to beat), probably because they're still mapped to the battle. I have been able to finish a battle successfully once in my second playthrough (where Wren returns to the house she knocked on), but got stuck the same way. I was wearing a different costume both times as well (fake mustache and dragon, where the dragon turned into Wren in the costume when the battle ended). I am using the Steam version of the game on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. If this problem doesn't exist in the DRM-free version, I could try that.
  7. Is there any way to change the resolution? My laptop card can't handle playing most games at native resolution.
  8. A fan (Rudy Merchant of Sierra Chest) is offering to randomly choose three people who pledge at least $30 in the Kickstarter and give each of them a rare Sierra game, from before Sierra was called Sierra! http://guysfromandromeda.com/win-classics-pledge-30-chance/
  9. Great to hear! Out of interest, what software and settings will you be using for them? Something worth adding to the equipment catalog thread, perhaps? Running it through Compressor in the FCP work flow. We havent settled on settings yet, but we'll be staying close to our source footage. File size will run around 10gb per hour of video. That's about 22 MB/s. Wow, that really is close to the maximum bitrate for many consumer 1080p camcorders.
  10. Read others having problems with DivX in Chrome, uninstalled it and now it's saying it needs the DivX plug-in to work. The overlay is now there, however it only plays the sound without the video. 1. Check your extensions and make sure that the DivX web player extension is disabled or uninstalled (it should be the thing that's replacing <video> with the DivX <object> embed). 2. Try restarting your browser.
  11. Just a head's up: the DFA updates so far have all been in 720p (apparently the downloadable version for $30+ tiers later on will be 1080p). It's just that Vimeo uses a high bitrate and a good compression method (such as 2-pass or CRF) to keep it looking really sharp. On the other hand, the streaming Kooky movie is compressed using x264 single pass ABR at either 700 or 1400 kbps (for 480 SD or 720 HD, on browsers that support h264 decoding). As I mentioned in my first post here, that's somewhat low quality for live action, and the use of ABR doesn't help.
  12. CDN does not stand for Canadian. It stands for Content Delivery Network. The actual server that's being used should be the one with the best speed for your connection (which is the point of a CDN; it's made of multiple distributed servers). You can't tell what's actually being used from that URL though. Perhaps you just got unlucky and got a server that was being slow or bogged down at the time. Tip: if the server was in Canada, the URL would use .ca instead of .com
  13. No, I went back and checked again. Not only do they look identical, but when I right-click and hit "save video as," the video files are identical (kooky.700.mp4). It's weird because in Firefox, both the webm and the ogv streams switch fine. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn't support mp4 (which is the format I'd need to watch the documentary on my TV). I downloaded Chrome and strangely, it works perfectly there. So I guess I'm fine with it. It's a slight pain in the ass for me, but whatever. If it's better for most of the other users and for 2PP, then I'll deal. Indeed, it fails to switch to HD for me in IE9 as well. Interesting. No problems with Chrome, as previously mentioned.
  14. The two streams look similar on first glance due to the lowish bitrate for both. Look closer and you should be able to see a difference. If it still looks exactly the same, then that's odd.
  15. Except both Flash and Chrome support hardware video acceleration on Macs... unless one of them has that feature turned off. Or maybe Flash is just inefficient with hardware acceleration on Macs? That wouldn't surprise me, actually, given Flash's history of Mac support...
  16. Actually, Opera doesn't support full screen video (yet). The original HTML5 draft didn't have full screen video as a feature (oddly), so they had to add it to the spec somewhat recently. Chrome didn't support full screen HTML5 video for a long time (only supported stretching to full window size, at best), and was only properly implemented in stable (was initially wonky in beta) a few versions ago. I suspect Firefox also got support for it around the same time. I guess Opera hasn't caught up yet?
  17. Works fine in Chrome here in both HD and SD. Streaming doesn't take long to start, which is good. I noticed a few things though. It uses HTML5 for the video playback. The interface used is decent so it doesn't look like the built-in video player, but it still doesn't feel as efficient as hardware-accelerated Flash video playback. I think Chrome does have hardware acceleration for HTML5 video now, so it should work fine, but I don't know how that fares with other browsers. Because it uses HTML5, I can simply right click on the video and choose Save As... to save it. Granted, Vimeo doesn't use the encrypted video option in its player (as far as I know) so the stream can still be saved, but you need to take an extra step to do that. The video quality is... acceptable. The HD video was encoded with x264 at 1400kbps ABR. This makes details very soft and many artifacts appear in areas like dark scenes and between bright and dark areas. Using 2-pass ABR would have made the video look better, and a higher bitrate (up to 3000, to keep it within streaming capabilities) would have also helped. In comparison, the DFA updates from Vimeo have all been very sharp and look amazing, likely due to better encoder settings. If the encoding was done by the content producer, then my gripes about the video quality are moot. But if the encoding was done by Redux, I wouldn't choose them because 1400kbps isn't great for live action in HD (and single pass ABR isn't really great for anything).
  18. They posted a new update very recently. It basically explains where they currently are in the actual game and gives a few details that they are comfortable with releasing now. Highlights: It won't be Space Quest, but another quirky hero like Wilco will be in the game. The protagonist may be female. The Two Guys will be in the game. There will be travel by space ship and dogfights. There will be plenty of parodying of modern sci-fi/fantasy material.
  19. I just want to point out a few things (some of which was said in the stream): They are just two guys. They are getting a bit of help from others (like Q42 with the HTML5 demos), but for the most part they don't have a group of people to help them out. Other Kickstarter projects like Double Fine Adventure and Republique look professional because there is already an established company with some financial backing. They can afford to have people dedicated to making their Kickstarter look professional. But here, Mark and Scott are doing the Kickstarter, working on the demo (with coding help from Q42), and making background arrangements all by themselves. Plus, one of them is sick right now. There are many other good projects out there like the SpaceVenture that don't look professional, but still get funded because they have potential. Many are nobodies. But Scott and Mark have the advantage of being known for making good adventure games in the past. So they can set a higher goal, and they are still trending to achieve it. . The low viewer count of this stream can be partly attributed to the international audience. Not all of the 3.9k users are in the United States, after all. Others just might not have been at their computer within the last few hours, when the announcement for the stream was made. They might have goofed up with forgetting to mention the international shipping in the award tiers, but they can't fix it. Kickstarter allows you to add award tiers, but you can't edit or delete existing ones (except for changing the number on award limitations). Most Kickstarter projects (that aren't instant bombs) have a trend with a large number of backers at first that taper off as more days go by. The number of backers usually spikes back up at the end of the project. The SpaceVenture is no exception, but so far their daily pledges haven't dropped below $5k, which is a good sign.
  20. Here is the stream, starting soon! http://www.twitch.tv/andromedaguys
  21. Oh. I didn't watch that stream because I was working on stuff so... +1000 for the reference I missed. Sorry!
  22. -1 for not saying "Boot to the head" EDIT: I'm stupid. Apology below.
  23. I personally would like to see this feature, especially for the "DFA: From Double Fine and 2 Player Productions" board. I guess it depends on whether or not ExpressionEngine (which appears to be the backend of this website, according to the source code of the RSS feed) supports this feature or not. I would greatly prefer it if I got notifications of new announcements in one way or another, rather than needing to check the announcement board regularly.
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