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  1. I think releasing it would be a good idea. There's a nice catalogue of back episodes that could be put out on a weekly/monthly schedule if you wanted to stagger it. I'd still prefer to get the newest videos before general release, but only by a week or two to make sure I've had a chance to watch it before the discussion kicks up and spoils it for me. I've immensely enjoyed the documentary and sincerely hope DF will consider doing another, but I think the only reasonable way for that to be a realistic possibility is to get what's been done out to more people.
  2. I'm torn as to whether or not to join in on this, but if I do I'll end with "I just wish Tim's beard could have been here to see this..."
  3. Must say I did a fist pump to see a title I submitted (The Divide) in there. Seems I'm not the only one to think of it, but it's still nice to see it making the list for round 2. Personally I think I liked one of my other suggestions, [bitter|Sweet] better though. I also thought my third suggestion, Coming of Change, had interesting implications as well. At any rate so long as we don't end up with Worlds Apart we'll be fine (despite the title being very apt, if perhaps obvious).
  4. [Gimli] And my - err...button! [/Gimli] Well done on these to all involved - creators and collectors alike!
  5. I like using a notebook because I can sketch out rough ideas in the margins (or anywhere really) - and I can't really do that with a word processor. I tried something similar in photoshop with my wacom and while the sketching aspect worked, I can't write on a tablet the same as I can with a pen and paper.
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