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    I think Saucy is a pretty cool guy. Eh hates video games and doesn't afraid of anything.
  1. Wait wait wait wait wait I saw the E3 trailer earlier today and, uh, why does Harry live in Silent Hill, why is Dahlia a stripper, and why is there interaction with more people than the 5 other morons stuck in the town with you? Last one isn't a "what", really, I just always liked how the old games kept the casting frugal. Also yeah, isn't Silent Hill 1 supposed to take place in the 80's? Where did he get a fricking iPhone
  2. The only thing I had trouble with was the polar bear's eye and how the hell was I supposed to know that :
  3. I don't really think adding Wybie to the movie was necessary. I liked the ending better when she tricked the hand into kickbanning itself instead of deus ex machina doing it for her.
  4. I helped an asian programmer with a fantastic fuman chu install an Ubuntu kernel onto a Mac server. Then I played Killer7. HAPPY NERDS ARE DEPRESSED DAY GUYS
  5. Resident Evil 4! This is the best game I've ever bought twice.
  6. I'm buying Jefferson Airplane albums llike they are going to stop making them tomorrow :< I love it so much that I can't believe I spent a year listening to tripe like Pink Floyd for a psychadelic fix.
  7. I should see the movie under the influence of something nasty. But I'd probably frighten all the little kids and Hot Topic chicks in the theater.
  8. The Breakfast Club! Allison was my favorite, I got pissed when they un-gothed her at the end. "I've done everything there is to do, except for a few things that are illegal. I'm a nymphomaniac." "Do your parents know about this?" "The only person I've told is my shrink." "What did he do when you told him?" "He nailed me."
  9. Oh, there are also toilets everywhere in the Silent Hill games because the Japanese see them as terrifying :
  10. Yeah, only the first game is scary. I hated 2 at first because literally nothing happens until you get underneath the prison.
  11. I always thought it was cute how Ico said "Orpa!" instead of "Yorda" I don't know why he did that but it made me all warm and fuzzy :< What? This isn't a video game thread? Post partially eaten by Action Shark
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