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  1. If they had kept the original award chart format with $ and reward axes, showing what you got for how much, I think it wouldn't have been that bad. When they changed it to that goofy icon reward chart it got wayyy more confusing. I pledged way more that $15 anyways, though, since that's my favourite series. As far as the LSL thing, I don't think there's anything to really be upset about, but they really need to hire a PR person to handle communications and let Paul go and run the company. He seems to put his foot in his mouth way too often but otherwise seems like a perfectly nice dude.
  2. Hah, I just want to point out that I work at a software company where we also codenamed quite a few of our releases after local (Vancouver) dive bars (and one strip club). We also did a sketchy pub crawl of all of them one night.
  3. Scott was only responsible for a small part of SQ6, the majority of the game was done by Josh Mandel, Scott was put on the project after Josh left. But to join in, SQ3 is my favourite, followed by SQ4.
  4. Really? Axe-to-mouth? lol. Lookin' really cool, though. Thanks for sharing!
  5. You can already find a (very) short proof of concept their HTML5 guy (AKA Martin Kool, creator of Sarien.net) did to convince them on the Chrome App Store (not indicative of final distribution, just where he put it before he was officially involved). http://martinkool.com/post/22706224644/how-i-brought-html5-to-the-space-quest-creators-kickstar
  6. You are all required to watch the video for this one! Hah, I hadn't watched the video yet. You're right, definitely a must watch for anyone in these forums.
  7. (after much anticipation!) Guys from Andromeda Spaceventure: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que
  8. I believe the problem with Republique is that it started out as just an iOS game with a rather high target, and late in the game opted to add PC/Mac support. I don't think people were willing to fork out 500k for an iOS only game... I know that killed my interest in it early on. Now, not to turn this thread into a Republique discussion, I will add my own find, Drifter: A Space Trading Game: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/celsiusgs/drifter-a-space-trading-game
  9. I have to agree here... 1 dollar, why not? I figure I should cut 'n' paste the review snippets here for anyone who dismissed the link, looks like they have fairly high praise, and I have not played them or heard of them: one of the most outrageous games I've ever played and for that alone I love it. - PC Zone – 90% Funnier than any game in years, and delightfully rude. Point-and-click adventuring done right for a change. - PC Gamer – 87% pitch perfect comedy writing…they truly understand how to exploit the genre’s strengths… an indie masterpiece. -Wired ...excellent scripting, consistent, cartoony design and delight in overtly, overly referential absurdity…even the Telltale titles are clunky and formulaic compared to the anarchistic invention of games like this... -Eurogamer.net — 9/10
  10. As this was not intended at the outset of the project, I'm not sure it should be shoe-horned in at this stage. While this sounds like a nice initiative, no one here agreed to that up front before funding, so I feel that the profits should stay entirely with the creators.
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