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  1. While adding a 'Demolish' action to the inspection window of individual objects has been frequently suggested here, I think adding a new room 'meta zone' that causes all contained objects to be treated as if they are set to 'demolish' Would be very helpful. Specifically this would make removing derelicts and docked raider ships far, far easier. - All constructions/objects inside the room would be removed, and should be prioritized above the walls/floors (this would allow for crew to move them without having to wear suits) - Once objects are removed, walls that are not shared with other rooms (exterior walls) and walls that are shared with other rooms zoned as 'demolish' should be removed - Walls that are shared with rooms that are not zoned as demolish will not be removed. - Once walls are removed, the floors should be removed last. - Visually, when zoned as 'demolish' a room will flash orange as if lit by a yellow rotating warning light, making it visually clear that it is under construction/dangerous: Example image - Any crew inside the demolish zone should immediately stop what they're doing and vacate the room. - If crew are stuck inside the room and cannot leave, the user should be notified. alternatively the zone could revert back to its previous zone.
  2. This is probably planned, but currently I would like to suggest that the various buildings such as Oxygen Recyclers and Matter Refineries should do a better job of indicating their status visually. For example: Right now I don't know when my Refineries are busy refining, or when they're idle. I would imagine that if you have a ton of miners, eventually a refinery would not be able to keep up with the incoming resources, and so the mined materials would pile up, but when the opposite is true, like one miner and 5 refineries, there is no way to judge by looking at them if they are being used or not. Ideally I would like the refinery to light up and visually display how active it is. This could be an added indicator of when a refinery starts to wear out - the lights would not be as bright. Similarly Oxygen Recyclers could pulse with light when they are pumping air. This would make it clear when they are working too hard and cannot keep up with the current oxygen consumption (they would be flashing much more quickly than normally). When their condition is low, the light would appear more reddish, or something like that. This would be in addition to the texture changing and scorch marks on the floor that are already in the game.
  3. Valid points. Deselect works when used with demolish, but doesn't make sense for planned buildings. Of your suggestions I like 'unplan' and 'erase plan' - that makes it clearer that you're affecting only the currently planned actions.
  4. One thing that has come to annoy me a good bit is how builders prioritize their jobs I'm sure we've all run into the following scenarios: - A builder tasked with dismantling a floor panel will walk into the room without a suit, remove the panel, then panic about lack of oxygen and get sucked into space. - A builder tasked with dismantling an entire airlock on a derelict will enter the airlock, remove their suit, then dismantle the suit locker and door, and will now be stuck. - A builder tasked with building an Oxygen Recycler (which is in dire need since the other ones are on fire or broken) will build a few dozen other things first and then panic about lack of oxygen, instead of prioritizing the one life saving building that's absolutely critical at that moment. - A builder will enter a derelict that has been marked for complete demolition without their space suit, and will then get sucked into space because other builders started to dismantle the walls. - With several rooms laid out for construction, a builder will jump back and forth randomly between different rooms without just finishing a single room first, Admittedly some of these can be avoided by correctly 'babysitting' your builders - locking doors, dezoning airlocks, planning and deconstructing things in a specific order - but that's a pain, and really all the above scenarios should be common sense for the AI to avoid. So I'd like to have a bit of a discussion about how builders should prioritize their duties. Here are some rules that I personally feel a builder's AI should take into account: - Distance should play a big factor, so building something on the home base should always be higher priority than demolishing something on a derelict. Basically you should never see all builders working on a derelict if there's stuff to build at home. - Construction/demolition of critical equipment such as Oxygen Recyclers, Airlocks, Matter Refineries, etc Should be prioritized above all else. This should -especially- be the case for oxygen recyclers if the oxygen levels are low and there are people running around panicking about oxygen... - If any sort of demolition could result in depressurization, they should put on a suit first. - When constructing several rooms in close proximity, they should focus on completely finishing one room at a time, not randomly picking and choosing. Specifically right now they seem to build most of the floors first before working on the walls. That's fine for a single room (floor, then walls) but they shouldn't start on the next room's floors before the walls of the previous one are complete and airtight. - When constructing rooms connected to the base, they should start with the rooms that are directly adjacent to the base. If there are multiple rooms like that then they should start with the one that has the smallest area first. For example this will automatically prioritize the building of airlocks, and hallways since they tend to have less area than, say, a large sleeping quarter.
  5. A minor fix, but when I first started playing I was very confused what the difference between 'Demolish' and 'Erase' was. (This was compounded by the fact that 'Erase' sometimes doesn't actually remove the selected constructions) The term 'Erase' is too ambiguous when placed together with 'Demolish', since both effectively mean 'to remove' I think if 'Erase' were renamed as 'Deselect', it would make much more sense - you are deselecting a selection that you previously made, be it for demolishing or building an object. The hotkey 'D' could then be used instead of 'E'
  6. Right now it can be a bit annoying to try to find the kinds of starting location that you want, since you can only ever see the data for the exact pixel that your mouse is currently on. I think it would be much nicer if we could have different overlays that display the underlying data to the users in a way that is a bit more useful. -- For fun I mocked up three possible styles of overlays, which you can see below: (click for larger) Note: the data displayed here is completely mocked up, and not based on the data that the game actually uses. 1. Stellar Density, shown as a kind of heatmap: - Probably shows too much information that's not needed (we don't need a large gradient, just the individual 5 or so values that it can range over - May be difficult to generate depending on how the backend actually handles the values. - While it looks cool, it Doesn't really fit the existing style, and isn't so much an overlay as a different view of the existing image. 2. Warpgate Proximity, shown as a posterized/'step' heightmap: - Each yellow 'dot' is a warpgate - Clearly shows the cutoff between the different steps - It does still look too busy though - Could potentially be difficult to generate and display - Doesn't really match the aesthetic of the game 3. Threat Factor as a simplified Grid: - Probably what I'm most happy with - It clearly shows the data as it is relevant to the user - It's precise enough that it gives the user a general idea of how the data is distributed, but It's also not 100% accurate, so the user still has to do a bit of looking themselves, but know where they should look in general. (for example, there could still be some isolated high threat areas in areas that are shown as not being high threat for the most part. - It should be very easy to generate and display based on the existing data. it could even just randomly sample locations in each 'grid' space to then generate the value for that box on the fly - I find it works best with the style of the game, and could be used for all 4 datasets, where each uses a different color for the pixels - GREEN for Stellar Density, YELLOW for Warpgate Proximity, RED for Threat Factor and BLUE for Magnetic Interference - but of course only one dataset would be overlaid on the map at a time. Ideally I'd like to just have four buttons on the right side, where if you click on them it shows you the grid overlay of that dataset. -- These were mostly just an exploration of how the data in the game could be better conveyed to the user, and I think that it is something the devs should take into consideration. Right now the Large galaxy looks nice, but it actually doesn't represent any data; It could just as well be a black image instead, the searching process wouldn't be any different, and I think that's a shame. The data should be clearly correlated with the actual graphic of the galaxy, and I think my suggestion would allow for that.
  7. From what I've seen so far, the distances of Warpgates on the Region Selection screen can be of the following values: Very Close Proximal Distant. I generally always shoot for 'distant' and yet, I still have immigrants requesting to join far more frequent than I'd like. I think there should be a larger range of values there, as we have with the other selection criteria. Since you're traveling for thousands of years it's not a big stretch for you to settle down "extremely far" away from a warp gate, where you barely never get ships passing by.
  8. As one of the support ninjas for the bundles I would like to personally thank you for posting this DF Greg! =D
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