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  1. Oh, man, I'm bookmarking Campster. I just can't get enough of these kids and their antics. Also, echoing the sentiment of "Yay, names!"
  2. All I'm hoping is that next year's AF will also be public in some capacity, even if that means reworking or doing away with certain parts. Personally I didn't care much about the livestream except for the initial game presentations, but I loved the documentary episodes. Hopefully there can be some kind of compromise so that we can all eavesdrop on the development and play the prototypes again without giving the project leads and members too much extra stress to contend with.
  3. This episode was well worth the wait! Lots of great moments in this one, and I totally wasn't expecting that guest appearance by John Romero. Standout line in the video: "But I don't know how to shave!" And now I go watch the Amnesia Fortnight wrapup video. Curse you all, I was planning on being productive this afternoon!
  4. I didn't care much about Circle-N at first, but I really like the look of these two pictures, especially the second one.
  5. #2 looks really cool! #3 looks a bit younger than what I've been picturing up until now, but she looks like a character I'd like to see. Maybe as a little sister type support cast member?
  6. I'm likely one of those people who was overdramatic, but I think you're right. I think a big thing is the shock of the first four episodes being so optimistic and fun while the fifth has reality finally start to settle in. Though I agree that there's probably some selective editing done for the sake of building a narrative across the series. Gah!! I simultaneously love and hate you.
  7. I've worried about that while reading some threads. And we haven't even reached the part where things start landing on the cutting room floor and corners need to be filed off. In the end, though, the project doesn't get funding added or cut depending on how pleased we are, so I guess the worst that can happen is that hurtful comments get made. But I've yet to see anyone accusing Tim of scamming the backers so far, making this remain the single most successful Kickstarter project I've ever seen.
  8. Knowing that there's a two-month lag between the documentary and reality makes the end seem cliffhangery somehow. Has the Reds team managed to stay on schedule with their sanity and friendship intact?! I said about the fourth episode and the ones before them that they were sort of "feel-good", and this one certainly broke the trend. It feels really weird to be (admittedly) enjoying seeing the drama unfold while knowing that this is all happening to real people that you also wish the best for. This is one reason I really don't care much for reality TV. More generally, though, I'm enjoying the in-depth look at the game production process we've been seeing so far. I wish everyone could watch and learn from it. Way too many people on the internet have really strange ideas of how games get made, and seem to think it's so simple and straightforward. If I had a penny for every time developers got called "lazy" for not putting in this or that feature...
  9. Now I'm picturing her using the amazing hair from J as a zipline. For actual feedback: A is stylish and looks like she's been up to some mischief. This may or may not be a good thing but I do like the idea of her starting out as "innocently rebellious" before getting more serious. I really like D's pose and facial expression. She comes off as kind and sincere but also strong. E's head and hair are really cool. She's plain by video game standards, but I could really see her like that post "stuff happens". Now, just my personal taste: I really like goofy hair and headdresses like J, K, L and (especially) the first batch's P. That's why I'm a little sad to see the hat go in the gown customization pic. Maybe we can compromise?! Maybe she can tear down a super gaudy hat (last pic) into a more manageable, somewhat gaudy hat (P)? Remember: a hat is vital for the inevitable TF2 promo tie-in. More seriously, I'm happy to see that you guys are at least playing with the idea of the character's appearance changing at key points in the story, Grim Fandango style.
  10. Her pose, hair and dress remind me a lot of Yuna in FFX-2. This isn't really a bad thing in my view, though. I really dig that hair and hat! I'm surprised E and J haven't been mentioned more. For one thing, I love the feathery dress designs, which give a bit of a magical vibe. They look exotic and elegant but simple enough. O and S have very expressive eyes, which I think is a very important part. We're going to spend a lot of time looking at these facial expressions, after all. M looks gleeful and that's pretty great. In most other pictures she looks some degree of sullen and/or sassy. Which is understandable, given what she'll be going through and how teenagers tend to handle hardship (i.e. by putting up tough fronts). M and a few of those on the first page have a little something heartfelt and genuine that I hope the final design will capture. I'd also like to echo the idea that it would be really nice, if resources allow, that she (and by extension the boy too) had her character development expressed in the form of a visual change. Tearing her dress (L and P seem to imply this) or letting her hair down are good examples but a bit cliché. Maybe add something to represent her coming into her own, rather than removing something to represent her rejecting tradition. Or even both?! (In fact please add P's hat on P to all designs. I cannot get enough of that great hat.)
  11. This episode was full of that strangely heartwarming feel the whole documentary has been giving off so far. I love it. It's also making me want an art book even though I normally don't care much for that sort of thing. I think the best part of this episode is going to be rewatching it when the game comes out, seeing which concepts made the cut and how they evolved from there. Bagel's "this might be the girl" comment made it sink in how some of the many drawings could eventually turn into key elements of the final game, not to mention everything still leading up to it.
  12. Those were a nice little surprise. I love the spaceship that's just a space cube. Are you planning to make one of those for every major team member?
  13. Yeah, this is a bit confusing. 2PP tried to clarify in their show notes by saying, "03:06 - The five months of production Tim and Greg are talking about only represent the pre-alpha phase." After that there's still Alpha, Beta, and the time spent crunching bugs before ship. It's difficult to nail down a timeline right now as we're still figuring out the design and scope of the game, but we're targeting a release in Spring of 2013. This is good to know. At first I had the impression that the game would need to be rushed (though from the sound of things it's still going to be a tight schedule) and since the documentary comes out at roughly one episode a month, that would only leave five more episodes, when three episodes in it still feels like we're barely getting started. About the episode itself: It's always a highlight of my day whenever a new episode gets posted. It was good to "meet the team", so to speak (and with the codename picked I can't help but think of TF2) and seeing them interact both in and outside of work. In particular I liked the moment where Tim spoke of being unsure whether he was looking for feedback or trying to pitch his ideas, which is a feeling I can very much relate to. As was said, I do hope we'll get to see a more of the "meat" of the game in future episodes, though I understand that it's still early in and things are under wraps. If anything, the documentary has made it clear so far that a video game doesn't get made overnight.
  14. Happy fairytale fantasy world completely free of epic battles and political intrigue, except for that one guy Baseball stadium Mars, populated by exactly the kind of stupid things our grandparents expected Mars, as colonized by MLB players Epic fantasy world that can only be saved by one baseball player from planet Earth
  15. A turn-of-the-century newspaper The center of the Earth The dryer lint dimension A classroom in the year 3000 teaching horribly inaccurate information about the present day Newfoundland
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