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  1. So does it mean that they ported MOAI to ps4 and vita?
  2. I think this really deserves to be backed: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bischoff/stasis-2d-isometric-scifi-horror-adventure-game STASIS - horror sci-fi adventure game. Go and grab the demo, it looks and plays great!
  3. Hey Oliver, thanks for all the information, it's really helping a lot. Out of curiosity, how do you guys handle a character moving in pseudo-perspective? Any information or resource that you can share? Thanks, Gianmichele
  4. Thanks for these great updates. I have been playing with Moai for quite some time now and find it really good. I like the approach of keeping it low level enough that anyone can write a small framework to work the way you want. One thing I find myself in trouble is that the provided hosts seems to not be really production ready. I know a professional will probably write a host in 2 hours but for someone interested more in making games and not programming a host is a bit of a wall. Obviously you guys are going to have your own hosts for the various platforms of Broken Age and I was wondering if there's any plan to release them to the community .Gian
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