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  1. Just got the disc read error. Playing knight, TT and hillbilly. Got very slow after the mine cart puzzle section so I save/quit and tried to reload. On Continue, got the error. 80+gb free on hdd, tried clearing cache. Have played through corrupted ending on 7/7, have played through good ending 6/7. This was my last playthrough to get good ending for hillbilly. Also noticed that I didnt get the "Dont fill up on fortune cookie" achievement. Unless I was thinking wrong and have to complete with 7/7 and not 3/3 during that playthrough. Thanks- Looking forward to the fix...
  2. Restoring IAPs in settings fixed it. Now it's in the office
  3. Thanks. I had purchased the photocopy machine before I realized that the game wasnt actually released, but after it had been pulled. Can't seem to "find" it though. Purchase confirmed in itunes account. Doesnt seem to be in my inventory, can't equip hero with it. Was thinking I might need to equip it in one of the office "rooms" that I build. If its in limbo, no worries. Thought it would be helpful in game and show some support for DF. It's fine if its a mystery until the actual launch- or I figure it out on my own.
  4. so... should we not make any IAP as of now? i.e. will it be pointless until it goes live for real?
  5. Snagging this early was about the only good thing about getting up at 6am this morning. Enjoying the game so far. Played through the first boss fight, seemed to drain my battery rather quickly. The one thing it could have been was that I tried an IAP (for the photocopy machine). It did not give the confirmation, but was apparently running in the background. When I closed the game, then the confirmation popped up. Will post back later. By the way, very funny writing as usual. I loved the creative accounting description and the hero resume was funny. Thanks!
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