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    I'm Nathan. People sometimes call me Tripp or Trippen because the world is populated by many Nathans. I find it cool that my last name joined with my middle and first name initials forms the word 'TrippEN'. Animation is both a fascination and a hobby of mine. Properly motivated I can get a lot done, but by myself I jump between multiple projects resulting in not many finished pieces. If you want to talk animation, feel free to chat with me over AIM. I have a pet rabbit named Ms. Wiggins.
  1. I made the comparison to HTTYD because the protagonist seems more like Hiccup than Eddie, and the friends of the protrag seems more like the friends of Hiccup than those of Eddie.
  2. Both of those are trailers to the film. Though I must warn you, its certainly not a movie for children.
  3. Hello DFAF, it has been a while. In my perusing of the internet I came upon a recent Danish film titled 'Ronal the Barbarian'. Anyone else heard of it? It seems like a cross between Brutal Legend and How To Train Your Dragon, though its definitely more geared toward BL's target demographic.
  4. I dug out my old Raz costume and updated it slightly. I wish I had more time to devote to this contest, unfortunately bachelor's degrees in physics don't earn themselves. Oddly enough my primary Halloween costume is going to be another psychic: Tetsuo Shima.
  5. if the machines work i'll forgive Costner for making waterworld
  6. Me and my roommates watched all the seasons of Dexter last year. Do to similarities discussed many times, my roommate set the dexter endcredit/blood theme as the ringtone for whenever I call him.
  7. I love the soundtrack, especially the 'Mars needs cheerleaders' track.
  8. If I ever make a band, it shall be called 'Octopus Gravity Furnace'.
  9. It's not his fault that he can't behave Society made him go astray Perhaps if we're nice he'll go away Perhaps he'll go away
  10. Ixian Technocracy/House Vernius Ravenclaw - 13 Hufflepuff - 12 Gryffindor - 9 Slytherin - 7 Oh wait, it was Ravenclaw.
  11. Tonight I acted as scribe for an ouija party with friends. Results were creepy.
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