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  1. Are you going to write a novel trying to cover your ass, Scarecrow? If you did something that was insulting, there's a difference between saying "I'm sorry" and "I didn't try to, nothing I did was wrong, but there's a slight possibillity that some people on this planet may have been wrongly offended by it, so that's too fucking bad." I'm sick and tired of the sarcastic, hurtful attitude you've adopted. I thought this place would finally be pleasant when we got rid of Hot Christ, but apparently not all of us can learn to respect each other and take responsibility for our actions. You're the only one here playing I Spy with the forum trying to find fuck-ups to pick on people for. You're fabricating whole new fuck-ups. You must be damn good at that game, but here's news: when you're that good at playing, no one wants to play with you. For all the shit you gave me for hating men, Scarecrow, you sure don't seem to give a rat's ass about convince me otherwise.
  2. We've been doing tons of things to excite Action Shark lately, haven't we? I thought you all should do your part and go .
  3. I don't know the members, I just grew up thinking how weird the music was but how nice it was also. There's another comment I could make but I really don't need to.
  4. They eat dead, beaten horses in some countries. My friend went to China to visit relatives and watch the Olympics back when, and among the other oddities at the market she saw starfish-on-a-stick and sheep penis.
  5. ((It's alright, Van's past is mildly emo too, although nobody died. Still, he's had an... interesting life.)) Van carried out the order regarding the pillows, motioning for another child to come with him. Vernon came. Unfortunately, Vernon found whatever was on to be interesting and stood there, starting an interesting story it reminded him of. Trudging back to the main room of the lodge, Van dropped the pillows he managed to grab on the floor. "You know, I doubt this will do us much good. I've been researching mental sedatives, and..." "Shhh, I'm trying to think." Joan was staring busily at Miriku's writhing body, although it was stunning how she managed to focus on one spot. "I don't have skills in Clairvoyance," Van continued, successfully weirded out, "but if someone were able to project their senses into just an outer layer of her conciousness it may nullify the stress... of course, that's just a theory." He stood back, leaning on a table. Despite the coolness of his voice, you could see in his face that he was definitely freaked out and going through a lot of thoughts trying to help. Alex took a step in front of him, making him jump up and stand straight. "What do you think you're saying?" He asked, with a bitter look on his face. "You don't have any idea what you're talking about, do you." "I'm only trying to help." Van took a step forward defensively. "What are you doing, sitting here, looking proud, king-of-the-hill?" Alex bent over laughing sarcastically. "Oh, oh, that's great," he crooned, shaking his head with a smirk on his face. "You just jump in and decide you can take the reins of a seriously dangerous psychomedical emergency. Tell me that one again, it'll be great at parties." Van looked away, flipping over a new page in his memopad. Focusing on his writing, he coldly replied: "Well, maybe you would like to take a step inside the young lady's mind, then." "What are you writing there?" Alex grabbed invasively as Van's paper, as he did not like being insulted with words or ink. "I suppose your little shopping list is full of insight, isn't it! This is just chicken scratch! Who are you trying to fool?" Alex was enjoying himself. He was showing this older kid who was the alpha around here, the intellectual far superior. His grin turned to a grimace. The fool was smiling. Van laughed- "I write backwards in my own notess. It's something Da Vinci did, as well, if you would note. Now, I'm going to make myself useful and stop socializing with you." He turned around. Alex was steaming- but it's alright. He'll speed through the lessons, get his merit badges, and put this chump's name on the list of his first to keep in mind when he's carrying out his devious plans one day. Van shook his head, irritated. He was studying Miriku as thoroughly as he could, trying to keep an eye out for signs of further emergency while making his own observations to conclude things about later. He did feel sorry for her. Having an unwanted voice in one's head was extremely irritating. Van was glad he didn't have to deal with that sort of thing. He sighed, suggesting the other kids, most of whom were glaring at one of the other campers or looking by hopelessly, try and access Miriku's conciousness and busy her while the counselors were at work. You should... o away, you kn... She's not... good time. If you're not goin... ay games she likes... you shoul... pla... yourself. C'mon, speak clearly sweetheart, or I'll never know the perfect thing to say back. "That wasn't me, you revolting excuse for an imaginary entity!" Th... rmm... k... With a static-like burst, the second voice began to clear up. Miriku, are you okay? I hope you are. Look! It's Sasha and Milla. Finally. I hope we can do something fun. What about during the lesson? Do they have anything fun planned for the lesson? Can we hurry up with it, too, because this is taking forever and- "Miri, darling... Sasha, what do you see?" And with that the voice faded. (( There's an influx of intellectuals in the camp lately. Van isn't a huge genius, and he's not unkind, he just wants everyone to take things more seriously and doesn't care for taking part in amusing activities with other children. I could probably translate that Miriku but I am too dang tired tonight. Blah blah mother amaterasu blah blah entirely blah blah...)) And with that it faded. ((EDIT: apparently my voice is haunting Miriku as well. ))
  6. I loved that song. My sister sent me off with that CD when I went to Japan, so I associate Japan with funny monkeys on postcards.
  7. Oh my goo-ness, why do you not have the Chimps song on that list?! I love that band. My sister and mom liked it so when I was a kid growing up they were one of the many sounds that I grew to recognize but never really *knew* until my sister loaned me the CDs years later. I also like all of their songs about bad things like the end of the world and how absolutely chipper they are. They just make me want to drink poison and dance until I die, only not really, but that would be funny, but not really, that would actually be horrible. But maybe not if there were chimps too. In diapers.
  8. And it's okay when Zilla does it because it's not healthy for someone to feed on their own blood. And I'm not healthy. I probably taste dry and crispy, like those kind of french fries that are just like if they skinned a potato and took a piece of the potato skin and put it in the frier and rolled it in the ashes of old, shriveled-up french fries. Only you other DFAFers have tasty grammarbloods. *nodnod* But let it be noted that even though I mean it in the most loving way, if I ever bitch at someone and it irritates them, let me know. As much as it amuses me, it doesn't amuse me when it hurts people's feelings unless they're stupid and noobly, and no one on DFAF is anything like that. One of my best friends actually has terrible English (spelling-wise). It was a horror show when we first exchanged MSN names. But after weeks of headdesking, I got over it and took out my grammarfrustration on things like her school projects, and she would end every sentence with "and I know I spelled that wrong." Once I stop laughing at you, I become a valuable resource! Just ask her. She will nod solemnly, but at the same time be headbanging because of how painfully true it is. edit: btw, I may as well not double-post. It wouldn't have irritated me so much, but I was probably in a bad mood and your post sounded really sarcastic and challenging at the time, Scarecrow, so I was offended. XP Normally I don't have problems with tone on the internet, but... well, you're Scarecrow. You're special. And we mean that in the most loving way. Isn't that right, Miriku? Look at Miriku, she's nodding from wherever in the States she lives. ... You really do have a unique brand of oddly flattering sarcasm, though. edit again: I would not have even considered the pun-off if Flapjack had not shown me the magic of puns. Damn, that's sexy magic. edit again again: What all were your first jobs? I need to do something, but I don't think a girl who hates work, living things, and the outdoors and is constantly ill fits many job descriptions.
  9. Cool, sorry my mood having-been-wrecked wrecked yours, too. D8 WHAT? EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE!
  10. lulz Miriku. Yeah, Scarecrow, you broke my mood and I wasn't trying to be offensive and I saw you as a little defensive which in turn pissed me off. :B Can we still be friends, you know, with me correcting your grammar and everything only because you know I love you? I got Tales of Vesperia yesterday. I can't wait. FINALLY a Tales game with a nonhuman playable character. I mean, sure, you have Eugene, but that's just not the same. No to mention, he's the ONLY Gajuma character in the party! And this game is all about countering racism. I mean, Hilda's a Half, but that's nothing. And no spoilers or you'll taste my wrath, and I know how much you guys like that. Hey, Apple, I had a dream last night where we did that art trade. But we both basically drew two identical pictures. Great minds... Apparently we're having a pun-off at school. My English teacher is hosting it and coaching participants, and I'm considering joining because he is so dang funny. I have him for first period, so he's sleepy, and he's a really strict and serious teacher (I'm surprised I passed his class! Even with my absences, he was really strict on due dates), but every so often he'll crack a joke and we'll sit there for five seconds half-asleep, and then some of us will half-heartedly giggle. When he gets on a roll, you can take him for like ten minutes of just cracking jokes back and forth, but if you yell out something amusing during class, even if it's as a response to one of his cracks, and he's not in the mood, he'll just scold you and tell you to get out your books. Still, I imagine he's pretty fun when he's not too sleepy, and he's a really cool guy when he decides it's cool time. That being said, I'm already a laughing stock at school, and would probably miss all of the practices. Oops. I'm loving my Tonfas, by the way. There's just something comforting about having a big fat safety foam-padded stick to twirl around. Like when you used to always spin necklaces and lunch boxes around like helicopter blades even though you knew it would hurt someone. lol. It really aggrivates my carpal tunnel, but I'm getting some strength and it's surprisingly amusing to practice spinning while watching cartoons.
  11. I was playing an MMO today and someone had an egg-like monster for a pet that he named Obama. The conversation went a bit something like this: "Why is he an egg, isn't that a little weak?" "Because he represents new opportunities and protection." "Unless you don't feed him." "..." "We really can't argue with that, you know."
  12. Actually I've generally heard that white is the absence of color while black is a mix of all colors. In most practices it depends on the saturation, but I actually couldn't tell you which is really which. You said something I found to be irritating. You could just let the pattern flow, keep the randomness of the thread going, or you could open up and spout speculatory remarks to a rhetorical post. Oh no, now I feel like a bad person. :1
  13. Then don't get involved with them. If you don't do mudkipz, don't say why you don't liek them.
  14. Well, I'm my favorite androphobe on DA. Who's YOURS? Also, make with the memes or don't question the jokes, soldier. EDIT: UNLESS IT'S A ZOO
  15. By the way, I've officially discovered how men are going to cause my death. Someday I'm going to wake up and this will happen.
  16. ((Oops, I meant DFAF in general by "you," since I already have a picture of James up and such. Anyway, glad you like him. You are apparently great. It's apparently been said by some apparently important people who apparently talk to apparent magazines that are apparently reliable! : D))
  17. (( lol Seiya you're great. btw, I thought you'd appreciate Van))
  18. I'm gay for bridget and I'm a girl! 8D That's just how special he is
  19. Alright, I've gotta get this out somewhere where there are people I actually know. So I've been having a recurring dream. I had it again last night, and this morning was the first time I actually remembered it. I suspect this is the third or fourth time I've had the dream. Anyway... I have pretty frequent visions of the scene in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth with , on at least one occasion taking control of Jack for the entirety of the scene up until Jack escapes through a door in the house that leads down into the sewers, which I do believe only exists inside my mind, but the cellar full of bloody bodies leading up to the sewer does exist in-game and appears to act as a basement to the Waites' house. Additionally, a few times in the dream I've had visions, and at least once acted out, a chase between me and "Mummy," escaping by some miracle using the deadbolt on the cellar door. I wake up or dump that part of the dream either at the point that I discover Ramona (and I don't recall if the fainting always happens; I also don't recall seeing Ramona's father in any instance of the dream, but that may just be me) or escape to the cellar and Jack's (or my) sight begins to blur.Now, I found this a particularly awesome scene in the game and wildly entertainingly disturbing, but there was something about last night that bothered me. There were a few snippets of other dreams, including something with a lady and a helicopter and an island made entirely of salt, but the only really notable snippet involved a large house that was supposedly under the Order of Dagon's control, with children playing around and people acting worshippy, and I was apparently trying to sneak through a door in order to "progress through the game" to the scene with Ramona, although someone was with me and I insisted they stay to watch the scene because I enjoy sharing creepy games with people, lol. The cult leader from the Silent Hill movie was there watching us suspiciously, but of course I saw it as a video game so I was only worried in the sense that if-she-sees-us-we'll-have-to-restart. Anyway, I regained semiconsciousness as usual, and rested my mind after a nice, fun dream. I thought to myself, "Ha, I remember that scene." But from somewhere, a voice said "What are you talking about?" It was almost mockingly. The images all flashed back in my mind and it was as if the voice said "Yeah, you heard me right." That was what I found really disturbing. Throughout the day when it came into my mind, I pondered whether or not this scene I'd dreamt about was actually in the game or not. I thought I'd remembered it... but it's true. It was a real scene, though remembered not exactly to-the-dot by my mind. I have a few ideas about what it might mean, but... I don't really want to talk about them. I just had to share that. PS: CoC is awesome.
  20. Elton woke up. Although, recalling the nature of underpants in the subconcious, he quickly realized he was dreaming. He was still in bed, though. A waking dream! Maybe this way he won't be so tired when the coach comes and yells at everybody in the morning. Anyway, back to bed! he thought, rolling over in-dream, totally satisfied that he was in his own comfy bed. But it felt kind of weird. Or is that...? A teddy bear? He hadn't slept with one of those in years! Well, except for that one time last summer, and he was NOT doing that again! Well, it's a dream, so he might as well, especially since it seems like a good enough dream... -- Ow! What was that? Well this bear must have a loose staple or sum'in-OW. He should get rid of this thing, it was falling apart! Elton woke up. "AWWWLRIGHT YOU MISERABLE EXCUSES FOR SOLDIERS, LET'S SEE YOUR KEESTERS GETTIN' THE MOVE ON! Agent Vodello's got a special lesson prepared for you all today, so you'd better get down there before I can aim my foot at your behind!" The kids in Elton's cabin shuffled out, the usual morning prancin'-and-dancin' routine. Quentin moved slowly along pace with Oleander. "C'mon, Coach, didn't we decide to stop having lessons at the lake?" "That's why it's at the lodge today! Did I ferget to tell you that? I'm sorry. Go on, go on!" The Coach might have been cured of his psychopathic tendencies, but he was still a crusty old man/dwarf. ((Oh, please, the rest of you only set me up and give me little tidbits to glue together and combine into my total awesomeness. ;P lol, this is the most fun... I have to go to bed, otherwise I'd post more, but it's kinda open-ended, right? We've still left Miriku hanging, haven't we... SOMEBODY SURPRISE US! 8D))
  21. ((Holy crap, there are like 5,000 ways to introduce my other character who actually isn't Natasha this time, except he's not evil. So, sense I have no good ideas for Miriku's mysteriously evil voice, I'm going to do a MEANWHILE segment! 8D But first, let's go ahead and introduce. Name: Vandtam Murdock Gender: Male Age: 12 years Appearance: Dark, navy-blue hair that's relatively long for a guy. Generally wears clean and simple clothes, but he really likes white over black. He thinks they're tacky, but he still loves and wears khaki pants. Bio: A wannabe occult scientist with an icy personality. It's not that he's unkind- he's quite becoming, actually, depending on how you act toward him. But he's a pseudo-loner. He'll hang out where the action is if he feels like it, but he'll almost always be there with a book or a memopad. He holds knowledge to be equal to worth as a human being and, while he won't go out of his way to make the slower children feel bad, he's constantly pursuing something new to learn. He's not just a bookworm- he spends a lot of time watching people and animals and collecting data and conducting experiments (not in the sense that Joan does, though ). He'll hang out with the other campers, but he finds toys and games to be childish. He's extremely mature for his age. But on the inside, he has a dark secret that is probably actually less dark than even the things James dreams about at night. Powahz: He's just an average psychic. He's only recently discovered his powers, but he's good at picking up absent thoughts that people throw around, and is studying psychoscience and the relationships between the psychic mind, physical brain, dreams, and waking tendencies. Also, it's JT, not JD, dderrrrgh.)) Most of the boys had made it back to their cabin, hoping that at least some of them could make the "I have no idea what you're talking about" plea. After all, Oleander does have problems focusing, and probably didn't even notice those of them with less juicy brains. Quentin's head hung out from over the side of his bunk. "What's Claire doing here?" The girl in question was hanging out in a corner, removing James' hat and doing some thinking. James had horrible hat hair. James always wore his hat. James' mom says he can't wear the hat too long because he will get lice but now he is at camp and she can't tell him what to do. "Just doin' a little hypothesizin', that's all." She seemed to be thinking pretty deeply despite her close proximity to the James. "About that meteor thing? That was awesome." Quentin rolled back against the wall on top of his bunk, commenting in addition that he should write a song about it. "Oh?" A pen dropped at Claire's feet. "You drop this, James?" She offered him the writing utensil, and James was about to grab it and see if it ran on batteries (presumably by stuffing it down his throat) when a hand reached down from the higher bunk in the corner and took the pen gingerly, voicing a blunt "Thank you" before lifting it up and out of view. Claire stood on her toes and saw a camper she hadn't seen before at the pseudo-gathering. He was writing busily, paying no attention to her staring. Without shifting his gaze from his pad and pen, he spoke again: "If I might ask, what exactly is this hypothesis you're trying to form?" Claire blinked. "Ermm, about the meteorite that crashed in the lake earlier today. We don't know quite what it is, or why it's been coming down to Earth in such large numbers..." He spoke again. "Meteorite? And the only example you've seen of it today was at the lake. Hm. I haven't been there yet-" "Excuse me just one moment, sir," Claire said, pouting slightly, "But where did you come from? I haven't seen you in camp at all!" His fingers stopped moving the pen across the page, the scribbling sound stopping. A few impatient moments later he climbed down to the floor of the cabin and resigned himself to Elton's first-floor bunk. Elton didn't even bother to express annoyance because, honestly, he hadn't seen this kid either. "My parents dropped me off just this afternoon. The camp counselors should have an idea of exactly when. I've been in here reading. Best not to intrude on everyone's midday activities, I thought." He looked at Claire expectantly, then to James. James smiled. "Claire says I'm interesting." The boy smirked. He hopped off the bunk, one hand in a pocket, the other held out to Claire. "Vandtam Murdock. So I see you're a scientist. It's impressive." Claire accepted the handshake, becoming less apprehensive now that the stranger seemed to have warmed up to her enough to tell her his name. "Claire A. Voyance. Yes, I am. This is James. He's my little science project for now." She ruffled his hair. Vandtam saw how it stood up on end. "See, he has a natural electric charge of sorts." "I see..." Vandtam looked interested, although he was really quite fascinated. "And this is related to the meteorite, you think?" Claire nodded. "Well, it's just one theory. You see, it seems to be related in some way to psitanium. It seems doubtful that we would be orbitting through a belt of the stuff all of the sudden when I haven' heard of anythin' like it havin' been discovered before, and psitanium is the only other thing I can think that would attract it. Still, don't ya think it's a bit far-fetched?" "Not at all," Vandtam said, approaching James for further examination. "Assuming that this material is affected by a psychoelectric charge, which I have to assume from what you're telling me, it's possible that it may react to psychic or psychoelectric energy. Now, since James does radiate psychoelectric energy, and we're assuming that the mineral in question is psychoelectromagnetically active, it's likely that it would react strongly to him. Take into account the enormous amount of psitanium under the site of the camp and you have a pretty large magnetic center here on the Earth's surface. This is especially considering the fact that it may be possible for psitanium to absorb electric charges, and, given the wide range of James' radiation, the then-possibility of the psitanium gathering a stronger and stronger charge each day he spends at camp, we end up with a huge strength of psychoelectromagnetic pull. But that's just a theory." That was his problem. He was, on occasion, a know-it-all. This reminds me of that time... is... 14... gent... prot... "Ha?" Claire stared him straight in the face. Silence. "What?" the boy asked. "Oh." Claire shook her head. "Nothing, I... thought I heard something." ((Please note that Van has trouble with "loose thoughts" himself, mostly pertaining to his secret that he allows to run rampant only in the unmanaged parts of his mind. But the other campers don't know that. : P Maybe we'll find out his secret later, but not for now! And I don't want to make Van a science kiddo like Claire, he's just pretty serious about intellectuals. XP He's not antisocial, but... he's hard to explain. lol. He'll take shape eventually! lol. And by the way- don't make the mistake of having a character call him Van unless you want him to get really pissed. And if you want that to happen, go ahead! He sees himself as a highly serious person.))
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