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  1. Spacebase DF-9. Yeah, okay, fair enough. Outer space, period. Flying or not.
  2. First off, just wanted to say thank you to Double Fine for opening up AF to the public this year, and for making Spacebase DF-9. This game and Milgrim were my top choices, and since DF-9 was only one of my choices to get selected for prototyping, I was pretty excited about playing it. You've said in various threads that what you're really after is general game play experiences and our biggest likes and dislikes, so here goes: Likes: - Freeform building of rooms with very few resources to manage in order to do so. (ie. just having to deal with Matter). - Dialog between people was fun when I noticed it. Obviously a more fleshed-out bank of stories would help, along with more diverse ways to influence them. - Discovering other crafts. Would love to see unexpected results from doing so: medical outbreaks after opening up a diseased craft, fending off boarding parties from hostile people on discovered ships, etc. - The overall look and feel of the game was great. The pixelated, 8-bit-esque vintage motif was Just what I was hoping for. - Although obviously incomplete so far, the building, maintaining and expanding of resource rooms that help your growing number of people to thrive/survive is fantastic. I envision this getting more complex in a fleshed-out game: stuff like planning out where infirmaries or armories would be so that people don't have to travel far for anything they need, etc. Dislikes: - I didn't really feel like I was on a ship. The structure didn't resemble anything remotely shiplike after a while, there were no consequences for building in non-shiplike configurations, and there was no game mechanic, movement or animation to help me feel like I was flying through space. - Some of the bugs, while not altogether show-stopping, really got in the way of playing the game. Things like wall and door management, stalled-out workers, vaporization of rogue walls, inadvertent hull breaches during construction. - Once I built for a while, uncovered a few ships, gained more crew, mined a lot of Matter, etc... I hit a wall where I ran out of things to really do in the game. Again, I chalk this up to prototype-ville, where such balance and lack of ongoing challenges will certainly be dealt with in a full game. oh, and one compatibility note for good measure: Since there's currently no way to remap keys or mouse buttons, I had no "middle mouse button" because I couldn't tell the game which other button on my trackball to use instead. Not show-stopping, but it meant being perpetually stuck on the default zoom level. Overall: I really loved having the chance to play this concept, and would very much like the chance to see it developed into a full game.
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