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  1. DF is making the next Adventure Time game, and this will be a test to figure out how best they work together. Don't you DARE make me choose between Double Fine and Wayforward. Because clearly I can't just love both if they work on the same franchise.
  2. They didn't even HAVE to deliver the game. If development had all gone to hell, that would be perfectly acceptable within the rules of kickstarter. (Now, it would have spelled doom for Double Fine - even if the company managed to survive somehow it would destroy their reputation. Thankfully that didn't happen!)
  3. So to you every game needs to play a sample of George Carlin's Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television when it boots or it's for little kids? Just... wow.
  4. Dragging and dropping has been 'use these together' since *at least* Windows 3.0, probably earlier. Why is it that people insist on forgetting everything they know the moment a new program starts? I do agree that hovering the inventory popout should pop it up, but I really do not get the hate for dragging.
  5. There's been at least three.
  6. This is why we can't have nice things. If you want twenty-minute videos, there's TV for that. When I'm playing a game, I want to interact with it. Aping another medium just makes it look like you think your own isn't up to snuff. And it's not like there's no introduction. Shay's loop sets up his story rather well, and Vella's pre-feast party has all sorts of information about the Maidens Feast in it. You just get it by talking to people rather than watching a TV show before you're allowed to play the game.
  7. Dragging a thing onto another thing to use them together has its roots in at the latest Windows 3.0, well before touch screens were a thing. (Amusing side note: by this definition, since Windows 8 doesn't do the drag-onto-program-to-open, it's LESS mobile-y. ) As for the verb grid making puzzles 'better', if that's what you want you should really go to text adventures, where you have INFINITE verbs to guess from. And I don't mean the modern ones, where there's about the same number of verbs as Monkey only half of them are movement, I mean the oldschool ones. Finally, I can't think of a single puzzle that was 'click me once', except maybe the first "puzzle" or two in each story (walking to Vella's house, picking up the spoon, picking up the dish cloth) which are there to teach the UI.
  8. I think it's pretty obvious what he/she means, and it has been mentioned by games journalists as well (Walker over at RPS for instance): you have to drag items to use them, there are buttons to be pushed for everything (menu, inventory, etc. etc.) instead of mouse-over (which is the norm). You get the idea. It's not like figuring out what he/she meant was rocket science. There is no need to be defensive here, this is the feedback forum, feedback is to be expected. How is dragging items 'mobile app'? It's way more natural than clicking use, then the item, then maybe another thing unless it decided to just use the item on its own so you walk somewhere you didn't intend to go that way and you get frustrated. The only thing I can think of is that they miss the verb grid, and the verb grid was stupid through and through.
  9. ... what do you want, exactly? I mean, you point and click on things. Do you want to have to navigate a maze with your mouse pointer every time you want to do something, or some crazy thing like that?
  10. There is a rather critical, show-stopping problem with Broken Age. There's no log of what changed in each update. That's about as professional as if the game launched and it was actually just Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.
  11. I, conversely, am glad. I've never actually played Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle, because I get bored partway through the intro movie and go to do something else.
  12. Yeah, but you floated in there pretty well. I guess it does explain why there was friction. Because clearly, point and click adventure games need accurate space physics, when you're using whipped cream as a jetpack.
  13. Yeah, I have to agree, that dialog... doesn't make sense. It's not blocking, and it's probably not even worth bringing VAs back in for, but it's a quirk to avoid in part two if possible? Unless you guys did all the voice work in one go, which is possible. (I did love the puzzle though, it's one of those ones where you feel like a genius when you get it, which is what we're always looking for!)
  14. The Spoon's sordid past with the Dish is clearly the most pressing mystery. Seriously though, how the hell did Shay get from passed out and exposed to vaccuum to inside Mog Chothra? I mean, even if we assume Mog Chothra was the spaceship all along somehow... unless maybe that 'outer hull' was a fake?
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