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  1. ooph just realized that my key probably got sent to the email address I originally backed on this project on (no longer have access to) and I have since updated.
  2. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Addiction makes people do crazy thing to satiate their addiction and that unpredictability could play out in and out of combat in different and intriguing ways. It would make the decision to use demon tech and on who that much intense. It could even play into the family blood line in a way. Some families being more or less susceptible to addiction. I mean, just about everyone knows that one alcoholic whose whole family are also alcoholics, right? Could be an interesting to see in this game. Well the way they were talking this balance was something they wanted. Make the demon technology powerful enough that you're willing to risk all of the things that could go wrong. What happens when you're backed into a corner in a battle and you know you have a demon tech weapon or item that could win it for you. Would that be worth the risk? How and when you use demon tech could and should be a big part of the personal play experience.
  3. You guys were talking about possible drawbacks when utilizing demon technology and I was wondering if addiction can be play into that? Maybe using a demon's sword once wouldn't have a big impact, but the more often you have a character use it the more addicted he/she becomes to it.
  4. Awesome post only made awesomer by your avatar and screen name! --- Religion and Gods haven't made their way into many of our design discussions so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's worked into lore or the game's aesthetics. It's also a great topic of conversation here since it's uncharted territory! One thing I personally want to avoid is an over-complicated layer on top of the attack percentage system like the Final Fantasy Tactics zodiac system, where a character's birth date and how it relates to another character's birth date give unseen bonuses or detriments to attacks and spells. Just let me attack and have an idea of how successful it's likely to be! *edit* also, any thread where I can see Calvin & Hobbes is a winner in my book! My main interest in it isn't how it might pertain to combat or strategy, but how it might grow/change/shift over the epic timeline. It's just an interesting concept to me, because religion grows as society grows. It shifts and changes as the people do. I mean the Romans went from a polytheistic to monotheistic and both of those religions played pretty large roles throughout its history. Sometimes they had quite a bit of power and as that power diminished some very interesting things happened and when a new religion popped up the threat to the old one was also interesting. I mean, GodComplex's post exactly right. What religion held sway/power/influence over the people before this Immortal King came along and how did they respond to his existence? What happens over the course of the epic timeline? Do the people begin to worship the King as a God? Do they maintain their own personal beliefs in other Gods or God? Again, how do those beliefs change over time? That to me is just a really interesting question that I would love to see explored in the background of the game in some way or another. It doesn't have to have a direct or overt effect on the game or game play, but I think that religion is important (in one way or another) to every human society as the concept of religion is evident in practically every human society there ever was. On top of that we're talking about Fantasy and it is, as I said, a staple in the genre. All in all, it's just a thought I wanted to share.
  5. One of the other staples of the Fantasy genre is religion and/or a pantheon of gods. I always found these things to be incredibly intriguing in how this religion or set of gods (that are often part of the background/setting) played a subtle to overt role within the narrative. I think that introducing religion alone could bring in some intriguing game mechanics (i.e. a family or hero who worships X god can receive X bonus or unlock interesting interactions/ways of killing/etc.). Those things are really awesome to think about, but the thing that really gets my brain going is the idea of religion and its growth overtime and that's something a game like this (with its epic timeline and scope) could explore in a way that I don't think a lot of games or novels within this genre do. I don't know, it's just a compelling thought to me.
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