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  1. I wish to know the same thing, and also can I buy more names for an additional fee?
  2. Well, we better get an update in the next 4 days, or we may be out of luck until the game jam ends.
  3. You can select an object then click in the box at the bottom of the screen to flip the object. Or am I missing something? We don't want rotate it before its been placed without mocing the mouse around too much. I would love click mouse wheel, or let me reassign keys.
  4. Well, you need to carefully balance how your base expands and use the "Seal" room toggle liberally. When a ship attaches, seal off the bridge and force lock the doors so you don't make a death trap. When building a large bar, it helps to build more life support units in each connecting hallway to keep pressure up, since bars usually house multiple people and can run out of O2 quickly. It would not hurt to build your bars like a donut and have a O2 room in the middle. Also air flow to rooms is wacky, when you build a new room, it can receive O2 without doors, but once it has a door the O2 has to come from the door connections. I've tested this by having a bar's closet connected to a O2 room, but without doors. The people were all sucked into the closet when the bar ran out of O2. The closet was next to a large O2 room, but because it didn't have a door they all died from lack of O2.
  5. I hope they can get out the next alpha before that crazy AF thing really kicks off.
  6. We'll I don't remember if there was a rebind keys setting, but it would be great if I could rebind my mouse 5 or something to also rotate, or dare to say, let me use my game pad in big picture more.
  7. I think this is a steam only game. And the chance of steam going defunct is as low as a mass extinction event occurring.
  8. It's a steam game, so you can backup with steam, and there seems to be no mention of just selling name slots, since I would like to pay a few extra bucks and get a few more names added.
  9. Alarms are magic, they will panic to the next room, even if they were asleep.
  10. They should be taken to the Refinery eventually, by Miners. That's true, but it may take a while. If you really want to you can "demolish" them, but it won't get you the full amount. Just wait long enough and they should clear out when the miners run out of rock.
  11. Well, the O2 system is very lacking at the moment, since people can breath themselves into a vacuum. The only tips I have are... 1) All hallways should be 3x wide 2) Convert your unzoned hallways into O2 life support areas to keep pressure up
  12. Build a 4x4 platform near the asteroids, zone it as refinery, and build your refinery, now your miners will be quick. Also no walls on the platform.
  13. Those 'ride-along" characters are always so good! Murray was what made the later Monkey Island games for me. I did think the cereal boxes in broken age were brilliant, I'd like to see crew members chomping on those if they could somehow be harvested from giant spore pods... At some point traders may show up, who know what they could be selling. Or food needs to expand, so you can further process it to get more out of it. Turn space corn into cereal.
  14. It's pretty minor, just a bit of text. From what I can tell this is the main kind of easter egg they're planning to put in, bits of flavour text and names. I kind of like that approach because it lets the game keep doing its own thing without becoming too referential but has some stuff for the DF fans. If they're planning to implement belongings for the crew members and carry-able items and clutter, I think it would cool to see like, action figures of other characters from Phychonauts or a little Iron Brigade mech or something. People always seem to be talking about their record collections, let's see some Grim Fandango lounge records or an album of LeChuck sea shanties mixed in with the bands that everyone's talking about. Something like posters appearing in bars and residences could be a cool way of dropping in some cross-overs. Would add personality to crew a bit too I guess, and stop all the walls from looking the same. But I don't think that's a thing that anyone is considering. If its just extra text, that's pretty miss-able unless I knew to look for it. I would love more items as described by Wudley. When citizens finally get personal crew quarters, posters and other random items would be great, like dolls, tv clips or posters. But I really want "talking" silverware.
  15. I really haven't been having trouble with derelicts at the moment, send over 3x security, claim everything, seal off the rooms, unzone them, send in the builders to take it apart. And having a wall less derelict hanging around isn't that bad, it can be a target for asteroids.
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