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  1. If I work in the industry (i.e. indie dev) and want to share the documentary with others I work with is there a way to do this other than having them log in to my account here now that the slacker backer option is gone?
  2. I have no issues with social games/networks/products.
  3. Just curious. QA: Sims Castaway Stories Supreme Commander (360) Anno 1701 Gold (the developer/publisher, Aspyr, does not have pages up for these games anymore ) Production and/or Design: 4 Game Jam games including COOP Steel Storm: Towers of Doom Purify Puzzle SnowballZ several unannounced/canceled projects Community Management: Steel Storm series Tomes of Mephistopheles
  4. As a strategy game player mostly (due to lack of adventures) I am not really that big a fan of player agency as far as projection into the characters (and I don't really do that with adventures either). I like League of Legends' "Summoner" approach. At the same time, I am experimenting with avatar-based strategy. Pikmin's the best example I can provide outside of MOBAs.
  5. Erm... with Popcap, Playfirst, Playfish etc how can we even say this... I like pretty girls as much as the next guy, but I like Alyx Vance and Faith from Mirror's Edge way more than fighting game girls or whoever the atrocious Lollipop Chainsaw girl is.
  6. The way the game industry handles female characters makes me wonder if a good game could be made out of Paksenarrion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Deed_of_Paksenarrion Anne McCaffrey also wrote good strong female characters and the game industry squandered its opportunities with them.
  7. It seems some journalists got to see more than what they are showing publicly. http://penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/tomb-raider-throws-rape-assault-and-a-hostile-environment-at-lara-croft-to
  8. I meant the debate about the new origin story/character art, and potential unsavoriness of such.
  9. They aren't separated at all... .hack/sign Had that interesting concept of a character who only existed in a digital world (sort of) Human vs Vampire ?
  10. Any thoughts here on the Lara issues?
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