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  1. Horizontal. While partially motived by the fact I don't have many vertical boxes... I also just think it's a better fit for the art. And as others have said, on the shelf the spine will look no different.
  2. I'm fine with it, but I think a trimmed down edited version would be pretty key to getting a lot of attention.
  3. The one I posted earlier had a gold tinge to it (and is labeled as such). It's more of an off-white. This pic is better.
  4. So Friday the 29th I got my ship notification. Today I found it waiting in my mailbox. So 6 business days (July the 4th in states was a holiday right?) to get to me in Canada near the GTA. Zero duties needed payment, it is marked as a gift with a value of $8. Thanks Double Fine! I got on a few other projects on Kickstarter. I expected them all here before ANYTHING physical from DFA. Instead, this is my first item from any Kickstarter to get here. (because of delays in other projects) Can't wait for episode 4!
  5. I got a ship notification here in Canada. I got it Friday the 29th in fact. It estimated a max of 5 weeks to get to me up here (it shipped via USPS.) I'll try to remember to post when I get it, in case that helps inform other international backers (specifically Canadians) as to a rough timeline from notification to receipt of stuff. Also, the ship notification includes a Haiku, so there's that to look forward to!
  6. You say that like it's a bad thing. You honestly would want just an unedited mishmosh of numbing rambling as we see Tim get his coffee, sit at a desk and write for three hours, Oliver sitting at a computer and probably scowling as some parser or code isn't doing what it is supposed to do and Lee Petty tossing a mouse across the screen because it refuses to make a straight line? I'm sure all this kind of stuff will end up in an edited version, but I'd rather 30 seconds of the best of this footage than all the hours of it. I've seen a bunch of videos lately in which things aren't being edited. You actually end up with every um... uh... and even a few "wait, I forgot what I was saying, let me begin again"... and I scream that I'd rather wait for a well done production than immediacy. I could be in the minority here... and if I am, well, oh well... I'm probably in the minority who though the Thriller joke went about 2 minutes too long. You aren't in the minority (for the first thing that is). I'd love if there was even more video, sure. But the first episode was fantastic. There are lots of features in the forums here of in depth stuff, there will be side episodes as well. I'm all for the documentary "proper" being a perfectly smooth, fantastically edited take on the project.
  7. I think it's becoming clear these forums are becoming a pretty lively place in relation to Double Fine's project. I just was thinking, is there going to be anything done with the material being posted here? Certainly the DF and 2PP posts. I wonder if it might be an awesome idea to be gathering this information somewhere for the backers. A great archive of events, specifically without the clutter that is sure to follow 11 months of posts, would be fantastic.
  8. Probably good their tipster seems unaware of internet caching, and the fact the videos are likely on his computer entirely. Curious what your reaction will be, but I'd be tempted to just ignore the stories... depends how much traction it gains I guess. Really loving how open this project is, already feel happy to support it.
  9. I don't think people who missed the Kickstarter should be excluded either. They are presumably as small (or large) a minority as those who disagree. If this is all about inclusion of cool people, let's include others who like the same stuff we do, but missed the Kickstarter for whatever reason.
  10. 1. Really? You're implying asking to sell more to help the company is displaying a lack of integrity? They are keeping their word, they're asking if they can change the terms. 2. It is great when the community sticks together. The vast majority are sticking together and saying go ahead.
  11. My thoughts. I don't get why there is a sentiment this "shafts" anyone already involved. You get everything still. We all do. They aren't taking anything away from us. There are over 80,000 people with access to forums, are even another 10,000 people going to harm any of this? What's the downside, besides this being a change of plans? We don't know the VAST majority of the current backers, it's not like this is going to introduce some unsavory element or something. I understand when someone says this isn't the original plan, but so what? I didn't back this game for exclusive forum usage. I backed it because the documentary and game are exciting to watch and hopefully play! I'm 100% behind Double Fine getting more money, either to make this game more awesome, or to help them make other great stuff.
  12. I'm all for your team doing better. Sounds fine to me!
  13. It needs to be a game about love, just like [del]Trenched[/del] Iron Brigade.
  14. I do not feel cheated. But I would love a download option if at all possible. I'd like to watch them on my TV instead of computer.
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