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  1. At first I thought it might be weird to watch the closing livestream before seeing all the daily videos, but I actually loved it! Usually, I've seen enough of each game to already have a sense of what it'll be like, but this time the game reveals were a huge surprise. I was delighted about how great they all looked! And now I'll get to see how they got to that amazing stage.
  2. Is Tim right about Broken Age on iPhones? Act 1 was iPad only. Did this change when I wasn't paying attention? If so, that's awesome!
  3. The gameplay concept of Mnemonic really grabbed me and that's why I ended up voting for it. I loved the idea of exploring your own memories to solve the murder mystery. What hooked me was the mechanic of grabbing something from one memory and using it to progress in other memories. There was a great example in the documents posted in the Mnemonic thread: The player grabs some radio music in one memory and adds it to a second memory to unlock a singer. Then they can grab the logo off a cigarette pack and put that logo on some faceless thugs in a third memory. It just sounds fun to me to be able to grab people, sounds, etc. and put them in your inventory to use in puzzles. And I didn't vote for Steed, but I thought the concept was pretty hilarious. So I'm excited to see the prototype!
  4. I wasn't sure why Double Fine chose to be involved in the VGAs/VGX since it's been a decade-long embarrassment to all gamers (and all award shows), but this thread brings up a fantastic reason for being a part of the show. As terrible as the show is, lots and lots of people will tune into it even if they're only interested in upcoming games. That's a great time to show off Broken Age to some gamers who might not have heard of it yet. It's too big of an opportunity to pass up!
  5. I'm pretty used to cliffhangers from all my years of reading comics and other serialized fiction. So I have no problem with playing Act 1 right away. The only thing I plan to wait on is for the beta period to be over. I'll help beta test briefly (to help make sure the graphics are okay for low-end cards like mine), but I want to save the story for the official release.
  6. Great episode! And now I'm curious to see what games JP and Brandon left to work on. Could it be Spacebase and Hack & Slash?
  7. Since LucasArts is now going to licence out game properties instead of making games, I wonder if they'll make their entire games catalog available for licencing. It would be a waste to just licence out Star Wars games. What if someone comes to them wanting to licence Grim Fandango? They wouldn't say no, would they?
  8. I don't think Double Fine will be able to bid on just the Costume Quest and Stacking licences. Everything has been grouped into lots, so it looks like they'd have to bid on the whole "licensed software" lot. I doubt they're interested in getting licences to other people's intellectual property. Right now I'm hoping to see Sega, or another company DF has a good relationship with, buy up that lot. EDIT: Or better yet, maybe no one will bid on the lot and all the licenses will revert to the game developers.
  9. The games were apparently taken down to fix some problems so we'll just have to wait a bit before we can download them. I'm waiting for them to be accessible on Steam before I download.
  10. I love how Black Lake has my favorite feature of games like Morrowind: Being able to pause the main quest and go explore the world. And that exploring can be just as fun and rewarding as following the main quest. I love playing games like that so I'm very excited to play Black Lake!
  11. When they got to the end of the prototype on the livestream I was sad that it was over and really, really wanted to see more of the game. I think that's a sign that they've got a hit on their hands.
  12. Interesting question... 1.) Spacebase (my favorite of the winning pitches) 2.) Hack n' Slash I'm not sure which order I'll play the other games in. I first need to figure out if I'm able to play any of them with my laptop's Intel integrated graphics. The graphics on White Birch, Black Lake and Autonomous look absolutely amazing! Way better than I was expecting in two weeks. I usually assume good graphics means I'm unable to play a game, but I'll download all of them and find out. If they all work, I think I'm most interested in Black Lake so I'd play that before the others. Then it would be a tie between Autonomous and White Birch.
  13. I think they'll be putting a soundtrack of the music on the AF Humble Bundle download page. So if you've purchased the bundle, you'll eventually get the music. I don't think they've announced a release date for that, but I assume it'll be around the time they release the games.
  14. I'd have to say that all of the games are turning out better than I thought they would. I knew they'd all be good since they're being made by Double Fine, but I've been completely shocked at how much each team has been able to accomplish in two weeks. Also, I went into this only interested in Spacebase out of the 5 winners, but all of the games won me over pretty quickly as I've watched them develop. I'm very excited to play with all the finished prototypes!
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