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  1. Interacting with secret police - ideas thread

    I can see it already, interacting with the secret police. "Mr. Chairman, we've found evidence that a prominent factory owner has been slipping horse meat into our citizens' lasagna. What do you want us to do?" A) "Lasagna? How unpatriotic! Shut down the factory and execute the owner on live television. We must put a stop to this devolution of the motherland's values, starting with the basics like food." B) "What a clever idea... Tell him he can continue to do so after he makes a donation to the party fund. Also, find me more factories we can persuade to substitute in alternative meats." C) "And nobody noticed this before? Bring this man here, it's time I elected a new minister of propaganda." True story.
  2. Relic Ideas

    People would flock to a shrine where they'd contemplate in front of a Muiral, giving them a temporary morale boost. ;-)
  3. Relic Ideas

    Tome of Tominess: Whilst out questing, pillaging and what not, you tend to find old tomes. Some of those are in a dead language from an age long forgotten (or vaguely remembered in legend). Think of this as New Game+, whenever you'd start a new game after completely finishing one, not just something specific to your bloodline gets found in your catacombs, but you'll randomly find books of knowledge... you just can't read them. If you have this Tome of Tominess, your most learned people can decipher a handful of these, which then turn out to describe an improvement on technology you were just researching, or even unlock a completely new sub-tree.
  4. Animal Breeding and Bloodlines

    Ye Olde Learned Man: "... in conclusion, as it says in the seventieth volume of the third tome by Stinwas the Wisest on the life of Belwi the Belligerent..." King: "Yes, yes, we should have red candles, not yellow ones, or we'll upset some minor lordlings' feelings. I get it. Just take care of it, will you? And whilst you're at it: I want the finest wines available to humanity. I want them here, and I want them now!" Ye Olde Learned Man: "But Sire, I'm hardly a squire! I'm your most trusted advisor!" King: "You forget your place, old man. And I do trust you; I trust you to get me that wine right now!" (True story)

    It would also be sweet if you could set the seed, so that you could replay the same randomly generated scenarios more than once, or compare your final outcome with a friend playing the same seed. That is full of awesomeness. Also for if you want to replay the same game, but make an entirely different choice somewhere along the line. Even if you overwrote teh early savegame, you'd have some way of figuring out the seed value on some screen. As long as you have at least one save of that game, you'd be good. A bit like Minecraft in that respect.
  6. Animal Breeding and Bloodlines

    You'd have stablemasters for that, of course. They could be instructed on how you want to handle the breeding: - Select for a trait over time - Just get me as many horses as you can Having advisors might also work for other things. Some stuff you'd want to micromanage, others you let people handle for you, from your small council on down. You can make it as micromanagy as you want, basically. (But that's up to DF to decide, of course).
  7. Animal Breeding and Bloodlines

    A steed from a renowned bloodline might even make for a nice wedding gift for a Lord to give his liege. A stable full of them might serve as a decent dowry.

    Also, for a 'family-oriented game', it would make sense that 'all the family' (modulo maturity) can play it. So it'd be a more communal thing: Sibling A: "Did you see what I did there?" Sibling B: "Yes, but let's save this and I'll show you what I did. It works even better in mountain passes like these." Uncle: "That's nothing. Back when I was your age, I walked backwards through the snow, uphill both ways! And we liked it that way!" Sibling A: "I fail to see what that has to do with this game..." Sibling B: "Something to do with loony family members, like that cousin of your King." Uncle: "I'm right here you know!" (This segway brought to you by the letter M, for Massive)

    If I was a superhero whose beard has superpowers, like Brad, I'd actually pick a likeable alter ego. Just sayin'. ;-) On the subject of saves, it would be nice to be able to juggle multiple games at a time. So multiple save slots to start individual games in would be nice, also for people sharing their PC with family (I'm sure there's a few of those).
  10. Combo attacks

    If some team managed to get the rights to do a remastered Chrono Trigger, I'd back that project in a heartbeat. I agree that combo attacks like these would work well. Not just combo attacks even, perhaps having a few people together allows you to unlock certain R&D too.
  11. By "someone" do you mean Brad? I'm pretty sure "fog of war" is one of the few core game features we known about ("Line of sight and fog of war mechanics come into play as your squad explores beautiful dynamic 3D battlefields where danger may lurk behind any corner"). Having said that, your idea sounds cool too. I'm not sure I could handle misinformation from scouts and line of sight limits and fog of war time delays. That seems like it would be a really fun "insanity" or "realistic medieval war sim" mode, but I'd like to have the option of a slightly less crazy mode where I can at least trust some of my information. No, I meant someone in the comments section of Kickstarter: I actually hadn't seen Brad's version, but the description has been added to several times since I backed the project, so I guess that explains why I missed it.
  12. This game is about noble families, for some definition of noble. In keeping with the Game of Thrones theme mentioned on Kickstarter: Will there also be bastard heroes? (Snow) Any chance your hero will turn out to be barren? I was thinking that if a hero did turn out to be barren, this might be compensated by them having some sort of special ability. So on the one hand they're extra awesome, on the other - unlike their siblings - they won't be continuing the bloodline. Additionally, if you come across (or create) a Queen Cersei, does she have a "Not clever enough by half" debuff trait? Could be an optional trait mechanic where names have power, some beneficial, some not so much. You really won't know until your hero develops what name they've made for themselves. To some degree the name you make for yourself does have a real effect - your reputation preceeds you. This presumably is one of the reasons Varys likes to play dress up, so as to get honest reactions. Then there's the idea of catacombs (like that of the Starks in Winterfell). Heroes could visit their forebears' graves on a meditative trip for a temporary bonus of some sort. Honor thy legacy, and all that fine jazz. Research and development of technology could be a double-edged sword: Wildfire is very finicky stuff, after all. ;-) (Not saying there should be a carbon-copy lifting of this stuff from R.R. Martin's, just keeping in theme). Families might have bannermen and loyal servants who have their own bloodlines, helping out your family generation after generation. They might offer their services as treasurer, master of arms, spymaster, what have you. Sometimes they might defect, unless you were wise enough to foster their children. Tithing your smallfolk is a good way to raise monies, but if you overdo it, you won't have just your enemies to contend with. Additionally, throwing big opulent parties might be a good idea to boost morale among your bannermen and armies - more so when there's also a tourney - but if you try this when your smallfolk are starving, they'll resent you for it. Governing a kingdom therefore is a bit of a tightrope act. Any chance of a New Game+ ? You know you want to! :-D On the Kickstarter someone mentioned Fog of War. I'm hoping for something even a bit classier than the common implementations we've seen thusfar: A strategic map overview of a large area, either painted on a large table in a war room (Stannis at Dragonstone), or on a nice piece of leather in the field (Rob Stark). Carved wooden markers used for positions. Of course the information is probably days old at best, so you had better plan accordingly. Send outriders out to scout the enemy lines, hire spies in cities, do everything you can to get as much information (to corroborate), as fresh as you can. Then there's the chance your spies might be feeding you misinformation, or that your outriders were caught and persuaded to feed you lies, or that they were killed outright. ;-) Some of this might be compensated for by a mage using a scrying spell, but those might require pricey consumables, or tire the mage to the point where you have to be careful where and when to look, because you certainly can't use it to keep abreast of everything always. Then for the tactical view of the current front, a line of sight fog of war? Leaving behind a ghostly image of what was there last time you saw it if you scroll beyond what you can actually see at that moment. Your scientists and engineers can come up with a spyglass, of course to help out with that. Unrelated, but an idea just the same: A devious commander might let loose a few hundred rats near the enemy's base/camp, delivering a plague, eating their food, answering their nature's call on their food, drowing in their beer and wine... The survivors might decide the place is too 'adjective of faecal matter' - literally - to keep fighting over and tell their liege lord and lady to go toss something. That's it for now. Stay awesome, DFA! :-D