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  1. Maybe they can setup a private repo backers can pull from. Then we can configure, compile and run it that way? I mean... that'd be in true *nix fashion... no?
  2. Yup! Just got it running on my Mac as well using ResidualVM a month or so ago. The binaries are a bit hard to find when navigating the site, but it works perfect as far as I can tell.
  3. This first episode was amazing. Initially I wasn't too enthusiastic about a documentary of the entire process, but this video (and all of the previous ones) have really brought a personal touch to everything surrounding this entire process. Can't wait for the next update. Keep up the awesome work 2PP.
  4. You know _technically_ you could put "Monkey Island: Special Edition" on here since it came out semi-recently. The ability to go between old-school graphics and revamped graphics was amazing. If not for the ability to do so, just to compare what was changed and how it was interpreted from one era to the next. With that said I haven't played a lot of the recent adventure games. In fact I've only recently just installed Grim Fandango after backing DFA. I've been a strong supporter of Telltale games, but after a while you can kind of see how pretty much all of their games (at least what I've played) work. * 3 trials to accomplish * 3 things needed for each trial * Final challenge This isn't a horrible thing, but it's just kind of predictable knowing "oh, these are the 3 things i need to do this 'episode' ". Throwing some randomness in an adventure game isn't always a bad idea
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