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  2. Oh how could I forget the extremely recent release of Jazzpunk? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeJc-jij01o
  3. Probably one of my favorite surreal and strange games in recent memory is Frog Fractions, the less you know about this one before playing it, the better - http://twinbeard.com/frog-fractions There's also Goblet Grotto, which admittedly, I haven't quite had a chance to dive into yet, but I am very excited by the prospect - http://harmonyzone.org/GobletGrotto.html Surreal games are definitely something that's lacking in recent times, though!
  4. Just to make absolutely sure before I get myself into trouble tomorrow, does "any videos" include streaming on Twitch so long as things do not go past the points listed? Very excited to play it either way! Glad it's finally here!
  5. Nope, they have it set up so you can only get half of the cards from playing the game. You may get lucky and after you've expended all of your available card drops, you have the random possibility to get a booster pack that comes with 3 additional cards. Aside from that, the main goal is for people to trade cards with other people. So you can be like "I'll trade these HL2 cards for more Psychonauts cards." Or you can buy and sell them on the Community Market (Double Fine gets a small cut of every card/background/emoticon relating to Psychonauts and Brutal Legend sold through the market).
  6. Thank you so much, Double Fine, for the Psychonauts trading cards!
  7. While that's certainly true, Final Fantasy Tactics didn't have an official "Paladin" class either. However, it did still have a very wide range of unique and diverse classes, and with the Double Fine creative spark behind class creation, I'm sure they could come up with a large swath of clever classes that are all very different and unique.
  8. I remember in one of the streams they mentioned something along the lines of it being far too much art necessary to make every class combine together. For example, if they did a "Warrior" and an "Archer" together it'd be a "Ranger" but then, exponentially, you have RangerXWarrior, RangerXArcher, and then those combinations and so on and so forth. My solution is to have it be something similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, where the proper combinations aren't known at first, but you still have that experimentation and surprise when you unlock a new class by intermixing bloodlines. Say you start with the "Warrior", "Mage", and "Archer" archetypes. To unlock something like "Ranger" you would have a Third Generation (or later) Warrior mix with a Second Generation (or later) Archer. Similar to how in FFT you needed someone who was a level 2 Squire to unlock Knight, and they started getting more complicated with needing like 4 or 5 different classes leveled to certain ratings. This way you can still have say only 16 classes (or however high the cap is going to be) so it doesn't become an exponentially unending situation like the above way. By having it be generations, it gives more meaning to the Epic Timeline and invariably gives you the more "powered up" advanced classes later in the game, provided you're lucky enough to find the combinations. Which, also, has the benefit of replayability to experiment and try to find all the hidden combinations. I realize a lot of other people are discussing along the lines of skill systems, instead of classes, but I really don't think having classes would kill the need for skills that would also be unlocked. Again, something Final Fantasy Tactics had (Skills unlocked via Job Points).
  9. I got my Brutal Legend badge to level 2 so far, gotta wait til I can sell more cards to complete a third set. I really really hope Double Fine does Psychonauts, too. I'd happily collect those cards.
  10. O is undoubtably the best, but I think there's some elements of C and H that I'd like to see, not sure exactly what, though.
  11. Inside of a pocket watch A black & white world filled with lots of hard shadows (noir-esque) Anything involving Norse Mythology Water droplets suspended in mid-air (or water dripping upwards)
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