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  1. Hey Frogacuda, it seems that Paul mentioned you in one of his latest tweets: http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/viewthread/463/P45/#6567 I do remember reading the tweet before I went to bed and it indeed mentioned the name Travis Fahs. I didn't know it was you. I checked his twitter account right now and it does appear to be deleted. I guess he didn't appreciate your comments on the replaygames forum. The problem is that Paul Trowe is a dick and a PR disaster. Look for example how Tim Schafer responds to a fan who isn't very happy with his poster right on this very forum: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7300/P25/#231460 He is polite and considerate and offers the backer his money back. Let's compare that to how Paul Trowe treats backers who aren't satisfied. There are numerous examples. There is a backer right now on the kickstarter comments page who would like his money back but hasn't heard anything from Replay Games despite politely emailing them several times: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leisuresuitlarry/make-leisure-suit-larry-come-again/comments. I'll also post this link for people who might not be familiar with his previous behaviour: http://mixnmojo.com/news/Is-Paul-Trowe-of-Replay-Sabatoging-Other-Kickstarters Also read the comments for more sleuth work from the readers.
  2. The end of December is also good. Christmas. Snow. Santa. All that stuff. But I'd rather have a product that isn't rushed so spring or summer look pretty sweet to Jimmy... I mean Ronnie.
  4. If The Last Express wins any chance of getting Jordan Mechner to make an appearance?
  6. While there are a lot of things I don't like about Kickstarter (there could be an entire thread dedicated to this topic), I like the fact that you can change your pledge multiple times and you only get charged when the project ends. The flexible funding option on Indiegogo is very dubious. It is the kind of thing that invites scams. There will surely be a strong contender to KS in the future, which will fix a lot of its problems and provide some healthy competition, but for now I guess I'm gonna stick with it.
  7. It's very good that they lowered the price. I was extremely annoyed when I saw the initial price tag considering that it's only one episode in a series of what, four-five? For now I'm still not gonna get it. I was intrigued at first by the game, but I eventually saw the trailer and it really didn't look very interesting. And if Hollywood movies are something to go by, the best bits are in the trailer. The game could be good, but I'm gonna give it a miss until all the episodes are available. We've seen what's happening when an episodic big seller gets delayed (Walking Dead), what if because of poor sales the other episodes don't get made and we are left with an incomplete game? I want to promote independent adventure game developers, but I'm not sure the episodic format is the way to go. I wish them good luck, but I'm just gonna sit back and see how it develops.
  8. Overall, I thought the game was good. Some MINOR SPOILERS to follow, so be warned if you want to enjoy the pure experience. * * * The negative: The story is nice, but it kinda feels less epic than I think it was intended to be, a bit unfinished at times, like certain things were cut out from the finished game. The main characters aren't very well drawn and kinda fall into stereotypes. The graphics and animations are a bit underwhelming when compared to classic games like Fate of Atlantis or even compared to Indy's Last crusade. I think AGS is a kind of a slow engine, it really doesn't feel very smooth and gives the game a kind of fanmade game feel instead of a professionally done game. I don't have the slightest problem with the retro look or the game being low resolution, I just feel there a better engine choices out there. I didn't have this problem with Gemini Rue for example, but because of the more complex interface in Resonance the engine shows its limits. Not the greatest voice acting, especially during the more intense acting moments. Mediocre and forgettable music, although the end song was kinda nice. The sound effects are kinda lacking and as a result the surroundings feel kinda bare. Does anyone honestly love mazes in adventure games? I don't. There's one maze in there, not Igor: Objective Uikokahonia bad, but still not very enjoyable. The good: The story doesn't take the easy way out, which would have cheapened the experience. Some nice twists and turns The puzzled are varied and well balanced, not easy, but not very hard. I think I finished the game in about 8-9 hours played in two sessions. There were a few more difficult puzzles, not hard or obtuse enough to be frustrating and solving them proved to be satisfying. Nice interface and mechanics. Switching between characters. Although it might seem like the negatives outweigh the positives, it's really not the case. I wanted to get out what I didn't like about the game as I feel it's more constructive for the developer. I definitely recommend the game to all the adventure game fans out there. I really enjoyed it and can hardly wait for my boxed copy to arrive so I can put it on my shelf among my other great adventure games. Yeah, I wondered about that too, since it came out of nowhere. We never see him being attacked and it's not mentioned anywhere else.
  9. One ending down, three to go. Decent game so far. Will post more after I finish the other three. EDIT: I've found three endings so far. I've been scratching my head and can't seem to find the fourth one. I don't even know where I read that there are four endings. Maybe I confused that with the number of protagonists. Anyone know?
  10. I've been following the site for the past few months before it was released and I thought they would do a greater job publicizing it. As it is very few people know about it and the chance of games being funded are nil. I haven't read exactly how it works for backers and as things stand I won't bother. I'll look it again in 6 months maybe it will gain some popularity. Either that or it closes down.
  11. I wanted to play the demo, but I ordered the boxed copy, so I uninstalled it. I've been keeping my eye on this game for a couple of years now, I guess I can hold off playing the game for a week. Hope it's as great as I think it is!
  12. Somehow it reminds me of the Cyberia games from the mid 90s, which I found enjoyable back then. I found all the talks about the protagonist in the comments section extremely silly. I really don't care if they make her walk around in lingerie or give her a full body armour, but there are some who feel like they have to take a stand. Whatever. I like Hexit's graphics, but I'm not so sure the gameplay is any good. If this was a short film it would've been one thing, but since this is a game they haven't really showed me something to convince me it is worth playing. Anyone remember Creature Shock? Fantastic graphics, horrible gameplay.
  13. They really made a bad move not making this campaign a little more polished or at least waiting a month more before launching it. With all the success of the adventure game kickstarters they could have gone to a publisher now and had more success with it. I mean it's a game designed by Al Lowe and written by Steve Ince and developed by Wizarbox. Now with almost non-existent KS interest, there's no chance a publisher will touch it and it's probably the last we will ever hear of this game. It's frustrating to see that developers don't really take enough time to think these campaigns through. Most of them feel rushed and it's mostly thanks to fan enthusiasm that they get funded. From what I've seen it appears that the next adventure game KS will be Bill Tiller's. He's gonna do A Vampyre Story prequel in September. Too bad the first game was awful in every respect, except the art, and I'll definitely not fund that one. If it was a new game I might have faked some interest. I wish Bill Tiller would stick to the art and work with a real designer and writer. At least we'll probably get a new Quest for Glory KS around Christmas. Now that's one KS I'm gonna fund!
  14. That garbage was mostly Paul Trowe's doing. You can read a summary of his pathetic behaviour here: http://mixnmojo.com/news/Is-Paul-Trowe-of-Replay-Sabatoging-Other-Kickstarters. The thread that started it is here: http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/viewthread/172/
  15. The pitch is not very well written, but you have to take into account that Steve Ince will be involved in writing the game and we can be sure lame puns like "Nice melons" won't make it into the game. But as I've said before the pitch video won't win many backers unfortunately. Some fast changes are needed in the whole presentation.
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