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  1. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/torment-tides-of-numenera?ref=live Torment: Tides of Numenera seems to be at good pace, 1/3 of 900k done...
  2. Quality PSU is important, it's the only part that can kill all the other parts at the same time. The CPU and GPU are the most important parts for gaming. Still, I would aim for mid-high range if you are able to update yourself, saves money for later and you get best bang for the buck. No reason to get the best if you aren't running at very high resolutions like 2560x1600 or multi-monitor setups for gaming.
  3. I think they get atleast some boxes out, but ecosystem and viability or need to port is questionable...
  4. If you hack the OUYA or modify it, you can't use the store... So part of market lost right there. Also PC works because the numbers Windows 7 has sold 600M copies, add Vista and still active XP to that and pirated ones. The gaming fraction of that makes such a huge user base there is room for many indies. On other hand, OUYA is likely to be Niche. Only way I see them to make big is to allow others use their Android version and shop to sell their own consoles. Or get to mass market brick and mortar stores...
  5. Few thoughts: Biggest concerns about HW: Issues 8GB storage with no expansions like SD? Seriously? Smaller onces: Ethernet would help. 1GB ram is tad low, hope they don't try to do multitasking. Still, my biggest question is will it sell in large numbers(half a million-millions), if not who will develope for it or make profit on games?
  6. Whole time limit section for that useless little piece of ***** is just frustrating. Also relative to camera controls are bad in the part where you have to climb round walls. Not nice... Then the running up arm... Also being bodyless makes things annoying...
  7. Pixel art and hi-res art need different but partly overlaping skill set. Still, I'm not sure good pixel-art is much cheaper than good hi(/medium)-res 2D art. They both need time. Also pixel art was done because technology had limitations and you had to work hard to over come those...
  8. I just hadn't bought the DF bundle... On other hand I wanted stacking too, is Costume Quest any good? ;D
  9. I realy wanted these games and could use Amazon cause their evil! location restrictions... Steam FTW! ;D
  10. I strongly believe people are over dramatizing this. At the least in case of Wasteland 2 it's not exclusive. Which do people really prefer. 1) Developers get more money by selling game to some people who don't use other services. EA gets some money too. 2) Developers get less money. EA gets no money.
  11. I might have a [del]few[/del] [del]couple[/del] quite a lot of issues with EA as publisher. On other hand as long as they aren't forcing Origin exclusivity I don't have anything against them as distributor. It's world of difference, as long as they offer competitive deals and allow product to be sold at other markets there is nothing wrong having them to offer a product on their service.
  12. Important thing is to look what is done with code. For things like hi-end graphics and such low overhead of C++ is needed. On other hand it doesn't matter for things like basic scripting and such if code is even one or couple magnitudes slower. Optimization should be done where it matters and where there is gains. For such games as adventure games there isn't much real-time stuff going around for scripting and savings from faster development far outweigh any speed gains. Let's say you pick up a item, does it matter if it takes 0.1 or 0.001 seconds? Or other interactions. On other hand if something takes hour to make or change to make takes 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes or 30 seconds? There is places and times for efficient code, but it's not always needed.
  13. What if I prefer dynamite or hiring 1000 indians to pull it down?
  14. 26. I bought the hint book so it's ok? (by Al Lowe, there is more money in them anyway...) 27. "I'm a bad person, ok are we done now? I got to play this game."
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