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  1. The Flock Official Thread

    I actually pitched a game at the start of the year in which a big component was flocking movement. I used this exact video! It was a big inspiration (also, filmed on the river Shannon which isn't *too far from where I grew up in Ireland). Some great starling shots in the Tree of Life if you haven't seen it, and Winged Migration is a film that would probably be a good touchstone too. Definitely voting for this, for feel and the possible art. Love it. Lots of interesting directions to take it. I still want to return to my somewhat related game concept in my spare time once I finish some other projects, so this makes me wistful. Good luck Greg!
  2. The docs are getting better and better as we get into the meat of production. Love it. Super agreed. It's a really interesting, invaluable insight to the development process. It's all about recognising problems or weaknesses so you can fix them and having the confidence in your own abilities and team that things will work out.Also great to see Marius apply himself so well also, way to go dude!