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  1. Derek, you're a genius! Seriously, that key puzzle was awesome. Great story, I especially liked listening to the recording of the ink blot test given to the patient. I want to know what happens next!
  2. I loved it! The combat was really great, I think there's a lot of potential for Steed as a full game. I really liked the story-book storytelling, too. More Steed, please! As an end-game quest, I decided to take Twig back to his natural habitat.
  3. And if all else fails, subscribing to the "DFA Development Update Table of Excellent Contents" thread is probably the most reliable place to get updates. That thread is awesome, Chris! Thanks for everything, man.
  4. Actually, if you watch this video: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6843/ Tim explains how it is important to be as transparent as possible, but to not spoil the story. That way, people that want to watch / be a part of the developmental process can also enjoy the story and puzzles fully when the game is released.
  5. Shadow Remnants is a tactical RPG, the developers are apparently really inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shoreboundstudios/shadow-remnants/
  6. As a media production major, all of this is extremely fascinating to me. Thanks for the very informative post. It's very obvious that you guys shoot A LOT of footage, but the episodes are only around 30 minutes long (not including side quests.) I realize that you guys only pick the best of the best footage for the episodes, and you edit them to perfection, which is amazing, but have you guys ever considered releasing the extra footage you shoot? For example, releasing an unedited compilation of all of the 10-minute interviews that you do over the course of a week? I understand that this makes absolutely no sense cinematographically (it's a word, don't look it up,) as you guys produce absolutely astonishing videos, but for someone like me that wants as much insight into the developmental process of Reds as possible, seeing even amateurish behind the scenes videos interests me. I also realize that this would pose a few issues. Most obviously, spoilers would probably be an issue, so these compilations would HAVE to be edited, which, in-turn, would make you guys have to work even harder, which I'm sure isn't even possible. Then, authorization to post the videos would be required, putting even more work and stress on Tim and Greg's heads. WELP, LOOKS LIKE I ANSWERED MY OWN QUESTION, NOTHING TO SEE HERE. I think it would be amazing to get an episode, or at least a side quest, dedicated to 2 Player Productions. It would basically be this post in video form, but seeing you guys in action would be insightful. You guys could show us that you work just as hard as Double Fine during the production of Reds. An overview of all your equipment would be awesome too. Thanks for all the great work, guys. Looking forward to episode 4.
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