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  1. Yeah, at this early phase I didn't know what balance was best - I had 3 Keeps, 2 Crucibles, 1 Guild for most of the game (had a 4th keep but lost its zone, sadly). My kids were coming out of training at level 8 and making short work of everything they faced, but the final battle is tough for them. I'm not sure what I should have done differently to get higher-level trainees by the endgame. The problem, of course, is that you can't predict back in turn 100 whether you're setting things up such that you'll be training level 9.5 heroes by turn 300. You have to play all of those years, then discover that your dudes aren't trained enough.
  2. I find that the Ramcap Caber is just plain better than my level 10 relic. My relic caber means I can hopefully one-shot a hard enemy, if I happen to crit. The Ramcap Caber lets me GUARANTEE I kill him, since I get 200% damage, and at the same time I can throw damage AND a stun onto a second target! That's insane! The only requirement is that the positioning has to work out, which is extremely common. Having a piece of terrain OR another enemy available to get the collision is almost always guaranteed.
  3. One aspect that's making the Caberjack overpowered right now for sure is the "collision" damage. Even when I have a relatively weak new trainee Caberjack who can't one-shot an Advanced enemy, if he can knock that guy into something with the Ramcap Caber he WILL kill it - right now if you Ramcap a guy for 25 damage and he hits another object, he'll take another 25 damage. This amounts to a 200% damage buff if you use the Ramcap Caber and position well. If that particular strategy didn't work my caberjacks would be more balanced (and my relic caber that doesn't knock back would actually feel useful).
  4. The problem is it's not trivial to ensure you have a level 10 for the final battle. I had MULTIPLE level 10s for the battle before 300, but they died just before year 300 leaving me with new trainees that were level 8. Then, once I resurrected my awesome level 10 caberjack, she got knocked to level 9 instantly (see my thread "Lapses are unfairly punishing to level 10 heroes") and never got to use her level 10 skill. And yeah, it feels really broken that Hunters can be so effective earlier and then be useless in the Final Battle. Part of this is because Veil Armor Hunters are great scouts and great for springing surprise damage on isolated enemies. But in the Final Battle, you don't NEED any scouting and the design of the level means you will pretty much NEVER be able to use the Hunter Stealth. So one of their major gameplay purposes is unnecessary, and the only enemies with HP low enough for them to get guaranteed kills (Advanced Seeds) are pretty much designed to be anti-Hunter and impossible to hit. This leaves Hunters useless - their stealth half can't be used, their damage half is badly hurt by the evasion and high HP of the Advanced Cadence. Caberjacks, on the other hand, are ridiculously OVERpowered in this fight - especially with the Ramcap Caber, since the enemies are so thick you're guaranteed to be able to knock multiple enemies into each other every turn. This same fact means that my level 10 Relic Caber is pretty much useless, because the knockback on the Ramcap Caber is so much more useful. The Bulwark armor for Caberjacks is also superpowered in this fight since they can absorb hits from many enemies in a turn, only taking 1 damage from most of the hits. Alchemists I can't even judge well since I only had 1, but they still feel better than Hunters. AoE from the flasks/bees/etc is obviously useful with this many enemies, and the free action is super useful as well. Their only weakness is the 5 flask limit, which is neatly avoided by either the "refill" action (that refills their explosive flasks, right?) or just dying and resurrecting a new Alchemist with full flasks.
  5. My awesomest caberjack ever had Reveler plus a special +STR bonus from the Walrus event. In one fight she was level 10 with the +STR Drunk bonus, and was amaaaazing. Her bonus strength was literally higher than her base strength - I want to say 23 + 32. She was one-shotting Advanced Bulwarks for like 90, it was so enjoyable.
  6. Just an observation I had in several of my fights plus the final battle: It appears that when heroes hit Level 10, their XP gets them EXACTLY there, or maybe to 1HP over the threshold. At this point XP gains stop, apparently. This means that if they ever get hit by a Lapser (and aren't wearing Wunderpants), they instantly lose level 10, losing a fantastic (and probably key) skill you were counting on. It's frustrating, because they may have killed 1500XP worth of Cadence in this same fight, but they take one -300XP hit and they lose that critical level 10. A level 9, of course, can suffer a half-dozen hits before dropping to level 8, but level 10s are weirdly and disproportionately vulnerable. It's very annoying for your best hero, veteran of multiple fights, who has earned thousands of XP since hitting 10, to drop to 9 in a single hit. This happens easily in the final battle as well, even if you equip Wunderpants on your heroes (avoiding spoilers here). And yes, obviously Wunderpants can prevent this. But the mere fact that a hero is level 10 instead of 9 shouldn't suddenly make Wunderpants extra-necessary! A modest suggestion: let level 10 heroes keep gaining a buffer of XP over the level 10 threshold. Even just enough to absorb a single Lapser hit would be extremely helpful.
  7. I'm getting the 0HP Chalice freeze as well. I had gotten some level 10 characters, but not early enough to have level 10 recruits, so I have only level 8/9 characters in here. My phenomenally awesome level 10 Caberjack literally died during the year 300, before the final battle triggered. So my biggest problem is accuracy - I seem to miss at least one attack every turn, which is just KILLER when there are this many enemies to handle. I can't "go back" and equip my party with Steady Handers without just loading an old save, since the autosave is at the start of the fight. And when my Chalice gets to 0 my game just softlocks with nothing happening, so I don't even know what the normal "try again" state would be. Also, when my ancestors get resurrected they're carrying who KNOWS what items so I'd lose the Accuracy then anyway. This last time the only reason my Chalice even got to 0hp at all is that I inadvertently tagged it with Acid when flasking some bad guys (Acid hurting the Chalice makes NO sense, by the way).
  8. Look, it's another person spouting feedback! I didn't watch any of the teamstreams really and only saw one shortish video of the tutorial battle before getting access, so I was going into this pretty blind. I'm really enjoying the game so far - I like how it subverts my XCOM instincts; I can't just level up one badass guy and use him forever. So here's my somewhat arbitrary feedback... I'm a UI guy so that's most of what I notice and critique. - I really wish I had a snapshot of the state of my heroes on the Timeline. I'm not sure how much would be too much, but anything ranging from "Average age of your heroes: X" to graphs showing age/XP per class or whatever would be good. It's really frustrating to have a Cadence attack hit and discover that all your heroes are super-old (or even that, after the promotions/Regents/Standards you picked at the Timeline, you only have 5 heroes). My first game ended up unrecoverably busted by my not realizing how few heroes I have. It's a click, a zoom, and another click to see your hero list and even then it's hard to glance and get a feel for your age distribution. - Relatedly, it feels really easy to totally bone your first game by building buildings first and sticking people in them, not realizing how badly you're depleting your roster. Perhaps the tutorial stuff should not emphasize the 3 buildings so hard when you first hit the Research screen, or should point out the cost in heroes. My first game I put 2 in the Keep, built a Guild with 1, another Keep with 2, a Crucible with 1 -- that's 6 guys gone right away and I never recovered. - I really wish the Caberjack knockback stun didn't migrate from 2 to 3 when they level to 2. I've taunted enemies I intended to stun multiple times because of this. - Picking/equipping my party is a bit of a bummer: -- I'd love a "clear all guys" button for those cases where all the heroes I used before are 65 and tottering around. Replacing them one at a time is a bit annoying. -- When I research new armor, my existing heroes all magically have it equipped next battle. But new guys I raise or recruit have the default armor and I have to tediously replace it even though you'd NEVER want the original armor once you have the improved one. -- Likewise, it's a bummer that new guys have an empty slot even when the only item I've researched is Health Potion. I can only screw myself over by failing to notice, it's never helpful. -- Alternately the XCOM solution of showing what my 5 heroes are wearing/carrying without me having to zoom into them to see it would solve the problem - I'd go "whoa, empty item slot, better fix that". I'm at year 112 of my second game, with 3 Keeps/bloodlines - one for each class - and I feel like I have a decent handle on this one. We'll see!
  9. I laughed out loud at the sequence when you break the cycle on the train mission: "Shay, what were you thinking?" "You could have saved us so easily!" "I'm sure he had his reasons!" Shay: "Wooo! Ha ha ha!" (screams of terror) *shot of spikes* (screams of terror) *shot of spikes* (screams) *spikes* *GLINT* That's the point I first just laughed out loud during this game. The escalating speed of the cuts back and forth were already cracking me up, and the glint on the spikes just pushed me over the edge.
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