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  1. As mentioned in the episode, it would indeed be possible to make an incremental patch in stead of distributing the full new version, but they don't have their tool chain set up for that. It would have been a lot of work to set that up for which they didn't have the time. The other option would have been to distribute the full new version from a locked website, requiring a login. But setting that up would also have taken a lot of time. The solution was to push back the build for the physical disc by a week to give the team the time they needed to create a build that wouldn't require a day 1 patch to be of any decent quality. It's not very nice to ask people to join Steam for an update that is more or less required to play the game. It's far less of a problem to ask people to join Steam if they want to get an update that adds polish.
  2. It's getting old, but it is also the only thing I can do; thank you! Wow. Just wow. Both everyone at DF as well as 2PP, you have written and are writing video game history here. The story of the creation of this game is something special by itself. That DF have opened up to show it to the world and that 2PP have worked their magic with increasing skill by the episode has made it into an unforgettable experience for us backers. And hopefully for many other people in times to come. Really can't thank you enough. I wish all those who had to be let go all the best of luck in finding a new position and much happiness in your new endeavours when you've found it. To those who have been working your buts off for the last couple of months: clap clap clap. Party, rest and party some more! Enjoy the ride of the biggest release by DF ever. I'll be sending all the positive vibes I can muster to make sure Broken Age brings DF to the bright future it so obviously deserves. DF Adventure indeed ...
  3. Another 'me too' post here. Release it. Please! I have loved and still love the Adventure. Such a great experience, worth a lot more than the $100 I backed it for. I do have to say that the exclusivity was part of the experience. I haven't enjoyed the completely open development of MC as much as I did DFA. Nor did I enjoy the most recent more open edition of AF as much as I did the more exclusive edition before it. I understand why you've opened it up even more and I support it. But it does come at a price; the experience for the backers isn't the same. Well, that has been my experience at least. The DFA documentary is insanely good. I would be honoured to know that I played a small part in making it possible to be made and to have it available for all to enjoy. It is more than good enough to make 2PP a lot of money. They and you must have strong double feelings about the lock-in that the Kickstarter campaign created. It opened up a lot of opportunities, but it also must have made for some big headaches because of the exclusivity deal. I would not have liked it had you wanted to take the documentary public earlier. But now, no problem at all. Quite the opposite. I would understand if 2PP wants to monetize it; it would be well deserved. But it would be insanely great if it was released for all to see. And not in a lower streaming quality. It deserves to be watched in proper high quality. To me, at this stage of the Adventure, releasing it publicly wouldn't devaluate my small investment as a backer at all. It would add a great deal of value. Release it. Please. I would ask to wait with the release of the final two episodes a short while after us backers have been able to watch those. The Adventure is coming to an end and I would like to see it closed down properly and for us backers to have our 'exclusive' farewell so to speak. Thank you for asking! And again, I can't say it enough, thank you so much for letting us be part of the Adventure that is DF.
  4. I will just be in and out of this thread very quickly, because I won't be able to contribute except for saying that I think this idea just screams BADASS! Totally mazeballs to see something like this come together in the community surrounding DF. I might pitch one small suggestion: for this to work, someone (yes, you!) needs to take charge. Just take it, because it needs taking. First thing to do after that is set up a communications channel. This thread is a nice starting point and might serve as a hub, but since the participants won't be in the same room, you need a better way for a team to interact during the project. IRC might work, Google Hangouts might be better, specific project collaboration services (Basecamp+Campfire) might be perfect. If you want the project to run simultaneously with AF and finish within the same time frame, someone needs to take charge and setup communications (or assign someone to do that) NOW! Oh, and try to open it up like DF do ... there are a lot of open development fans in here
  5. Great, thanks guys. I noticed the timer before, but it said several days to go then. I guess they adjusted it to reflect the correct time now. Just two more hours ... I guess we'll have to be very quick about it then
  6. I was wondering when the first voting round ends. I'll be visiting a friend later today to go trough the whole list together, but I don't know if we will be in time for the closing. Also, I can't seem to find any schedule for the coming days. You probably have some surprises up your sleeves, so I'm not asking for any spoilers. But if you could provide us with a little schedule for the voting and maybe the start of the live streams, that would be great!
  7. AF itself has great value. That is what I started with. And I also stated before that money sure does come into play, because the company needs to survive and thus allow this talented group of people to continue what they love doing. And I am sure most would be thrilled if a game they made was such a huge success that they in fact do make a lot of money (although even then I think most would be thrilled more about the success of something they made than the money it makes them). The point here was not about the value of AF itself, which is huge, but about the added value of opening it up to the public. I think there is added value there. But I really don't think they open it up to make a load of money. Because they don't. I do think think they had hoped for a bit more than last time and a lot more than they made so far this time. I really hope the low number of sales (so far) doesn't make it so that they won't open it up another time.
  8. Tim provided the numbers on the first AF in 2012. They got about 250k from the sales then. He provided the numbers because people then were asking for a repeat of the event and saying 'why wouldn't they, it is extra income anyway'. He said he would love to do it again, but because it is such a huge amount of work and so expensive he couldn't guarantee it. I think we can participate on these forums without the need for any of this, don't you? Nobody denies there are advantages to opening up the event. I've stated several. But don't overestimate them. The numbers are relatively small. Just look at the number of bundles sold. AF is opened up to a select paying audience, most of which already are diehard DF fans. It gives them some advertising, some word of mouth, some extra enthusiasm from fans and direct feedback from people who love (their) games. All added value. But I still say they do it mostly simply because they love to do it. There is nothing wrong with doing something to make money. But neither is there anything wrong to do something because you love doing it. The simple truth is that you don't work in the games industry to earn a lot of money. Because you don't.
  9. Like TrueStoryGuy has already explained, all DF employees get paid like normal during these two weeks of course (more even since they will do quite a bit of overtime). All games are out of production during the event, so all employment costs go toward AF. Then we have 2PP who allow us to see everything that is going on by setting up the live stream and filming and editing an episode every day. They do an amazing job and I love them for it, so they should be (and are) paid for it of course. The sales of the bundels won't even come close to covering these costs. It is probably a little cheaper to do it this way in stead of doing it all behind closed doors like they used to. But my guess is it is a very small difference indeed. In return for that small difference they get raised stress levels on an already very stressful event. Truly, they do it because we and they themselves love to do it. And to get some publicity, I guess. Edit: another reason might be that they think the feedback loop between the production teams and the community makes for better game prototypes. Just a thought. And to give at least a small on topic reply: DF employes over 60 people. I don't think the 'outsiders' took any spots. I think a game idea out of almost 1 in 2 of all employees is a crazy big number. If other people at DF had wanted to do a pitch, they probably could have.
  10. Uhm, you do realise that DF actually loses money on doing these events? AF costs money, it doesn't give them any profit at all. At most the income of the bundles offsets some of the cost of the event. What they gain from it is quite well developed game ideas. And those are worth their weight in gold. Bit more actually, since game ideas don't weigh anything at all They open it up to the community because they think it is awesome! It is very stressful for most at DF to have it all in the open and to try to involve the participants as much as possible. I think there is a great community surrounding DF, but it is a demanding community. But they know how much we love it and they dig the interaction between the production teams and the community, so they do it. These people have great passion and love for what they do. That is their drive, their motivation. Money does come into play; the company needs to survive in order for the people to continue to do what they love. But that is it, that is the motivation. That is why I love to be a participant and thank DF greatly for the opportunity. I find it so awesome to see the teams busy with what they love to do most. So inspiring! I gifted one maxed out bundle for a friends birthday (with hope he will enjoy it as much as I have done the last time) and bought a little cheaper one for myself. I have to be careful with spending at the moment, but I'll throw money at DF any time because those dollars amount to just about the greatest values per dollar I have ever spent. In short, I thank DF for allowing me to spend quite a bit of money to help them out opening AF to the public. I very much hope it is successful enough to allow them to do it again in the future. Until then I will enjoy the heck out of this edition first Bring it on!
  11. I can verify the first. A little addition: OS X mouse pointer remains visible when the game is launched in full screen. It doesn't move, it remains in the same spot where it was when the game was launched. Switching the game to windowed mode, clicking outside of the window, clicking inside of the window and switching back to full screen makes the pointer disappear as intended.
  12. To see the game listed in my Steam library and the download starting, just that, together with your post make for an incredible mixed feeling of joy and sadness. How weird is it to see it there in that list after all this time, remembering the first steps of its creation very clearly. How sad is it that this incredible journey you, DF, have taken us on has come to an end. Tim, you thank us backers, but I truly can't thank you, everyone at DF and 2PP and all other backers enough for this whole experience. It is tough to describe why this has worked so bloody damned well. But it has. Together we have been on a fantastic Adventure and I have loved every single second of it. It must be weird to you, thinking "What did we do? We just did what we do, make a game, and showed you how.". But for me, and clearly for a lot of backers, you made us feel part of it in a way that I can't describe. A lot of developers try 'open development'. You did something a whole lot more. You took 90.000 loving fans on a great Adventure and together with them created an experience that all of us will fondly remember for the rest of our lives. That is no exaggeration; I really think it is that profound. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (I haven't even launched the game yet ... )
  13. Thank you 2PP for the hard work that must have been put in to get this episode done as a Xmas present for us backers. I will certainly take the time to blast it on the big screen, popcorn at the ready, to enjoy it as much as possible! Happy Christmas! Also for everyone at DF and my fellow backers of course.
  14. I actually ended up waiting for a Steam sale and bought the game again. That version works just fine with a controller. Would have preferred DF to update the MAS version, but I guess the audience is too little for that.
  15. Lumberjack as a full on character ... voiced by Wil Wheaton ... this project is reaching for and achieving levels of awesome never before witnessed by man. Or beast. Or tree. We need a new word here, awesome just doesn't cut it anymore.
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