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  1. Duuuuuude this is awesome. What type of beads/tiles are those? I've seen Perler beads before (example here), but these don't look like they're the same thing. I'd love to try doing this some time and just want to make sure I'm getting the right supplies. Thanks!
  2. I'm also still here. I just switched jobs to a new studio, and I have three weeks left in the class I'm teaching, but after that I should have more free time. I'd love to get back into this if people are still game.
  3. klamp

    Coach Oleander Model

    Thanks guys! @DF_John - I would totally play that mod. Haha.
  4. Made this a couple weeks ago. My take on Coach Oleander from Psychonauts!
  5. That link leads you to a time comparison for this Saturday (the 15th), but in that message you say Saturday the 22nd... Which one is it?
  6. Oh, also forgot to ask this before.... What are we using to implement UI art assets? Scaleform? NGUI? Something else?
  7. Oh, sweet! I didn't know we had voices to choose from. I'll include that in the next mockup.
  8. Hey guys, decided to play around with some more ideas for the character/cart select screen for local multiplayer: I set the set the image size at 1920x1200 (click here if you want to see it at that size), which is usually on the higher end of screen resolution options, but the aspect ratio is pretty standard. I think it works pretty well at smaller sizes too, though (as demonstrated above). Something I added to this mockup is the plank of wood that's serving as a focus indicator (telling you what option you are currently focused on). As you move up and down between the options, the plank of wood would "hilight" whatever option you are currently making changes to. I'm going to post this on the Git repo as well, but it seems as though I've forgotten my password. So... I'll need to, you know... get that recovered and stuff. :\ Lemme know what you guys think!
  9. On the contrary! I only had a little bit of time to contribute near the end of AF, but I should now have more time to make art for this from here on out, so I'm game to keep working on this if others are. And thanks for the inspiration, Patrick. I agree with what others have said - this has been cool to be a part of, and I hope to be able to contribute more in the near future.
  10. Not sure if you like to go to any of the 3d art related forums (I tend to frequent Polycount myself), but there are a lot of great resources out there for modeling faces. They're pretty tricky, so sometimes it helps to do a bit of research and have a plan of attack. Keep going, though, and post your progress! I'd love to check out how it develops.
  11. Awesome concept! I dig the plaid grass/foliage idea, too. I was a little late to start contributing art ideas, too, but it was mentioned to me that there is talk of continuing to work on this after AF is over, so maybe we could still move the look of the game towards this style at some point. Anyway, sweet stuff!
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