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  1. Oh, right. From low-high to medium-high. (bout $600 give or take)
  2. Help! I can't play Broken Age or this other game I want to play cause my laptop is old (4 years) and is unable to run the games! I'm currently shopping for a new one and I'm not sure WHAT to get. So what I want to know is what machines do you use to play on and what do you think I should get.
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    This is missing 'The Republia Times': http://dukope.com/play.php?g=trt
  4. That's when you call in the exterminator.
  5. Seconding the pikimin suggestion. Adding a Lemmings one as well.
  6. Because the fuss was talked about in Episode 11. So I'm worried that I may or may not have done something wrong here. Cause I heard "talking to the press" and "violates their yadda yadda" and I'm like, what, wait?! So I'm a bit concerned.
  7. Last episode, when the whole silly fuss over Double Fine's funding ideas, I recieved a random tweet. The guy was asking a bunch of developers and or backers of the project and especially those who were both for their opinions on the matter. So I said sure shoot me an email and I recieved a questionnare. He sent one to all potential interviewees involved and this was the list of questions he sent me: DFQ Here's the article in which a single qoute of that questionnare appears: DFQA So my question is, did I violate my eula or TOS my answering any of the questions? I tried to put my relationship with kickstarter and double fine in a positive light. But that didn't fit his narrative so he only used one line, un-qouted (fortunately, i guess?) and in an unrelated way. I only bring it up cause somebody (forget who) said something about leaking stuff violating something. So am I in violation in here any where?
  8. I'm not saying they did the same stuff. I'm just saying they have some of the same vibes.
  9. I'm just saying the two ideas. They're both mostly adventure games. And you could have the exploration aspect of hunting for clues, dodging monsters in black lake, and then the white birch sections would be the dungeons and all.
  10. I'm probably the only one thinking along these lines. But those two games have the same vibe? I mean. I would have no trouble with the ideas of the games merging into one. Since they work along the same idea sort of. Anyone else think that way or am I seeing something that's not? Or is it someone's fault for playing White Birch music during Black Lake dev streams?
  11. Is the music available to listen/download from anywhere? Like some of the other AF games music is?
  12. I'm having trouble downloading the videos as well. I've tried twice now to download episode 3 and I've gotten download fail.
  13. Since there's no introductory thread. Hello! I don't get the urge to do fan art very often. However I've been enjoying the idea of Black Lake a lot. So I decided to draw some fan art. I also hadn't seen a lot of Black Lake so I was slightly confused as to what the environment was going to be like. I am painfully aware that I got the trees wrong. But is it still fan art if I say it is? Or is it girl in a pine forest with a lake in it at night? Any ways. Here it is:
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